Proposing to your number one or being proposed to has got to be one of the most exciting and special times in one’s life. There’s the initial surprise, followed by shock, excitement, back to shock, straight to Champagne, and then processing what has just happened and sharing the incredibly exciting news with family and friends.

Here at Polka Dot Bride, we love and embrace the full gamut of proposals, from grand proposals involving destination trips and sky-high helicopter rides through to the simple but sentimental proposal at home.

This month on Polka Dot Groom and across all our specialty blogs, we are hosting a dedicated proposal month celebrating and sharing advice on real proposal stories, engagement ring trends and inspiration, what to do after you get engaged, how to make your proposal memorable, tips on the best places to propose in NYC & Melbourne and plenty more places in between. You’ll also enjoy cocktail recipes each Friday that are perfect to drink straight after you have popped the question or said a big fat ‘YES!’

It has been such a joy for our team to pore over and prepare for all things proposal month! And for those building up the courage to ask the big question, we hope this special issue will help you along your way!

There is so much love & laughter between Genevieve & Chris as they tied the not in a black tie country wedding. It’s always beautiful to see two people so excited to share their love with their closest family and friends! Chris remembers:

“My favourite memory was all the nervous excitement I felt while waiting for Gen to arrive. Once she arrived with her family and bridesmaids, the suspense of each one walking down the isle and knowing that any minute she would walk around the corner was incredible. When she finally came into view my breath was taken away. Her dress was amazing and nothing like what I had pictured her in. I had to bat away a few tears as she got closer to me, and we both had the biggest smiles on our faces. The whole ceremony is a bit of a blur, and each time we locked eye’s we kept giggling to each other, unable to stop laughing!”

Black Tie Country Wedding | Photo by Nikki McCrone
Black Tie Country Wedding | Photo by Nikki McCrone
Black Tie Country Wedding | Photo by Nikki McCrone
Black Tie Country Wedding | Photo by Nikki McCrone

Cedia at Byron Bay Wedding033

There’s nothing quite like rounding up the troops (or Groomsmen) – especially to find the perfect suit to complement the Groom, the Bride & the overall theme of the wedding! However, these boys passed with flying colours. Bride Alex explains:  

Ben got his suit made in Vietnam when we went there on a family holiday. The boys got their suits from David Jones. I loved the way they all looked! With only 2 out of 5 grooms on the Gold Coast it was tricky! But they were all so awesome and chilled. We got the bow ties 4 days before the wedding!

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Cedia at Byron Bay Wedding039
Cedia at Byron Bay Wedding043
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Cedia at Byron Bay Wedding067
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Photographer: Heart and Colour