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Many of us dream of a luxury honeymoon in an exotic location such as The Islands of Tahiti – and that doesn’t have to be out of reach. Although known for its luxe overwater bungalows, a Tahitian honeymoon doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here are a few tips for budget savvy lovers to make a Tahitian honeymoon a reality:

  • Look beyond the iconic overwater bungalows for your accommodation. There are plenty of options across the islands from hotels, pensions and even campsites.

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  • Immerse yourself in true Tahitian culture by staying in a pension (guesthouse) or with a local family.  This is a great – and cost-effective – way to experience the local cultures. You can find hidden gems around the islands and learn about traditions and handicrafts. Have a look at the likes of Maupiti Residence or Pension Paparara on the north side of Fakarava – or Pension Ariitere on the north west side of Huahine. There’s also Cocoperle Lodge on the almost-untouched atoll, Ahe, which offers pensions and thatched-roof bungalows crafted entirely out of local materials.

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  • Wrap your arms around your partner and take off sight-seeing on a scooter, or hire bikes to get around.
  • If you’re an adventure seeking couple, why not try camping on the islands? This is a really great way to experience the beauty and nature of the islands on a smaller budget. Bring your camping equipment or buy locally when you arrive and you can settle straight in. On the north side of Rangiroa there’s a family run campsite called Nanua Camping, or you could try Camping Hiva Plage on Huahine. Larger islands like Moorea and Bora Bora both have beautiful camping spots too.
  • Ask about all inclusive and half board packages at hotels, so that some or all of your meals are included in the price – and are paid for long before you step foot on a plane.

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  • Choose activities that require little or no expense. Pack a locally sourced picnic and set off on a day trip to explore the largest atoll of The Islands of Tahiti, Rangiroa. Renowned for its breathtaking diving spots, you will be blown away by the abundance of colour in this huge lagoon. With beautifully pink sandy beaches formed from the natural crushing of seashells, take your picnic to one of the deserted islets, relax and enjoy the truly enchanting setting. Or hike your way around the main island of Tahiti, with peaks offering incredible views.

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  • Eat at one of the many food trucks dotted around Papeete’s Place Vai’ete before you leave The Islands of Tahiti for your final fill of poisson cru and French crêpes. With a truly amazing choice, find your favourite, take a seat at the picnic tables and listen to the live music playing in the background.


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  • If you’re honeymooning between August and November, head to the lesser known island of Rurutu. Offering exquisite views from both land and water, you will be lucky enough to see families of Humpback whales arriving to mate or give birth. The island landscape is also great for its hiking trails, majestic peaks and archeological sites, including limestone caves that were originally tombs for islander’s ancestors.

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Whether it’s peace and tranquility or an adventure-filled honeymoon you’re looking for, The Islands of Tahiti offer a huge range of possibilities with all budgets in mind. Each of the 118 Islands of Tahiti has something magical that will take your breath away. With beautiful scenery, clear blue water and myriads of sea life surrounding the islands, there is something for every couple and every budget. In fact, the toughest decision for any soon-to-be newlyweds is which of the stunning islands to call home for your honeymoon and which activities to dive into when you arrive.

Ms Zebra Says: If you’re keen to have a much needed break and relax on your honeymoon, Tahiti truly does tick all the boxes! Plus, this guide means you don’t need to completely trash your bank account to have a dreamy island escape! 

About Tahiti Tourisme: They are an economic interest group servicing the marketing, PR and events (to name a few) for the Islands of Tahiti across the world. Their website includes great information on the islands, accommodation, activities and much more!

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Attention all music lovers, now that you’ve found the one who moves to the same beat it’s time to share your passion for music internationally! We have put together some of our top recommendations for music lovers looking to indulge on their honeymoon.


How could we share a honeymoon for music lovers and not include Memphis? Memphis is arguably the music capital of the world and holds so much history of our music greats. Start your trip by ticking a few things off the bucket list like a visit Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, and watch a concert at the Orpheum Theatre.

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Take a tour of the famous Sun Studio and learn about the early days of artists like Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Stand in their footsteps and you might even have the chance to hold one of their microphones which are still on display today.

Top off your night at Earnestine and Hazel’s famous dive bar. Earnestine and Hazel’s has featured in 9 movies since opening in the 90’s and is full of music history. The catch is, it’s rumoured to be one of the most haunted places in America which really adds to the entertainment as there’s even a ghost tour on offer.


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Combine your love for music and the sea and check out some of the festivals Sixthman has on offer. Since 2001 Sixthman have been operating cruises that aren’t your average cruise. You’ll be able to see some of your favourite artists performing live – which in the past has included John Mayer, KISS, Pitbull, Train and more! You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with artists both while at sea and in port.

