Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 15th 2008

Today Aussie photographer James Day is joining Polka Dot Groom to share his top tips for feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Photo by James Day

1. Relax mate. You hired a photographer whose work you like, who you get along with and who sets you at ease. Now just let the photographer do their thing.

2. Have fun. Be your fun self. Have a beer with the guys and have a laugh. The photographer can work with this!

3. Do you get easily bored? Organise things to do whilst doing the formal shoot with the photographer. For instance, go to a fair if there’s one going on and get your photos there, organise a game of boules, have champagne and snacks handy during the shoot.. and just enjoy the company of your wife and closest friends!

4. Show an interest. It’s no secret that it’s the bride’s day, but take an interest in the photography and she will be one happy lady. Show the photographer your love towards your special lady rather than hiding it when the camera is around. You’ll be rewarded later that night that’s for sure!

5. Make sure the photographer gets a shot of you and your best mates. A photo like this is priceless down the track.

6. Show your groomsmen that you have complete faith in the photographer and you aren’t afraid to work it in front of the photographer. It will instantly set them at ease.

Thanks for joining us at Polka Dot Groom today James! Check out more of James’ work at his blog

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 14th 2008

Another installment in Snapshot Sunday – The Groom’s Edition by Ms Polka

Do you remember moment in 27 dresses where they say the best part is the look on the groom’s face as his bride walks in? “When the music starts and everyone turns to look at the bride, I turn to look at the groom,” she says. “The look on his face tells it all.” I think it’s my favourite part too.


Photo by Jennifer Skog


Photo by Christine Farah


Photo by Almasy Photography


Photo by Brooke Schwab


Photo by Punam Bean

Slick Shoes

by | Groom, Groom Style


Polka Dot Bride

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 13th 2008

Photo by Rae Leytham

Finally, to round off groom’s fashion week. We turn to shoes!

When purchasing shoes for your wedding – ask yourself these questions:
• Do I like the look of the shoe?
• Would I wear these shoes again?
• Is the colour appropriate for the clothes I am wearing?
• Is the style of the wedding outfit casual, informal or formal?
• Do the shoes I have chosen, complement the outfit?
• Have you conferred with your groomsmen about the shoes they are to wear?
• Do you and the groomsmen have socks that match the colour of your shoes?

Leather thongs (flip flops), thongs (flip flops) in a neutral shade like brown or white, canvas sand shoe type shoes, or trainers such as Converse offer an alternative choice for a really casual or beach wedding.
Informal/Smart Casual
Closed shoes whether slip on or lace up. Shoes may have some detailing such as stitching or perforations. With a light coloured suit Nu-buck (suede-like) shoes in the same colour as the suit may take your fancy.
Lounge Suit
Again wear the appropriate colour shoes with this suit and tie combo. Black shoes with a brown or light coloured suit are never a good look. Dark navy suits look best with a black shoe, whereas suits veering to the brown colours such as taupe, look best with a brown shoe.
Black Tie/Tuxedo/Morning Suit/Tails

Photo by Bebb Studios

With the tuxedo being black, so the shoes must be black. They should be a plain shiny leather or even patent leather. An ultra formal wedding may have a velvet evening shoe.

Be Individual
Wear converse sneakers, cowboy boots, RM Williams riding boots, rubber thongs, velvet formal evening shoes, two tone shoes – foot wear can add individuality to the wedding. This will depend on the formality and the style of attire you and your bride have chosen for your wedding.
If you are a person who normally wears footwear that is not the norm, it will just cement your sense of style. On the other hand this may be the one day you choose to conform, especially if you are wearing a morning suit, or tails.

Photo by Apertura

  • Leave the crocs at home!
  • Ensure your shoes are clean and polished
  • Consider bringing extra shoe laces just in case one breaks
  • Wear them in so they’re comfortable on the day and don’t give you blisters.