Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 5th 2008

Mr Polka always told me he thought if the groom had to get up and speak then so did the bride. Here’s 10 tips for making the wedding speech easier!


Photo by Anne Ruthmann

  1. Practice! Practice will make you feel more relaxed- you’ll know what’s coming next and deliver your words more confidently. Use a mirror so you can check your facial expressions. gestures and posture.
  2. Write it down- Write down the key points on index cards or paper. It’s very reassuring to know you have backup
  3. Thanks- Thank your guests for coming to share in the day- especially those who have traveled long distances, thank the bridal party and your families. If it starts to feel like an acceptance speech, break it up with stories and a little humour.
  4. Be as romantic and sentimental as you like about your wife! (and don’t forget to mention her- it does happen!)
  5. Have fun with it! Include a joke, a funny story. This is your speech and do whatever you can to help yourself relax
  6. Keep sober- Keep your alcoholic drinks to a minimum until after the speech. A drunk groom does not a good look make during a speech
  7. Keep it snappy- don’t let the speech get too drawn out. You have a lot to say but you need to keep it snappy so guests don’t fall asleep! At the same time don’t rush so fast through the speech that guests will wonder where it went. Take your time with words.
  8. Make sure the speech content is suitable for all ages. Keep the naughty jokes for the buck’s party!
  9. Toast! It is traditional for the groom to toast the bridesmaids, but you might just want to raise a toast to your lovely new wife, or to family and friends!
  10. Remember most of all, you are amongst people who care for you and will not judge you if you get the words wrong or if you spill your wine accidentally during the speech. So relax and enjoy the moment!

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 4th 2008

Wendy Hartigan is the event planner behind Wendy’s Affairs Of The Heart based in Pennsylvania. Wendy is such a sweet and caring blogger! She also writes the lovely blog Bridal Affairs and has joined Polka Dot Groom today to give some handy advice on what to do once you’ve popped the question.


Photo Courtesy of Michael Regan Photography

OK! You popped the question, she said yes…NOW WHAT?! Well, it isn’t all up to the bride to plan the most important day of your lives. IT’S YOUR WEDDING TOO! Get involved, have fun and help keep the stress level to a minimum! Here are a few tips to help you on your journey:

  1. Go to the vendor meetings as much as you can. I’m sure you don’t care if the linens are ivory or hot pink, or if the flowers are daisies or roses, but your bride will appreciate it if you give an opinion.
  2. The tuxes are your job! Pick them out, make sure your groomsmen get measured and then make sure they pick them up before the morning of the wedding.
  3. Speaking of the groomsmen- you need to buy them a gift.
  4. You did a great job of picking out that diamond, but now you have to pick out a wedding band that she will love just as much- oh and a GIFT for your bride to be given to her while she is getting ready to meet you at the end of that aisle.
  5. Guys!! PLEASE don’t have a bachelor party the night before the wedding. I can’t tell you how many brides I have had ask me to make sure the groom was sober at the wedding.
  6. If you are going to make a toast, it should be at the rehearsal dinner. Your best man should be toasting at the wedding reception. So, get those thank you’s, those sentimental words to your bride and all those anecdotes ready to say the night of the rehearsal.
  7. You are supposed to plan the honeymoon. OK- she wants to go to Fiji! It’s your job to make sure that she feels like she did, even if you go to the shore!
  8. Suggest a planner- even if just for the day. Your bride will love you for giving her a reason to smile and relax on this very special day!!
  9. Start a blog! You would be surprised how many grooms have a wedding blog detailing their own angst about this amazing journey. I love reading them myself. I have worked with many brides, but I love working with the groom too. You bring a totally different perspective to the wedding- one that is just as important as the bride’s.
  10. I know that most couples are paying for the wedding themselves nowadays. But, here is the list of the traditional things a groom pays for:
  • Rings
  • Groomsmen gifts and gift for the bride
  • Bride’s bouquet
  • All the boutonnieres
  • The mother’s flowers
  • The license
  • The officiant
  • The rehearsal dinner is the groom’s family’s party
  • The honeymoon
  • In the Asian and Middle Eastern traditions the groom’s family gives the wedding


Photo Courtesy of Bill Brokaw Photography

Now that I have given you some food for thought, I will leave you with this– You are starting a new life with a special person. Enjoy the day, enjoy the party, and enjoy the vacation. Then, go home and love and take care of each other. Remember every day how you felt when you saw her at the end of that aisle. Best of Luck to all of you who read this!

Don’t forget to check out Bridal Affairs to see more of Wendy’s tips and tricks!

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 3rd, 2008 Kathryn from the gorgeous Snippet and Ink has created four fabulous mini boards for Polka Dot Groom along with some fantastic ideas to help the groom shine! Today we’re sharing the first of her creations with you.

I’m sure that most of the time, the wedding world comes off as incredibly bride-centric, and I hope that these four mini-boards will provide some groom-friendly ideas. I know I’m making some sweeping generalizations about what men like, and I don’t mean to imply that these are ideas that women wouldn’t like, but they are based on things that I know most of the guys in my life would enjoy.

.. Personality: It seems so often that even if a bride’s personality is able to shine through all the glitz of a wedding, the groom’s personality is lost. Here are some fun ways to let your personality show.


Clockwise from top left 1. Let man’s best friend be part of the day, either as a ring bearer, or simply as attendants. (photo by Joe Mikos ) 2. A groom’s cake is a great place to let his personality ring through. This graffiti-inspired one is by far the coolest one I’ve seen – it may actually be the wedding cake, and not a second one for the groom. (photo by Marie Labbancz ) 3. Even with the most formal wedding, your save-the-date can be playful and casual, and an excellent opportunity to show of your sense of humor. (save-the-date photo from Justin Pocta via Weddingbee) 4. Whether you hire someone to roll them on site, or just have a box of cigars to hand out, they’re a very manly addition to the after-dinner hour. ( via Oh How Charming!) Stay tuned to Polka Dot Groom for more from Kathryn and don’t forget to check out Snippet and Ink!