So, you’re about to marry the partner of your dreams. The difficult part is over; the wedding has been planned to the last detail and you’ve somehow managed to keep everyone happy. So now comes the real fun, planning a much-needed getaway for you and your lover.

While the idea of rugging up by a fire somewhere snowy sounds romantic, you know you and your future hubby/wife are actually Summer kind of people. You want to go somewhere warm, a place where you can have as many adventures as you have cocktails and where the atmosphere is as vibrant as the sights. Spain ticks all those boxes.

Why Spain? Unlike some other places in Europe, Spain requires more than a few days to ‘see it all’. The culture in Spain varies from city to city- creating a gorgeous tapestry of tradition, architecture, language, food, music and people. So, an entire honeymoon in the one country isn’t so crazy. Trust me, as soon as you arrive, you won’t want to leave.

And if you have any doubts, I have three words for you- sun, sangria and siestas. So which cities should fill your itinerary? To experience a summer in Spain to its fullest, I recommend visiting the north, centre and south.

In the north, begin your ‘moon in Barcelona. Barcelona is popular for good reason. As part of the Catalonia region, Barcelona is a captivating mixture of different cultures. You’ll hear both Spanish and Catalonian being spoken and see the different influences in the food being served. However, the biggest reason to visit has to be the architecture. Buildings like La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and Casa Batlló by Antoni Gaudí are architectural masterpieces unlike anything you will have seen before.

My recommendation? Hit up ‘La Boqueria’ or ‘Mercat Santa Catarina’ (for a less crowded option) and create a cute picnic of cheese, fruit and charcuterie to take with you as you explore the city hand in hand, at your own pace. You will have only just arrived, and after the craziness of your wedding, you’ll need a moment just to chill and be together as a married couple. This city is the perfect place to do so.

As you travel down the country, I recommend visiting the capital, Madrid. Like all cities in Spain, you’ll find impressive architecture – my favourites being the Royal Palace and the Crystal Palace in Retiro Park. If you and your partner are lovers of art, Madrid is the city for you.

The three most notable art museums in Madrid – The Prado, Reina Sofia and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Gallery – house incredible works form artists such as Goya and Salvador Dalí. The best way to finish a day spent wandering the museums, is by bar hopping your way through Madrid’s numerous rooftop bars.

On your way out of Madrid, stop by Toledo. Not only is this little town incredibly picturesque, is also famous for its unique damascene jewellery and antique swords. Perfect for any couple looking to spend some of their wedding money on gifts for themselves or loved ones back home.

And if you’re wondering where you should spend the most time as a newly married couple, the answer is the Andalucía, the southernmost region in Spain. With its rich Arabic and Jewish history, Andalucía is completely different to the other regions in Spain.

The first city to visit in Andalucía is Sevilla, which in my opinion, is one of the dreamiest cities in the world. Sevilla is a fantastic city for those newlyweds looking to learn more about the country they are visiting.

The rich history of this city can be discovered in visits to the Sevilla Cathedral, the third largest cathedral in the world and La Giralda Bell Tower, which if climbed, has the most extraordinary view of the city.

A visit to La Plaza de España is also not to be missed, as is the Real Alcazár, an enchanting garden filled with terraces, fountains and pavilions that may even seem familiar to any newlyweds obsessed with Game of Thrones.

Just under three hours to the east of Sevilla, you’ll find Granada. A charming little city huddled up next to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Granada is abundant with both rich historical value and visual appeal. I recommend taking the romantic walk up to the Albaicín, the Muslim quarter and enjoying the sunset from Plaza San Nicholas.

This lookout is popular with tourists and locals alike and for good reason. You and your partner will certainly be in your own world as you watch the sun fall over the brilliant Alhambra Palace. But the best thing about the Granada? Tapas. In Granada and some other small cities in the south, such as Jaén and Almería, any drink ordered comes with a plate of incredibly tasty food, completely FREE!

Depending on what the chef is cooking, this can range from calamari, patatas bravas, freshly baked bread with Spanish ham and cheese, croquettes or even Spanish tortilla. And since the drinks are so affordable, you and your new husband/wife can enjoy a night out with dinner and drinks for less than 15 Euro each – the perfect way to finish an incredible summer honeymoon in Spain!

Ms Zebra Says: What an amazing itinerary to make the most of one extraordinary place, rather than hopping around the place! From architecture to food, there’s something for everyone. 

About Hannah Burden: Hannah is a writer and traveller based in New South Wales. She began as a poetry and prose writer, and has since expanded into travel writing to combine both passions. In her spare time, you’ll find her hiking and soaking up the sun on the south coast, or binging the latest award worthy television and film.

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Are you a Canberra local itching for your next staycation? Or maybe you’re keen for something a little different for your stay in the capital?


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Wherever you’re from, the Naked Cubby Co is ideal for a night away to disconnect from fast paced living. Set among the Mount Majura Vineyard, the Naked Cubby Co is perfectly located for wine lovers, with the opportunity to indulge in a wine tasting and delicious local foods.


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There’s two different ‘glamping’ cubbies on offer tailored to suit your personality.


For the light and airy types. Edgar is perfectly simple and boasts panoramic views of the vineyard and Majura’s lush pine forest. Named after Dr Edgar Riek who planted the first hectare of the vineyard, Edgar is a great place to enjoy breakfast in bed whilst admiring the beautiful landscape.


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For the down to earth types. Nestled in between The Truffle Farm, an orchard and the vines is where you’ll spend your night in the Frank cubby. Named after Dr Frank van de Loo the current winemaker at Mount Majura Vineyard, Frank is a cosy hideaway furnished with dark accents.

