Over the last couple of years, we have seen a huge trend toward bridesmaids wearing differently styled or even totally mismatched outfits often within the same or a complimentary colour palette. This way, they have the opportunity to wear something that reflects their individual style and tastes. However, the groomsmen, on the other hand, are still mostly wearing the same thing. The. Exact. Same. Suit. Traditionally, it was thought that a lack of uniformity in the wedding party might detract attention from the special couple at the the centre. Not only is this so outdated, but it’s incorrect. A dynamic wedding party makes the couple and the whole wedding vibe pop!

Because as we know, individuals look their best and are always more confident and happy if he/she is wearing what they are most comfortable in. It’s simple. Look good, feel good. This is precisely why now is the time to embrace mix and matching in groomsmen attire! However, the level of mixing and matching should always be determined by the theme of the event. It is an excellent option for more casual weddings where the entire vibe is more relaxed and cool as opposed to a more traditional and formal one.

Here are a few tips for nailing this hot trend:

The Same Style
For a formal event, perhaps a black tie theme or church wedding, it would be recommended for the groomsmen to all wear a similar suit that compliments the groom’s style, for example, tuxedos across the board. If it’s a more relaxed atmosphere such as a beach wedding, then the groomsmen could wear complimentary vests & pants combinations in lighter and fresher colour palettes and fabrics.

The Same Colour Palette
The groomsmen should make a conscious effort to maintain the same colour palette across their differing looks and take into account the couple’s colour choices too. Mixing and matching outfits will only be a success if the shade of the colour worn by everyone is harmonious because the groomsmen do not want to be stealing the spotlight from the couple on their special day.

Accessorise Differently
Each groomsman has the chance to make his unique impression through the accessories they choose. Going for accessories that reflect their individuality and tastes is the right way of standing out among the crowd.

Matching Fabrics
To give the whole attire a tidy and cohesive look despite each groomsman wearing a suit most fitted to his body type, matching fabrics is recommended. Also, the fabrics chosen should be based on the season during which the wedding is taking place. Lighter linen fabrics for the summer and heavier, wool-mixed fabrics for autumn and winter.

The One Common Factor
In terms of mixing and matching, groomsmen can also adopt another unique strategy while remaining consistent. They may opt for different colour schemes; however, have one common factor in their dressing – suspenders. Suspenders always manage to enhance the on trend aspect of any formal attire. A white shirt with suspenders, pants, shoes and belt of the groomsmen’s choice – that most calls for a fashionable yet clean outfit.

Matching Ties
Matching ties with different suits is another excellent way to look coordinated but remain individual at the same time. The tie could be blue, black or even a distinctive pattern that matches beautifully with all the different suit choices.

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The country chic Daylesford wedding of Rebecca and Patrick was actually a three-day feast filled with family and international guests! Photographer Joshua Mikhaiel was there to capture all the gorgeous details, including a Convent Gallery ceremony and reception, the bride’s Zuhair Murad gown, long tables scattered with peonies and the most perfect cake by the talented Miss Ladybird Cakes. Below, the groom, Patrick, reveals the memories of his wedding day that have stuck with him the most. 

Watching all the guests arrive and fill the atrium knowing they were all there for us. A close second was the dance floor.


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Groom Style – John

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Krystal and John married in a romantic ceremony in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. They were surrounded by their nearest and dearest, including a groomsmen crew consisting of John’s five best mates! With Krystal set on a stunning Mariana Hardwick dress, it was up to John to pick the perfect complementary outfit for their lush garden wedding. Krystal details John’s process of getting his dream suit below.

John’s only criteria for his suit was that he did not want to wear black!

After thinking about wearing a blue or grey shade John decided he wanted to wear an ivory jacket with black slacks. Unfortunately when the decision was made, it did not leave much time to get this made and many places said they would not have time to make this.

John went to Prinzi Collections and they delivered the goods. They matched his suit jacket perfectly to my dress colour and got it all finalised two days before the wedding. 


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