Wineglass Bay Tourism Tasmania and Geoffrey Lea

If you’re marrying in winter, there has to be no better place to take your honeymoon than Tasmania. Stunning scenery, amazing food and a plethora of adventures to be had. Today, let’s escape and take a honeymoon down south! If you’re a local or have traveled to Tassie recently and have anything to add to my lists, please leave a comment!

Five Fantastic Places To Stay

Cradle Mountain Lodge & Waldheim Alpine Spa


Tourism Tasmania & Cradle Mountain Lodge

Right in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful Cradle Mountain sits Cradle Mountain Lodge and Waldheim Alpine Spa. The closest accommodation to the mountain, Cradle Mountain Lodge is all about getting back to nature. Surrounded by walking trails, the pine cabins offer luxuries like log fires, spa baths, three onsite bars & restaurants and the gorgeously decadent Waldheim Alpine Spa. The lodge allows you to be wildly adventurous with a daily activity schedule, or just relax  in your room and enjoy the sweeping views!

Saffire Freycinet




Tourism Tasmania & Pure Tasmania

Saffire Freycinet is located on Tasmania’s East coast and overlooks Great Oyster Bay & Hazards Mountains, Everything is pure luxury here- perfect for your Tasmanian honeymoon! From the organic design of the buildings (which include Tasmanian woods) to the beautiful suites (all include king sized beds with double shower & bath and guests staying in the Premium Suites enjoy their own private plunge pool). There’s a day spa on-site and a divine restaurant featuring (of course) local produce, meaning you never have to go outside…unless of course that hike beckons!

Peppers Calstock


Tourism Tasmania & Rob Burnett

Peppers always has some stunning properties and their Tasmanian property Peppers Calstock doesn’t let the team down! Set on 200 acres, accommodation is offered within the mansion built in the 1800’s. There are seven guest rooms and two guest suites. The adults only retreat has a French provincial style with beautiful food (overseen by chef Stuart Godfrey) served on-site.

Eagles Nest Retreat


Tourism Tasmania & Dan Fellow

Overlooking Mount Roland. Eagles Nest Retreat provides an intimate setting with panoramic views. The retreat is filled with locally crafted furniture, fully equipped kitchen, dream chef service, in house massages and open fires. you can even take a spa underneath the stars!

@ VDL Stanley


Tourism Tasmania & Jason Clare

Right on the shore in Stanley (home of natural wonder The Nut), sits @ VDL Stanley, an architecturally designed boutique hotel. Housed in bluestone walls, VDL Stanley only has three guest suites, so privacy is ensured. Each suite features flat screen TVs, coffee machines and luxurious “signature” beds! Each room has water views and the owners even provide a munchie box full of treats to keep you satisfied while relaxing your day away!

Five Fun Things To Do

I will admit I picked mostly adventures for “things” but Tasmania lends itself so easily to getting back to nature – because the scenery is so completely stunning. it seems a shame not to do something on your honeymoon that gets your feet thumping on the dirt or your arms rowing along a river. Plus there’s nothing more romantic than a quiet walk between two newlyweds.

Salamanca Markets


Tourism Tasmania and John de la Roche

Well admittedly I did have to throw in a little bit of shopping! If you can get to Tasmania when the Salamanca Markets are on, they’re a ‘must visit’! They’re held every Saturday in Hobart and are a cross between a farmer’s market and an art & crafts market. There are dozens and dozens of stalls selling all kinds of odds and ends, beautiful foods, treasures and one offs, plus buskers providing free entertainment too!

Overland Track


Tourism Tasmania & Tasmanian Expeditions

The Overland Track is for true adventurists- it requires a booking and has a few shorter walks and a magnificent six day hike between Lake St Clair and Cradle Mountain. Through mountains, hills and valleys- this honeymoon adventure will take you back to the peace and quiet of nature with some of the most beautiful Australian landscapes you will ever see.

Gordon River Paddle

Tourism Tasmania and Joe Shemesh

The Gordon River Paddle is a fresh way to see Tasmania- from the water! Departing from Strahan, the Gordon River Paddle takes you for a day of exploration. Accompanied by a trained guide, you’ll pass through some of Tasmania’s untouched landscapes and be enthralled with stories of moments past. All cruises include meals (fresh Tasmanian produce of course) and in the summer months a trip to Sarah Island.

Cataract Gorge & Kings Bridge


Tourism Tasmania & Lap Fung Lam

If you’re staying close to Launceston, but still want a little nature, Cataract Gorge & Kings Bridge are only 15 minutes away from the city centre. There are a multitude of fun adventures to be had here- walking trails, a suspension, and most famously The basin chairlift which covers 457 metres.  If you’re the type that likes to spend your holidays sleeping or with a good book, Cataract Gorge may be the perfect way to get some fresh air without the trouble!