Current ports include New Orleans, Miami and Barcelona, to list a few. There’s heaps of amazing festivals to choose from which all vary in location, artists, as well as cruise length. In 2019 expect to see some new locations announced as Sixthman heads to Europe. Why not check them out online and book in for your honeymoon!

Traditional music experiences 

Image via Hamish & Alexandra’s Destination Wedding by Dan Soderstrom Photography

Of course there are more traditional experiences you can find all over the world. Take guitar lessons in Spain, book a private gondola ride in Venice and be serenaded with classical music or why not see your favourite musical live at a West End Broadway show in London?!

Viator has a range of musical experiences on offer tailored to all demographics. You’ll even find Hip Hop tours in New York, as well as musical ventriloquist comedy in Boston. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on Viator, Airbnb also list a range of activities including private shows, where you can really take it all in.

There’s so many beautiful places across the globe each with their own musical history, so where will the beat take you?

Ms Zebra Says: Planning a honeymoon can be such a difficult decision – but having music as the focus can make everything easy to plan – and listen to! There’s nothing better than live music, so why not plan a honeymoon centred around it?! Thanks to our travel writer Bec Lawrence for her insider tips!


Elodie Boursaus from Taapuna Puanaauia, on the west coast of Tahiti tells us about local favourites and where to soak up true Tahitian beauty…

What’s your favourite place that only a local knows about?
This would be fenua aihere (literally translated as ‘wild land’ or ‘bush land’), which is the part of the main island of Tahiti with no roads; you can only access it by boat or trekking volcanic trails. It’s green, it’s wild and it’s refreshing. It paints a picture of Tahiti in its original state.

Photo via Tahiti Tourisme

What’s your favourite popular place that is a crowd pleaser for a reason?
Moorea, but more specifically the sharks and rays sand bar there. Locals join the crowds over the weekend there and lunch at Le Coco Beach restaurant on the nearby motu (islet). An afternoon cocktail, feet in the sand, with stunning views of the mountains is a popular choice on a sunny Sunday.

Photo via Tahiti Tourisme

What is your favourite restaurant?
The Blue Banana restaurant with its jetty over the Taapuna lagoons. It’s well located, the place is relaxed and the trilogy of tuna fish is delicious!

Your favourite bar?
Locals usually show up late at bars! We usually head straight into town and some of the popular spots include the Jungle Coffee Bar and The Poke House. However, they are busy on weekends after 9pm. If we are just catching up for a sunset cocktail with girlfriends we usually go to the Pink Coconut’ or L’Instant Present at the Marina Taina to unwind with some local music.

Photo by Elodie Boursaus

What is your favourite store?
The Papeete markets, morning strolls to get French baguettes, some fresh fruits, fish and green coconut water. We usually have someone in our family who can sew, so we buy colourful and flowery fabric to make our own dresses. Fashion on the islands is effortless and a pareu (sarong) with added pearls will dress you up.

Photo via Tahiti Tourisme

Your favourite hotel?
The St Regis Bora Bora is the epitome of luxurious relaxation! Dreamy overwater bungalows with majestic views and exquisite food in the evening at the Lagoon by Jean-Georges restaurant…time just stops!

Photo via Elodie Boursaus

Your favourite way to spend time outdoors?
Tahitian women have a deep love for the ocean. We have the clearest waters and amazingly unique marine wildlife. I like to surf, dive, and spearfish and then on Sundays I put on monoi (coconut oil) and relax at the beach.

Photo via Elodie Boursaus

Who is the most interesting person you’ve met in Tahiti?
My granny! I used to call her meme coco (granny coco). She had the biggest, warmest smile. She always knew how to make things out of nothing! Bags and baskets out of palm leaves, jewellery with shells, flower crowns, she also taught me about the respect of traditions.

Photo via Tahiti Tourisme

What’s your idea of the ideal date night in Tahiti?
Dinner under the stars, ukulele playing and the sound of waves caressing the sand, French champagne and the smell of Tiare flowers.

Photo via Elodie Boursaus

Anything else that a honeymooning couple needs to know about Tahiti?
Honeymooners fall in love in Tahiti and with Tahiti.

Photo via Tahiti Tourisme

Ms Zebra Says: What great tips from a local! It’s always so nice to hear different, unique ways to experience a place – that isn’t all “touristy”! A great choice for a romantic honeymoon.

Thanks Elodie for sharing your incredible knowledge of the islands for Tahiti Tourisme. They are an economic interest group servicing the marketing, PR and events (to name a few) for the Islands of Tahiti across the world. Their website includes great information on the islands, accommodation, activities and much more!