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Even though the cubbies were designed to be a simple escape, you won’t miss out on any of the necessities. Catch up on some sleep in a king bed, covered in luxury linen and wool blankets. Your room will also have solar powered lighting and a fridge, crockery and an outdoor seating space perfect for reading a good book.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed or out on the deck and then after you check out, spend a voucher on brunch at one of the local cafes.


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Ms Zebra Says: What a great way to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city life! I love the idea of ‘glamping’ – not quite throwing away the luxuries of life but certainly a step closer to nature.

About Bec Lawrence: I’m an animal lover, sustainability advocate and natural landscape enthusiast. On a good weekend, you’ll find me hiking with my two adorable beagles and my equally adorable husband.


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Kerri  & Tony

When half your family lives in Canada and the other half in Australia, a destination wedding in a beautiful location makes a lot of sense! For Kerri and Tony, they invited their favourite people to make the very long journey to beautiful Santorini to witness their vows, and they added Aussie photographer SvenStudios to make sure every memory was captured. And it turned out to be the best thing they could have done. “Having everyone in Santorini from different corners of the globe was amazing, especially since many of our guests have little or no travel experience and were very nervous.” With hues of the sunset, a rooftop celebration and plenty of sunshine, this wedding is what destination wedding charm is all about!

The pair met while Kerri was in Canada, she lets us in on their story.  “We met while I was travelling through Canada in 2011; Tony employed my friend across from where I worked in Niagara Falls for some travelling cash. He eventually moved to Australia about 8 months after we parted.”

It was another adventure that led the groom to pop the question. “We were hiking Yosemite National Park on the way back to Niagara Falls for a visit about six years later. Halfway up a waterfall climb he knelt in a puddle and yelled the proposal since the water was so loud. I had always said I didn’t want a nice ring or a wedding, but I did want a spectacular proposal, and he knows how much I love waterfalls.”


The bride and groom chose to honour their wedding location by creating a colour palette that spoke of the tones of the sunset, shares Kerri. “Decor wasn’t very important to us, the simpler the better. Since Santorini has a lovely all-white with dramatic blue ocean theme going on, we kept all the decor mostly simple and white. The bridal party had a loose theme of “sunset colours” to contrast against the white (yellow, orange, reds), and a few splashes of greenery for freshness.”

The bride carried a simple bouquet of red roses arranged by Bliss Weddings & Events Santorini. She shares “As someone who doesn’t care too much about flowers, we just wanted whatever was the cheapest option in our package! It turned out great with a simple green and red bouquet made mostly of roses, and some “sunset” flowers on the tables.”


There was even time for a little champagne on the way to the wedding. “On the (rather long) walk to Dana Villas from our place of accommodation, we got free breakfast at a cafe along the way for being a bride, the unexpected stop to have refreshing champagne before the ceremony was fun!”

Kerri and Tony chose Dana Villas for their ceremony, purely for the incredible view! The bride sharing “We chose Dana Villas as the backdrop to our ceremony as it overlooked the Santorini Caldera during the incredible ceremony! As we hadn’t visited Santorini in the past we had to rely on photographs we saw online to choose a spot, and it just looked amazing!”

The bride walked in with her father to Fyfe Dangerfield’s  “When you Walk in the Room”.


The couple chose an Aussie photographer to join them on the day, explaining “Steven from SvenStudios is a wedding photographer we brought with us from Adelaide, Australia. We just liked his laid back approach to weddings that we felt would suit our own day and brought him along! He also has a great portfolio and background in making things look epic, but honestly didn’t even know he was there half the time, he’s very natural and photojournalistic while taking photos, and it’s amazing he was able to come up with such incredible shots in the short amount of time we gave him in between the ceremony and reception!”

There are endless favourite moments for Kerri, who remembers “The scenery was spectacular, the sunset and dancing was amazing. Hearing Tony’s vows for the first time in front of everyone was very special. Also, the food was awesome and there was far too much of it.”


Seeing as the couple’s friends and families had flown so far to be a part of the day, it only made sense to include them as much as possible explains Kerri. “We had a lot of our friends help with the day, like asking a friend to be celebrant, making a fun personalised speech. Our vows were our own, and my bridesmaids and friends did my hair and makeup for me. My parents and relatives organised the Loukomades from a local bakery to have as the wedding cake which I loved. Our celebrant got us to play a surprise game which was great fun, and the speeches were all fantastic.”

The couple planned their wedding from afar, with the help of Bliss Weddings & Events Santorini. “Planning a wedding on the other side of the world was super stressful and not at all fun! ” remarks Kerri. “The worst part was probably the fluctuations of currency values making the whole thing cost far more than originally intended. The best part though was that I REALLY enjoyed the planning of the honeymoon! Travelling is what we live for so hopping around Europe for a month after was excellent.”

And the focus when in Greece, is that one celebrates on a rooftop. The newlyweds celebrating with their guests at the beautiful rooftop Ampelos Greek Restaurant. “It had to be within walking distance from the ceremony spot,” explains the bride “while also overlooking the caldera to get a sunset photo. The Ampelos Greek Restaurant worked out great for that, and they fed us so much food! Most of us were full after the second course, and there were like 5 or 6 – can’t remember, there was just so much!”

It was to Gavin James’ “Book Of Love” that the newlyweds took to the dance floor, surrounded by sparklers. Kerri tells of her dream “We planned it so that all of our guests had sparklers as I had always wanted to have my first dance amongst hundreds of sparklers.  Thanks go out to my family for running about Santorini in the days leading up to the wedding looking for an ample supply of decent-sized sparklers on a Sunday.”

SvenStudios even captured this moving film of the celebrations!

A big congratulations to you both Kerri and Tony! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us. Thank you also to SvenStudios for sharing today’s beautiful destination wedding.


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