Wineglass Bay Walk


Tourism Tasmania & Chris Bray

I must admit there are a lot of nature inspired to-do’s in this list, but it’s just because the landscapes are so marvelous! I did leave my favourite until last though- look at that view! Wineglass Bay is located halfway down the east coast of Tasmania. Both treks don’t take very long but provide a picture perfect view. Alternatively you can visit the Wineglass Bay beach- which has been named as one of the best in the world (and who can resist the crystal blue waters, white sand and perfect shape?). There are plenty of fun activities available too- snorkeling, mountain bike riding and sea kayaking to name a few!

Five Fabulous Things To Eat

On any trip, my favourite thing to do is to check out local produce (especially wine!) Tasmania is full of local delicacies and here are five of my favourites!

Ashgrove Cheese


Tourism Tasmania & Lap Fung Lam

I love my cheese and Ashgrove Cheese is a family run business producing cheese from dairy milk fresh from the cows living on site. They specialise in Australian cheddar (with varieties spanning Rubicon Red and Crumbly Tasty), though they also get a little creative with varieties such as Lavender and wild wasabi! The cheddar factory allows you to view the process through the viewing room, have a cheese tasting and browse other local produce.

House of Anvers


Tourism Tasmania & Rick Eaves

Honestly, could there be anything better than a chocolate factory? (In Adelaide, I always go straight to the Haighs Factory first to stock up)! You know I’d have to find you a decadent place of deliciousness to visit on your honeymoon! House Of Anvers in Latrobe, use Tasmania’s creams and butters to produce truffles, pralines, fudges and of course – pure chocolate! Not only can you visit the Museum of Chocolate (I think museums just got enticing!) but there’s a tasting centre and a coffee shop specialising in..chocolate!

Sorrell Fruit Farm


Tourism Tasmania & Lap Fung Lam

After all that cheese and chocolate, you may need something a little healthy to kick start you for the rest of your trip! Sorrell Fruit Farm in Sorrell allows you to pick your own berries and beans (and they have a lot of berries- from strawberries to loganberries, blackberries and even cherries) while enjoying the local bird life. You can even pick up a few jars of jam, chutneys and vinegars made from the farm’s produce.

Barilla Bay


Tourism Tasmania & Lap Fung Lam

So we have pre dinner cheeses sorted, dessert and even the health base covered – but what about something for dinner? Being in Tasmania, you have got to try the seafood and Barilla Bay at Cambridge is the perfect place to start. Fresh pacific oysters are available for your purchase (along with their own blend of Worcestershire sauce) and their acclaimed restaurant pairs their local produce with local wines and other scrumptious delicacies!

The Honey Farm


Tourism Tasmania & Lap Fung Lam

Honey on crumpets your style? The Honey Farm in Chudleigh is a must for lovers of the bee! They make over 50 different types of honey (sent all over Australia) and their “farm door” showcases their entire range, the background to their process and every honey related product you can think of, including (my favourite) beeswax candles.

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It’s Time To Choose

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Polka Dot Bride

A heads up for anyone using Qantas Frequent Flyer points for their honeymoon!

A new advertising campaign starts today inspired by the clear, strong messages from the likes of campaigns of KEVIN 07 and Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can”. The message? It’s Time To Choose

After March 31st you will not be able to transfer reward points from a lot of credit cards into your Qantas Frequent Flyer account. If you were planning to use those points for your honeymoon, transfer them before March 31st or you will lose the chance to gain the benefit of their program.

So now is the time to choose whether you will go with Qantas or choose another Frequent Flyer program. It’s up to you and it’s worth researching the benefits of each (Check out the Australian Frequent Flyer Forum for some good comparisons)

Check out the Qantas Frequent Flyer website to see how your cards will be affected and pass the word on to anyone you know who may also need to choose!

Today is Blog Action Day, all over the web you’ll see thousands blogs all uniting for one cause in the hope to make a difference. (See last year’s entry here.) This year, the subject is poverty.

Weddings and poverty is a bit of a strange combination, the two don’t really go hand in hand. But there are ways you can address poverty at your wedding, there are ways you can make a difference and take action.With all the miscellaneous spending, offset it by contributing to the bigger picture.

There is so much to say to conquer poverty that today’s post is only a small part of it.

Give Charitable Gifts

Consider giving gifts of charity donations to your wedding party in lieu of material items.

Kiva Gift Certificate

A charity like Kiva is using micro finance to help entrepreneurs in poverty stricken nations build their businesses and get ahead. The money you donate gets paid back to you as loans are repaid, allowing you to reinvest the money. Kiva offers gift certificates too which are a great idea for gifts for your bridal party. Recipients can choose how they want to spend their Kiva dollars and they are able to get involved in the process too.

