This romantic pair chose their favourite time of day to say ‘I do’ – dawn. Unlike many couples, they embraced the early morning start and shared a celebratory breakfast for their reception. Mitch was a competitive cyclist with fashion not his forté, so Brooke brought in some extra hands to help with the groom’s attire for the day. She shares all the details with us!

Mitch had no idea what he wanted to wear (aside from “brown boots”), so we called in a good friend who wears his jeans too tight and product in his hair. Frenchy (our mate) knew to keep Mitch’s look simple, casual dress style but added the braces and bow tie for the trend factor.

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Menswear and suiting specialists Oscar Hunt have just launched their Spring/Summer 2020 Look Book and we couldn’t be more excited by what we see! The change in season is apparent in the gorgeous textures, new lighter fabrics and fresh neutral tones. Not to mention a sense of fun in their fabrics synonymous with the Spring/Summer events season.

There is so much amazing groom and groomsmen inspiration to be found. Alex Goh, the Marketing Manager of Oscar Hunt tells us, “The direction of the range is inspired by classic menswear with a modern twist. The styles and fabrics are suitable for the warmer months ahead, with a number of lightweight wools, cottons and linens.”

You can view the new look book and all the gorgeous styles and fabrics right Here.

About Oscar Hunt: From formal to casual, and everything in between, our fitters and consultants are highly experienced in assisting grooms to find their ideal look. Whether it’s a classically-styled dinner suit for a traditionally-themed wedding, or a light-weight linen jacket and trouser for an overseas beach wedding, our wide range of fabrics and design options are sure to provide exactly what you are looking for.


In a colourful day, sweethearts Lauren and James said ‘I do’. Set amongst the vineyards, the pair chose great friends to help make their day even more special. The Groom James shares the memory that sticks out the most from their beautiful day.

“My favourite memory from the day would have to be from during the ceremony. After the processional we were able to sit next to each other in front of our guests. After being a bit stressed out before the ceremony, it was amazing just to be able to sit with Lauren, hold her hand and be next to her. This was one of the few opportunities during the day that we got to sit alone with each other, and so it still sticks out to me as an extremely fond memory from the day.”



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