You know how much we love beautiful photography around these parts and we couldn’t help but jump on this shoot by photographer Dan Cartwright that captures the essence of poolside gypsy-inspired bridal style.

With Brie McKay, the shining star, a team of floral designer Gypsy Carmen and makeup artist Tay of Ella & Me The Makeup Collective, along with Dan, took to the coastal farm property of Worrowing Estate and set about creating a fun collaboration that was inspired by the ultimate gypsy bride.

Dan explaining “The inspiration behind the pool shots was to create a mood that epitomized the ultimate Gypsy Bride – a risk-taking, sexy, confident bride who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of typical wedding settings & styles”.

The team used bright and bold flowers in cherry reds, pinks, blues and corals, and worked alongside the tropical aqua green of the pool as a backdrop for a look that was fresh and fun. The easy-going style that is just the ticket for a bride to be who would rather dive into the surf than walk down an aisle, and who loves a hat in place of a wedding veil.

Photographer: Dan Cartwright / Styling: Gypsy Carmen / Makeup Artist: Tay of Ella & Me The Makeup Collective / Flowers: Gypsy Carmen / Venue: Worrowing Estate / Model: Brie McKay / Bride's Hat: Lack of Colour / Bride's Attire: Spell and the Gypsy Collective / Bride's Attire: Zimmermann
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We have a treat today Dotties! The awesome Georgie Cavanagh, travel columnist and Head of Creator & Brand Partnerships for Tribe, takes us to the stunning Coron Island in the Philippines. Georgie was on a two week work trip in Manila and decided to duck off for the weekend to discover a paradise that many of us haven’t heard of or been to before, or at least this is the case for me. She kindly shares her tips and Insta-perfect pics with us today. 

When searching through the 1800+ islands or 80+ provinces in the Philippines, it might get daunting so see my suggestions below for a great island weekend escape to Coron.

STAY The Funny Lion – cute boutique hotel in Coron, Palawan.

FLY Easy flight from Manila – one hour! Fly straight into Coron. I was greeted at the airport and collected by The Funny Lion staff then it was a 30 minute drive to the hotel. The drive was very scenic through the island and makes you feel relaxed and on island time straight away.

HOSPITALITY The staff at The Funny Lion were super helpful! Richard is the supervising manager. Make friends with him and you’ll be sorted for the rest of the trip! On arrival you’ll be welcomed by the staff with a drink then when entering your room there will be a few surprises (good ones), but I won’t give it all away now. They think of everything so you have a really enjoyable stay. It’s all taken care of with those extra little touches.

RELAX Those who feel like a day in the day spa with massages, that’s all there too.  For me I just wanted to chill, so I didn’t leave the hotel. By day I was by the pool then from 4pm when happy hour started, I ordered some cocktails from the rooftop bar, Pride Rock, to watch the sun set.

DRINKS Throughout the day they bring frozen gin drinks with lime by the pool. There is lovely acoustic sounds on a Spotify list being played throughout the day.

SATURDAY NIGHTS If you’re lucky to be there on a Saturday night, there is a live music and seafood buffet (only $650P or around AU$16) and so much food!

TOWN CENTRE A walk into town is nice in the afternoon – around 15 mins. You can catch a bike if that’s easier. From there if you wanted to do day trips of island hopping or snorkelling tours, that’s where they leave from. You can also hike to Mt. Tapyas for a good view of town.

FOOD Typical snacks served by the pool at 3pm included
⁃chocolate rice with milk
⁃fried bananas with cinnamon
⁃honey crusted camote (sweet potatoes)

And wake up slow with a fresh fluffy omelette and pot of coffee.

ROOM In your room at night there are traditional desserts placed in there like coconut jelly shots. Also the mini bar is complimentary and replaced daily with fresh fruit and smoothies.

PARTING WAYS On day of your departure they give you a bracelet. You can buy the straw bag you’ve used if you liked it for $250P (around $8).

If my story hasn’t caught your attention then the @thefunnylion Insta certainly will, be sure to check it out.

Images by Georgie Cavanagh / Instagram images by @thefunnylion

Ms Zigzag says: Posts like this remind me why I love my job so much! Thanks to Georgie for introducing us to Coron Island and giving us the hot tip on where to stay to really treat yourself and relax. 

About the author Georgie Cavanagh: Georgie Cavanagh is the Head of Creator & Brand Partnerships
TRIBE – a marketplace which connects social content creators & leading brands to create word of mouth at scale. TRIBE now has 5 locations including Manila, which is where Georgie is currently spending some time working, hence why she’s discovered The Funny Lion on a weekend escape from Manila.

Not a day goes by that I don’t see a photo of aqua blue waters with hammocks and wings go past on Instagram and today? We’re exploring the resort that is at the centre of it all, the beautiful Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort. Let’s go inside the photo!

About that photo:     

The resort is all about their crystal blue waters so of course, they want to make the most of it. Guests can make use of the lagoon hammock (if you think it’s beautiful during the day, imagine it with a sunset!) and if a hammock isn’t your thing, you’ll have also seen the resort’s overwater swings, well, just about everywhere. Personally, I love the idea of a morning swim and an afternoon siesta.

About the accommodation:

The Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort has 110 guest rooms- from villas with sand pathways to the beach, overwater bungalows and private pools. Water is a given at this resort- most rooms either having direct water access or direct water access and they’re own private plunge pool.

The report also features four different dining options and plenty, and I mean plenty of water activities Not only do you have the hammock and swings, you can dive, surf, snorkel, scuba, sail, kayak, fish and parasail.

For the land-loving relaxation vibes, try the overwater yoga pavilion or overwater spa pavilion on for size (because who doesn’t want 200 minutes of coconut inspired treatments?)

Also loving:

The resort is just a pontoon ride away from its sister Anantara Veli- the two resorts share amenities, so if you ever feel like a different kind of restaurant, an island hop or a new adventure- you don’t have to go far (and in fact, why not hire the resort’s luxury yacht, complete with sleeping quarters. for even more water time?)

Want to step inside the photo? Head to the Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort for details!