Other ideas include heading to your chosen charity’s shop (or online!) and check out their goods. Oxfam especially sells a lot of items like decorative teapots, homewares and decorative items.

Have A Charity Wedding Registry

This is a debatable topic but one I think is worthwhile pursuing if this is something you feel is important. Instead of presents at your wedding, you could do this by asking for donations or asking guest to contribute to “gifts”.

World Vision allows you to put together a registry which allows your guests to pick items themselves to gift in many price ranges. Guests are able to pick a range of items from chickens to water and sanitation.

Donate Your Wedding Favors

Instead of spending money per person on gifts for your guests, consider spending the same amount and donating it to a charity. Leave a note for each guest to let them know where you’ve donated.

You could also consider buying charity items such as armbands, badges or ribbons to give to each guest.

Donate After The Wedding

A great place to start with poverty is close to home. Donating your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and odds and ends to local charitable organisations or special gown donation organisations means someone who isn’t as fortunate as you can benefit. Also look at other things you’ve used- flowers and decorations and consider where you can donate them.

There are some organisations who will pickup left over food and give it to those who are unable to afford food through soup kitchens and deliveries. Contact your local council to see if there are any in your area. In Melbourne, Australia try One Umbrella and Second Bite.

Hold A Charity Bucks/Bachelor/Hen’s/Bachelorette Party

Instead of having party goers spend dollars on a night at a club, why not approach your local sporting club for a charity day? A lot of local sporting clubs will hold charity events with you for a good cause.

Perhaps you could start the day working off the pre-wedding sugar treats by hitting the pavement in a charity walk. If you’re up for an action packed adventure, create a team and join in a charity event like Oxfam Trail Walker. Have some fun while you’re at it getting all your friends and your workplace to pitch in and donate to the worthy cause!

If a trek seems like a little too much exercise, hold a fundraising event instead, Have a fancy dress night and invite guests to donate money instead of buying traditional shower or hen’s gifts.

Spend a day at the races and raise money from your wins on the horses.

Keep your eye out for movie nights- they often include  a screening of the latest flick, goodie bags and drinks and the entry fee is donated to charity. A great night out!

Use Charitable Purchases

Thank you Card from Cards4Kids

Purchase items such as Barnardos cards ( Cards4Kids) to use as your thank you cards and pass out white Make Poverty History wristbands to help identify your guests as a wedding group.

Head to charity stores like Oxfam to purchase different music CDs and play it in the background during your ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner for a unique flavour.

Support Farmers

There is no doubt that Australian farmers have done it tough the past few years, with some just scraping by if that. Use local farm produce for your wedding. Take the time to drive and source produce from your local area. Use wine from local wineries, fresh cheeses, fruit and flowers- you may be surprised at what you find if you delve and ask locally.

Also look at the Aussie Helpers charity which is designed to help those severely affected by the drought.

For a wider approach serve fair trade coffee and chocolate!

Use A Charity Associated Bank

While I don’t promote putting wedding purchases on a credit card, unfortunately it is a fact of life. Some charities have partnered with banks and a percent of all your purchases will be donated

Save The Children has a partnership with American Express and donates money from your purchases to the charity. You could also choose a credit card where reward points are able to be donated to charity.

Also look at other banking products (again if you must!) Bendigo Bank has partnered with Oxfam and will donate a commission from a loan (if you quote certain codes) to Oxfam. (Find more details here) and a cash management account (Details here).

Book Hotel Accommodation

Make use of the partnerships charities have with corporate companies . Some charities and hotels have teamed up offering donations on bookings. Encourage guests to book at the relevant hotels to make a difference. Plan Australia donates money from every Accor hotel room booked. Look at your chosen charity website for ways you can contribute.

Take A Honeymoon

Although a dream honeymoon for many may be snoozing on the beach in Hawaii, consider taking a trip where you can make a difference.

Build Homes In Costa Rica

I-to-I offers what they pen as “meaningful travel”  where for a fee, you can travel to some of the world’s poorest countries (most expenses such as food and accommodation are included in the price excluding flights) and help out. Opportunities include building homes in Kenya, community work in Ghana, working with orphans in the Philippines and a whole lot more. I-To-I has a range of destinations, trip purposes and time periods to pick from and all the information you need is laid out clearly on their website.

If you still plan on taking a traditional honeymoon, Oxfam has partnered with World Nomads to provide donations for travel insurance taken out. (Find more information here)

Today has been only a small glimpse at what you can do in amongst the wedding planning to help end poverty. I think no matter how you help, no matter what you do – you’ll make a difference.

Australian charities (or charities with Australian arms) dedicated to changing poverty include: