The Gear Ring

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Polka Dot Bride

Mr Polka Dot, has an incessant fascination with how things work. So I think this “Gear ring” from Kinekt Design might be the perfect wedding ring for a guy like him. The gears in the ring actually move (as shown in the video below) and although wider than your average ring, I think there’s a certain modern, stylish flavour to this creation. Check out the Kinekt Design website for more.



To go with those funky shoes, you’ll need some funky socks.. Enter Swedish company Happy Socks. One of your grooms recently wore Happy Socks and I fell in love with the company (I’m a funky sock wearer and I’m always looking to add to my stock pile!).

With endless colour combinations, fun prints and socks that make you well, happy, Happy Socks ships to Australia so you can choose your own pair and actually purchase it! The company was founded by two Swedish males- Viktor and Mikael who had a vision of turning an everyday item into something fun and spreading happiness. The socks are knitted using Italian machines in Turkey and stocked around the world.

Images from Happy Socks

The wedding of Elizabeth and Geoffrey (as featured on Polka Dot Bride here) was packed with beautiful moments and detail.

The groom, Geoffrey shared his favourite memory of the day with us .”It was a hectic and tumultuous time for us leading up to the wedding. We did not know whether its going to happen with family politics disrupting our plans. My most memorable moment was when we were required to walk along the walkway, and the jetty bridge at the front of the restaurant, as part of the photo shoot. A moment that I cherish because despite in the presence of other people, and the instructions communicated by the photographer as he searches for the perfect shot; we were finally at peace, and reconnected as to why we decided to seal our love in matrimony 12 months back. It’s the fact that, I have in my hand the most beautiful bride in the world, and is loving, patient, and full of optimism and passion to built a life together with me.

Elizabeth loves me for more than what I give her credit for. Its good to know she is by my side always.”

Photographs by Milk & Honey Photography