What better place to showcase newly wedded bliss than white sands and a cool ocean breeze? After months of non-stop wedding stress, it’s great to pull out all the stops and just relax. Here are five fabulous locales where you can chill on the beach while sipping perfectly chilled cocktails, or if you’re more of an explorer, engage in an adventure of a lifetime.

1. Dominican Republic
Located on the island La Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is in the heart of the Caribbean. It is well known for its golf resorts and it’s year round average is a balmy 26 degrees.

For intrepid travelers, the country has a booming agri-tourism sector. There are lovely guesthouses in cocoa and coffee plantations, rum distilleries and factories that produce hand-rolled cigars.

Dominican Republic image via Dominican Republic Has It All

2. Martinique
Also known as the Isle of Flowers, this small island in the West Indies is a lush and beautiful paradise. The north of the island is covered in thick green rainforest while the south has picturesque beaches. If you’re tired of white sand, Martinque also has gorgeous black beaches made from volcanic rock.

If you love snorkeling and treasure, Martinique is a no-brainer. In 1902, a catastrophic eruption of the isle’s resident peak, Mount Pelee, sunk about a dozen ships, transforming them into dive-worthy wrecks.

Martinique image via Flickr

3. Seychelles

This island country spans an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Eco-tourism is huge in Seychelles. You’ll be able to see a variety of magnificent wildlife like giant tortoises in their natural habitat. If you get tired of the lovely white beaches and bright blue waters where you can walk or bike, you can also venture inwards into the jungle.

Seychelles image via Amazing Tourism Traveling

4. Thailand
While famous for its southern beaches and islands, Thailand’s northern region is also fantastic for trekking and adventure travel through its jungles and breathtaking waterfalls with its diverse ethnic minority groups and forested mountains. In addition, you can also snorkel and dive in around the reefs off Koh Mak and Koh Rang Lek.

A speedboat side trip to Mai Si’s cultured pearl farms is also a must – along with an early morning visit to the gem market at Bo Rai, where Siam ruby vendors set up shop.

Koh Samui Thailand, Image via Thai Tourism Guide

5. Saint Lucia
The island-country located in the Caribbean near Barbados is a veritable tropical gem with lush tropical rain forests and crystalline blue waters. Trekking and bird watching are options so are scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing.

Saint Lucia Image via Best of St. Lucia

Ms Gingham says: The world is an absolutely amazing place. I love all these locations. My bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer!!

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1. Start off in Bangkok and do the rounds of the temples where stunning architecture and a spiritual presence awakens the senses. The Grand Palace Bangkok via N&J.

2. Now that you’ve worked up a hunger explore the hawker’s markets at night for some authentic tastes. Potato Curry With Mango and Basil via Inquiring Chef.

3. Head off to ride the Elephants in Chiang Mai. (via Miamiagora Travel Information)

4. Thai Song Fair Trade started in September 2009, in a small community in Bangkok, and offers dignified employment for women. Currently, they make unique and fashionable bags out of recycled plastic bags and earrings out of recycled plastic and aluminum cans. Red Pop Earrings from Thai Song.

5. Work on your tan and forget the day to day on Phi Phi Island. (via Beach and Island)

6. I’ve heard of open air cinemas but surely this must take first prize? Archipelago Cinema, A Floating Auditorium in a Thai Lagoon. (via Laughing Squid photo by Piyatat Hemmatat)

After pouring over Lucy and Nick’s Canggu Bali Wedding, we decided to carry on the theme with this little inspiration board of the 6 things we love about Bali!

1. How cute! This little Legong dancer is waiting to dance for the Gods. Image from Pinterest User Gre Te (suninmyeyes).

2. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to stay here? Malimbu Cliff Villa, Lombok Island / St. Regis Bali Resort Nusa Dua.

3. Bring some of Bali into your home with this Quill Textured Basket from Selena and Lily.

4. Find inner piece or just some extra flexibility at this Yoga Retreat at Como Shambhala Estate.

5. These Sacred Monkeys to me are just the epitome of mischief! Image From Lonely Planet.

6. Tuna Satay is a Traditional Food of Bali. Yum! Image from Pinterest user Diatherman Anggen.