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Welcome foodies; here’s your  guide to all things delicious around the beautiful country of Italy. We have put together a guide to each region, the low down on meals and some fast facts that will help prepare you for what will be an amazing trip in what is arguably the food capital of the world.

Region specialities:

  • Tuscany: Legumes and grains are famous in the Tuscan region and of course wine! Chianti is one of the most famous wines of Tuscany but there are many fakes, so to ensure you are getting the real deal look for the black rooster on the label.
  • Lombardy: Lombardy is the northern region and is known for a mean risotto and delicious stuffed pastas including ravioli. Closer to Milan you might find a traditional dish called Risotto alla Milanese which consists of cheese, saffron, bone marrow and meat stock.
risotto alla milanese

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  • Naples: Naples is of course famous for its pizza, particularly pizza napoletana, but it’s also worth trying the Caprese salad for a lighter meal or the spaghetti alle vongole if you’re feeling a little more hungry.
  • Venice: Cicchetti are smaller snacks you will find in Venice, similar to the Spanish alternative tapas. Pair your cicchetti with a spritz made from prosecco and a dash of liqueur.
  • Liguria: Liguria, or as you might know it – the Italian Riviera is, most popular for pesto, they even have their own traditional recipe. Pesto is often served with potatoes, green beans and pasta.
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  • Sicily: Sicily is the best place to get yourself some cannoli which is known world wide but we will let you in on a little secret, Sicily is also a great place for some tasty seafood and pasta.

What to expect for your meal:

  • Antipasti: This will be the first course of your meal and is usually a shared plate with small portions for the table. You might find cheese, olives, cured meats and sausages on an antipasti platter.
  • Primo: Primo follows the antipasti, and is when you might be eating pasta or a risotto.
  • Secondo: Secondo is your main course where you would feast on meat, chicken or fish.
  • Dolce: Last but certainly not least is dessert which is always served with coffee.
Italy coffee

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Fast facts:

  • When visiting Italy do not eat while you walk, it’s considered disrespectful (unless you are eating gelato). The Italians are lovers of their food and the traditional belief is that if someone has spent time making you a nice meal it’s simply rude to not sit down and enjoy it.
  • I’m sure you might have heard or seen the word ‘aperitivo’ on travel websites or as part of any tours and activities you might be looking at. Aperitivo is Italian for pre-dinner drinks and is often served with a small snack. For a traditional aperitivo you might try a Campari or Aperol Spritz.
  • There are over 600 types of pasta, see how many you can try!

Now go on, live la dolce vita!

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Ms Zigzag says: I am hungry! I love the history, tradition and of course flavour and community that surrounds Italian eating and cuisine. How can I transport myself there now? Thanks Bec for sharing this taste of Italy with us today. 

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If one was to ever dream of a dinner by the sea, then the ultimate location has to be the stunning Ristorante Grotta Palazzese. The Italian restaurant is absolutely breathtaking in its location and a definite must to include in our Inside The Photo for The Italy Issue!

The location:

This limestone grotta (Italian for cave) restaurant is located within a hotel in the town of Polignano a Mare in the beautiful Puglia, on the Southern Adriatic coast of Italy. The town is a 45-minute drive from Bari. The restaurant itself? Located 23 metres above the sea.

About the restaurant:

What was once a grand establishment fit for balls and banquets in the 1700s, now houses a beautiful, and much-photographed restaurant (and hotel!) The restaurant is not open during winter – this seasonal gem is only available for summer lunches and dinners. Reservations are essential, with guests able to choose between set course dinners or a la carte menu options while enjoying the view and live music!

Also loving:

Try, wish and hope for a table by the sea, as these are quite obviously the best! Guests are seated first come, first served at this restaurant, so arrive early. The best photographs are those taken from the bathroom windows, the vantage point looking back over the cave with the tables in clear view.

We cannot wait to celebrate all things Italian during The Italy Issue this month, and this beautiful shoot just about sums up everything we’re excited about. Beautiful, long summer days by the pool, stunningly chic weddings next to Italian villas and an amazing backdrop of rolling Italian hills to call home.

Australian photographers Figtree Pictures headed to Italy for this editorial at the beautiful Conti Di San Bonifacio in the countryside of Tuscany. Led by planning and styling magicians Chic Weddings in Italy, the team added beautiful blooms from Floralia, gowns from George Wu and Made With Love, stunning stationery from Cass Deller and even a beautiful horse form La Pescaia Resort to set the scene as model Serena Casellato wove her way through four different Italy inspired looks.
The team worked with vintage Italian style, incorporating vintage tennis and swim inspired looks to, not only show off the beautiful areas of the villa, but also perhaps inspire your own pre-wedding celebrations. The wedding itself led our “couple” to celebrate at a table under the shade of the villa, decorated with tonnes of black, silver and fresh greenery details.

Chic Weddings Italy founder Eva tells, “We wanted to liaise a connection between the Hamptons and the Italian Maremma by using white, green and brown colours and adding elements which could connect both areas; such as a beautiful horse and the use of the linens belonging to a noble family for the details for the table setting. We took inspiration from the surroundings in Tuscany where you can find many sheep, using sheepskins as table and chair covers. The additional elements such as the privately owned cutlery, embroidered coat of arms in linen napkins and additional pieces were used in order to give the sense of a ‘noble’ family celebrating the wedding of their young daughter.”




Photographer: Figtree Pictures / Shoot Designer & Producer: Chic Weddings in Italy / Venue: Conti Di San Bonifacio, Tuscany / Rentals: Conti Di San Bonifacio, Tuscany / Flowers: Floralia / Gowns: George Wu / Gowns: Made With Love / Invitations & Stationery: Cass Deller / Horse: La Pescaia Resort / Model: Serena Casellato