Jess & Luke’s Modern Coombe Yarra Valley Wedding

It was a Summer day in the vineyards when Jess and Luke celebrated their modern Coombe Yarra Valley black tie wedding. Their day beautifully blended old and new – the venue itself, housing a historic homestead and modern reception space, mirroring the elements of the day so carefully curated by the bride and groom. The couple chose Daniel Brannan to capture their magic.

Jess on Luke’s attire for their big day, “Luke and his groomsmen wore custom suits and shirts by Oscar Hunt, with a blue Tom Ford bowtie and Paul Smith shoes. He chose his outfit because he wanted something classic and timeless.”

Credits: Groom’s Attire: Oscar Hunt / Groom’s Shoes: Paul Smith / Groomsmen Attire: Oscar Hunt

Photographer: Daniel Brannan

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Image by Jackson Grant via Michelle & Clint’s Chic Wedding At The George Ballroom

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Image: Stefani Driscoll Via Lauren & Matt's Country Winery Bannockburn Wedding

Image by Stefani Driscoll via Lauren & Matt’s Country Winery Bannockburn Wedding

Buck’s parties are gross.


Hopefully you and your friends have evolved beyond the mind-numbing idiocy of the past and are trying to come up with a classy way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials.

Is the groom a Masterchef lovin’, avocado smash munching foodie?

We’ve come up with a few ways to keep it classy and celebrate your mate’s upcoming marriage.

Cooking Class

You’re probably thinking ‘cooking class’, really? Agreed. But the right type of cooking class can be a fun day out, you just need to focus on the reward at the end. Dessert, for example, now that’s a reward! If you’re in Melbourne, the Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School, brings professional chefs and passionate foodies together to make chocolate and cakes! They supply aprons, lunch on the day, equipment and ingredients – all you need to do is arrive.

Cake Decorating

Again, cake decorating is not exactly your typical buck’s party activity but if you’re not looking for a boozy afternoon this may, well, take the cake (nailed that pun). While we’re in Melbourne, Ministry of Cakes offers cake decorating classes. And we’re not talking a lazy old chocolate cake. We’re talking those crazy tiered cakes. They’re used to hosting bridal showers, but why not break the mould! You may be able to knock together your ‘Groom cake’. Not sure what that is? Check it out here

Wine and cheese

Wineries are the new pub crawl, sort of, and Victoria’s Yarra Valley is the place to be. Designate a driver, hire a bus and prepare yourself for some of the best wine and food in the region. I recommend Zonzo Estate – the food, the wine, and the serenity combine for the classy buck’s party you’re seeking.

A bit of everything

Whisky? Yes. Cheese? Oh god, yes! Again, Google is your best friend here but if you live in Tassie, or are feeling like a weekend getaway, Hobart is the place to be. With a wealth of whisky distilleries and cheesemakers, the Apple Isle is the ideal setting for a foodie experience. The Long Lunch Wine Tour company offers a ‘Southern Gourmet Safari, featuring three cellar doors for wine, whisky and gin, a Tasmanian Cheese Factory, strawberry farm. Did I mention you get to sample fresh oysters?

Brew your own beer

Does brewing your own beer count as a foodie experience? Yeah, I think so.

You can pretty much throw a dart into your google search engine and hit a brewery tour in Australia, but keep an eye out for the ones who let you brew your own batch. It makes the experience that little bit more unique. Aussie Brewery Tours offers more than 20 different styles of beer and, under instruction from a head brewer, brew your beer on state-of-the-art small-batch brewing equipment at a Public Brewery.

Ms Zigzag says: All of these creative foodie day out ideas sure beat going to a pub and drinking too many beers! A buck’s day is the time to try something outside of the box. 

About Mr Houndstooth: I am a happily married man. I enjoy a fine whisky, a new suit and swashbuckling around town with my beautiful bride. Looking back on my wedding day always makes me smile, even though it began to rain just as I said ‘I do’.