Kangaroo Valley has so much to offer as a honeymoon destination. If it’s beauty isn’t enough to get you there alone then the peacefulness, the natural environment, community spirit and the wealth of things to do should be more than enough to convince you. Come with us as we take the peaceful route and visit Crystal Creek Meadows.

The location

Crystal Creek Meadows is tucked away in the enchanting Kangaroo Valley at just a short two-hour drive from Sydney. Surrounded by Morton’s National Park the charm of this picturesque town is the perfect place for a honeymoon amongst nature. Crystal Creek Meadows is set on a 16 acre property and only three minutes from the Kangaroo Valley village.

The accommodation

Your country escape wouldn’t be the same without a comfortable cottage to rest your head. Away from the noise of day-to-day living, it is a quiet place to unwind and enjoy a peaceful escape.

Surrounded by gardens, native wildlife and free-range chickens your cottage is fitted with the perks of eco-friendly living, a bath overlooking the greenery outside and fireplace for those cooler nights where there’s nothing better than sitting back under a nice throw rug.

To ensure privacy and optimum tranquility there are only four cottages located on the property and it’s here that you can enjoy the comforts of a day spa in the privacy of your cottage.

Inside the photo

Your romantic cottage is surrounded by flowering gardens that you can wander amongst while listening to the sounds of over 100 different species of bird life that call the property home. Keep your eyes peeled for native wildlife and free range chickens that roam the property.

If you’re looking for an escape that reduces your impact on the environment then rest assured in knowing that Crystal Creek are committed to sustainability. 60 per cent of the property is devoted to conservation and their achievements in reducing their carbon footprint has been recognised.

Also loving

To help make your honeymoon all the more relaxing, Crystal Creek Meadows go that step further with package deals. Choose from a range of couples packages, family packages or create your own. Each have their own inclusions and additional extras to get your holiday off to a romantic start.

All images via Crystal Creek Meadows 

Ms Zebra Says: The quaint lifestyle of Crystal Creek offers the ultimate relaxed, nature infused honeymoon some are looking for! What a wonderful find Bec!

About Bec Lawrence: I’m an animal lover, sustainability advocate and natural landscape enthusiast. On a good weekend, you’ll find me hiking with my two adorable beagles and my equally adorable husband.

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We were lucky enough to go on two honeymoons. Our first getaway was to Japan for cherry blossom season and the second was to Europe. Ahh Europe! Always a good idea.

We decided to go to Japan to celebrate my 30th birthday. When we locked in our wedding date we said we would include this trip as our honeymoon. I’ve always wanted to see the cherry blossoms, so this was my main reason for traveling to Japan. Even though Aaron has travelled to Japan on numerous occasions, this was the first time he had been during this season. We knew we were guaranteed breath-taking scenery and amazing food.

We also spent a couple of days at a traditional Onsen in the town of Hakone. We spent the entire time in traditional Japanese robes, relaxing in the Onsen and experiencing amazing degustation menus.

Park Hyatt Tokyo was a real highlight for our Japan trip. Worth every penny …and some. When we arrived, we were upgraded to a suite that had amazing views overlooking the city of Tokyo. There was also a bouquet of white flowers and bottle of champagne waiting for us in our room. It was truly something special.

We wanted to make the most of our room so we headed upstairs to the New York Grill for dinner. The food was AHH-MAZING! We then had a glass (or bottle) of wine at the New York Bar whilst listening to jazz music and smoking a cigar. This was definitely a stay I will never forget.


On our trip to Europe, it started off as a working holiday in Vienna and Zurich. Although it was strictly business, we were still able to sneak in a few wiener schnitzels and a trip to the opera/ballet.

We then headed off to Croatia, Sicily and Cyprus. Lazy mornings, afternoons at the beach and over indulging in local cuisine. We were lucky enough to visit Europe the previous year so we knew we had to go back to Croatia. The crystal blue waters, history, food and locals were the main reasons for returning.

My favourite memory would have to be in Korcula – when we returning back to our hotel from dinner. Aaron asked the young boy driving us home (in a golf cart like buggy) if there was anywhere to stop for a beer. As it is a small town, he told us that everything was closed.

As it started to rain, we found ourselves in a local side street. We pulled up to find an older man (the drivers dad) standing outside in the rain, under an umbrella with a cold beer waiting for Aaron. This is just one memory of Croatia that has us coming back. The people are so hospitable and they work hard.

My family is from Cyprus so I knew we had a bit of exploring to do. Lucky for us, my dad’s cousin from America was visiting and he took us under his wing and played tour guide. We spent many days drinking beer on the beach, sharing stories and meeting locals who knew my grandparents. It was so surreal to finally be in the place my grandparents called home.

We checked out early from our hotel to stay in the village my dad was raised in. When I woke up in my grandma’s sisters house I had to pinch myself that this was real life. I would walk down the stairs to see Yiayia Rebecca, telling us to eat and drink. Made my heart feel warm that my grandparents were here with me again.

