Dress codes can often be one of the more confusing parts of wedding etiquette- not only for the guests but for the bridal party itself. I thought we’d have a bit of a gander, a bit of a look at the dress codes and how you, as a groom can dress to suit.

Kicking off with White Tie – the most formal dress code of all normally reserved for evening weddings. White tie involves a formal dress coat (or tailcoat), cuffed white shirt, white bow tie, and can even be accessorised with a top hat, gloves and cane.

1.Fred Astaire, Photo by Sarah Janes Photography via Bridal Musings 3. Photo by Twin Lens Photography via Style Me Pretty 4. Photo by Judy Pak Photography via Style Me Pretty 5.Photo by Sergius Bruce Photography 6. Ebony and Andrew by Marzena Wasilewska.

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Julian & Amy

By now, you will be well acquainted with Julian (see his posts here), one of our fantastic Polka Dot Grooms! Today I am excited to share the pre wedding photo session he and fiance Amy had with their photographer Dan O’Day. It speaks so many volumes about the Julian I have come to know through his words here on Polka Dot Groom – slightly rock n roll, slightly non plussed but with a wicked sense of humor!

“Amy and I met about 6 years ago but it wasn’t until we started working in the recording studio together about two and a half years ago that we both started to fall for each other… We had actually both had crushes on each other previously but never had enough guts to admit it.

It actually still took most of our friends constantly asking what was going on between us for us to realise ourselves exactly how we felt… Anyway, an awkward first kiss followed by an even more awkward conversation got the relationship kicked off…”

“The location was an apartment which some friends of ours were living in at the time… we had been hanging out there a lot at the time and it seemed like a cool place to take some pictures getting dressed and stuff.”

“We had spent many Mondays wandering through Centennial Park dreaming of living in one of the  old mansions nearby and we found a big old tree to house all our dreams and conversations… of course, our initials are also now there, carved into that tree… and that is where a lot of these photo’s were taken…”

Ricky and Anne

1) The Courtship

I am Ricky (the Groom) and I’m from Vancouver, Canada.  Anne is from Manila in the Philippines. Anne came to Canada on a Working Visa – she was only supposed to stay a few months but her contract kept getting extended. I was a greeter at my local Church and my partner got pregnant and couldn’t serve anymore. Anne was assigned to greet alongside me. On Christmas 2009, I asked Anne out on a date. She brought 7 friends along with her! However, I was persistent and patient and Anne finally went on a one-on-one date with me. We made our relationship official on Feb 12, 2010 (the opening day of the Olympics). I did an incredible proposal to Anne who was returning from the Philippines on Jan 1, 2011 (New Years Day). The proposal ended up making the front page of The Province as well as Global and CTV News.

2) The Proposal

I organised the proposal totally in secret while Anne was on a 3 week vacation to the Philippines. I wanted to propose at the Airport but I also wanted this proposal to be extra special and unique. I organised my friends from Facebook and Church through a secret Facebook Event page to wear their ethnic cultural clothes and bring signs in multiple languages saying “Will you marry me?”. I then asked Harbour Dance Centre to choreograph a dance routine to Bruno Mar’s song “Just The Way You Are.”. Finally, I did a press release to the local media. On Jan 1, 2011 I proposed in front of family, friends, and curious onlookers at YVR. Anne was overwhelmed and overjoyed and said “Yes”. Her parents were watching on Live Stream in the Philippines.

3) Wedding Planning

We looked at many different venues from Churches, to gardens, to beaches, to halls, to hotels, to golf courses. However, when we stepped foot on The Wedding Yacht, we both felt a strong desire to get married there. It was a bit expensive for our budget so we saved money by looking for photographers and videographers on Craig’s List, getting a student from VCC to design our wedding cake, doing lots of bargaining with vendors, as well as cutting down on the guest list. I am a big picture person while Anne is details-oriented so this helped in the planning as we both focused on different tasks. Like all planning processes, there were small setbacks along the way, but we overcame them all. The process of wedding planning strengthened our relationship as we learned so much about each other in those months of planning.

4) The Wedding

We had the most beautiful wedding on The Wedding Yacht on Canada Day (July 1, 2011) with fireworks to end the night.  There were 70 guests and many of them said it was the most beautiful wedding they had been to in their life. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was gorgeous, and the food was delicious. The ceremony was held on the Sky Deck, the reception was on the Dining Deck, and we had our first dance right before the spectacular Canada Day fireworks on the outer deck. We designed a Comic Book to give out to guests at the end of the night as wedding favors.

We learned a lot from our wedding planning process! Here are our Top 5 Tips:

  1. Stay calm at all times (you are a team working together with a common objective – always remember that).
  2. Do your research (visit at least 3 vendors for each category before making a final decision).
  3. Treat your vendors nicely (they will reciprocate with lots of perks!).
  4. Get your RSVPs done quickly (we had a few last minute cancellations which created stress on our part).
  5. Sign contracts (make sure everything is written down and clarified so there are no surprises).

Photography by Melissa Rayasam

Ms Gingham says: Such a heartfelt day full of beautiful surprises. Thanks so much to Ricky for sharing his day from a Groom’s perspective!

Ricky says: We had an incredible Canada Day Wedding (July 1, 2011) with fireworks to end the night!



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