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Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 17th 2008

There’s a bit of a groomsmen flavour to this week so let’s start with the basics!

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You’ve been asked to stand beside your best mate on his wedding day. Here’s a quick guide for what your role as a groomsman entails.

Suit Fittings

Whether you or the engaged couple are buying or hiring your suit. Do attend suit fittings and ensure you have all the right attire – from socks to ties and shoes for the wedding day. Do you need cuff links or shirt studs?

Buck’s Night

Also known as the bachelor party this is your chance to throw a fabulous party to celebrate the groom! Do respect his wishes on what sort of entertainment he prefers. Don’t do anything to endanger the groom or make him feel uncomfortable. Celebrate your ongoing friendship.


Don’t forget to buy the newlyweds a wedding gift. Perhaps chip in with the other groomsmen to get something really special.


Do support your mate on the day. Calm his nerves, take him for a game of golf and have a laugh. Make sure he is adequately fed and hydrated (but not with alcohol!!) before the ceremony.

Mix and Mingle

Be on your toes! You may have to act as an usher for wedding guests, or help guests who are unsure of directions or what is happening next. Try not to stress the groom out with these minor details.

There are other roles a groomsman may be expected to perform at a traditional wedding. What part you will play will depend on the bride and groom and formality of the wedding.

* Attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
* Distribute programs/order or service booklets
* Place the aisle runner on the aisle after guests have been seated
* Escorting a bridesmaid down the aisle
* Dancing with the bridesmaids
* Decorating the getaway car

If you’re the best man you will have extra roles to play

* Coordinates the bucks night/bachelor party
* Looks after the wedding rings
* Witness the marriage certificate
* A speech at the reception
* May take on the MC role.
* Coordinates the groomsmen and ushers
* May be in charge of last payments to vendors made on the day

Most of all- have fun! Being a groomsmen is an honour and something you will be able to treasure.

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 16th 2008

I’m excited to have wedding writer extraordinaire Kristen Seymour (who we know and love from wedding blog AisleDash) join Polka Dot Bride again to give tips on how to cope with a slightly over stressed bride!

Full Red Teacup and Saucer Isolated on White

Certain events bring out certain aspects of our personality – that’s no surprise. What can be a surprise, however, is when two people get engaged and suddenly one of them becomes a complete wedding monster.

Often it’s the bride, but it can be the groom as well – I’ve even seen moms and maids-of-honor lose their minds. For simplicity’s sake, though, we’ll just use the term Bridezilla.

Why is this so common? Does wedding planning really bring out such an alien part of our psyche that we need a name for it? The thing is, a wedding is often the largest, most expensive party we’ll ever plan, and when you add into that the fact that once said party is over we’ll be married for, you know, the rest of our lives, the stress level builds up. However, over at Groom Groove, some suggestions are made for dealing with a Bridezilla.

  • Talk to Bridezilla. Find out before you begin what her expectations for this wedding are and figure out ways to keep these expectations realistic. And be sure to talk money. If you’re setting a budget, get involved and make sure you’re staying on track. Even though her head might spin around a few times, it’s likely that ordering light blue napkins instead of “Tiffany-blue, cream bordered and custom-monogrammed” napkins will not kill Bridezilla and it’ll save you loads of bucks.
  • Listen to Bridezilla. Even if you don’t want to. She might need to vent, or she might need to know you care. It’s even better if you offer to help — she might not take you up on it, but I guarantee she’ll always appreciate a sincere offer.
  • If necessary, give Bridezilla space. If she’s truly acting nuts, you might want to let her be for a while (after, of course, you offer to help). Let her know that you’ll keep distractions at bay so she can plan her little heart out, and then you can spend some quality time with her later.
  • Take Bridezilla away from the madness. It’s likely that she needs a break from being Bridezilla as much as you do, so make an effort to get her away from all the stress. Designate a night or a weekend at a spot that has NOTHING to do with the wedding, and make a point to talk about things other than wedding details.
  • Remember why you’re doing this. If she wasn’t a neurotic mess (or at least not a bitchy one) before the wedding, chances are very good that she’ll revert to her lovely self after the wedding. Hang in there, know that you have a well-deserved, relaxing honeymoon coming up, and always remember that you’re going to be married when all is said and done. And hopefully that still seems like a good idea.

Check our Kristen’s posts on AisleDash You can currently find Kristen writing about fashion at StyleList, fitness at That’s Fit, beauty advice at BeautyHacks, and your favorite celebrities doing good things at both ChatterBox and Tonic News Network. She writes about whatever else comes to mind at Jeez-o-petes.

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride September 15th 2008

Today Aussie photographer James Day is joining Polka Dot Groom to share his top tips for feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Photo by James Day

1. Relax mate. You hired a photographer whose work you like, who you get along with and who sets you at ease. Now just let the photographer do their thing.

2. Have fun. Be your fun self. Have a beer with the guys and have a laugh. The photographer can work with this!

3. Do you get easily bored? Organise things to do whilst doing the formal shoot with the photographer. For instance, go to a fair if there’s one going on and get your photos there, organise a game of boules, have champagne and snacks handy during the shoot.. and just enjoy the company of your wife and closest friends!

4. Show an interest. It’s no secret that it’s the bride’s day, but take an interest in the photography and she will be one happy lady. Show the photographer your love towards your special lady rather than hiding it when the camera is around. You’ll be rewarded later that night that’s for sure!

5. Make sure the photographer gets a shot of you and your best mates. A photo like this is priceless down the track.

6. Show your groomsmen that you have complete faith in the photographer and you aren’t afraid to work it in front of the photographer. It will instantly set them at ease.

Thanks for joining us at Polka Dot Groom today James! Check out more of James’ work at his blog