Quite a few of our hotels in both Japan and Europe left complimentary bottles of wine or champagne for us on arrival. The accommodation in Hakone actually gave us a pair of handcrafted chopsticks. We thought that was a special keepsake from our trip. Very thoughtful.

Our favourite activity in Japan would have been watching the sumo wrestling in Kyoto. It was a bit of a mission to get there but well worth it. So much fun!
We spent many days walking though parks and having picnics under the cherry blossoms. The 7/11 is amazing for sushi packs and canned beer/wine. The perfect set up for a low key day or night.

The only kind of activites Aaron and I like to do on holidays is sleeping in, spending days at the beach and eating. We both feel that our everyday lives are 100 miles an hour, so when we holiday, we make a conscious effort to not over commit to things. In saying that, we always do as the locals do. So the Opera/ballet in Vienna was a must, Onsen in Japan was a must and visiting historical sites is also important. Hiroshima in Japan was truly emotional.

The fortress in the old town of Dubrovnik was surreal and the divide in Cyprus was clearly still evident.

Whenever someone tells me they are visiting Japan I also ask if they are going to Kyoto. The best burnt miso ramen! KYOTO GOGYO is the name of the restaurant.

Park Hyatt Tokyo – New York Grill is amazing. We did the degustation menu and it had all the good bits. Best wagyu steak I’ve ever had.

7/11 is on a whole new level in Japan. You can have a full meal from there. Aaron and I were like kids in a candy store. Over indulging on sushi packs and umeshu (plum wine).

When Aaron and I travel, we always ask the locals where they eat. Most places in Europe were small, family run restaurants with authentic meals. Half of these restaurants wouldn’t have Instagram pages for people to look at.

When planning your honeymoon try not to jam pack too much in. Pick a few places and really explore…and enjoy. There is nothing worse than living out of suitcase and rushing from one place to the other before settling in. Our two trips consisted of: Tokyo – Hakone – Nagoya – Kyoto – Tokyo; and Vienna- Zurich- Dubrovnik – Korcula – Taormina – Syracusa – Palermo – Cyrpus.

Our travel advice is when travelling within Japan, the bullet trains/Shinkansen are the best way to get from A to B. They are timely, inexpensive and comfortable.

Our favourite moment from the trip would be spending time with my family in Cyprus. Waking up in the village and enjoying the simple pleasures is something money can’t buy.

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Restaurants / Food:

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The champagne is ice cold, the sun is sparkling, and the snow covers everything in a magic dust that makes the world look brand new. I promise, we’re on our first glass of bubbles. It’s hard not to wax lyrical when you’ve spent the day skiing under blue skies with your hubby by your side. And then get to stop in at a pop up champagne bar mid ski run for a cheeky après drink.

This isn’t just any après drink. It’s 2pm, which means it’s ‘töst time’ at Northstar California Resort. Every day at 2pm at the peak of Lake Tahoe’s luxe ski resort, skiers, snowboarders and snow bunnies alike are treated to a free töst; to celebrate the sun, the snow, each other and well, just life in general. Yes, that’s right, free bubbles, every day. Now that’s the kind of ski honeymoon we should all aspire to.

I’ve heard of free s’mores, free cookies, even free hot chocolate, but this takes things up a notch. After two days exploring Northstar’s 1,200 hectares of skiable terrain, it fits the bill. This ski resort is the fairytale of ski resorts. Not a pine needle seems out of place on the wide, cruisey blue runs we play on. We ski past views of sprawling Lake Tahoe, stop in for plates of hearty American BBQ for lunch at the Summit Smokehouse, and wait no more than a few minutes on the chair lifts during peak season. There’s plenty of space for everyone to spread out. The only crowd we ever see is at töst.

Image via Northstar California Resort

Down in the Village, which is straight out of a Christmas movie, ice skaters twirl under the falling snow and fairy lights of the open air ice rink, acoustic singers croon out classics from the heated stage and couples warm up by the fire pits with a hot toddy and spiked hot chocolate. We stroll around the main square, stopping for free bite sized s’mores (why not?!) before settling in with Moscow Mules to watch the ice skaters.

The Village itself is home to more than 200 different apartments and rooms – most are ‘condo’s’, or what we would call self-serviced apartments, but not like we know them. Our one bedroom condo inside Catamount Lodge has towering ceilings, a roaring (electric) fireplace, a full size kitchen and a gorgeous bedroom that feels like it should be in a log cabin high in the mountains. We’re loath to leave, especially when we open a bottle of wine by the fire.

Image via Northstar California Resort

We do have to leave, and it’s for a really good reason. If Northstar is a winter wonderland, The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe is its fairytale castle. Perched in the mountains on the edge of Northstar, this five star resort has its very own gondola and is a study in serious mountain chic.

We pop in for dinner at Manzanita, where the chefs whip up fine dining mountain fare using seasonal local produce – rack of lamb with barley and date, crispy fried Brussels sprouts, dark chocolate mousse and a bottle of Californian red wine. Guests at the hotel enjoy all that and some seriously cool outdoor hot tubs. A post dinner dip under the stars – now that’s how to honeymoon!

Image via Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe

Image via Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe

After a day skiing, afternoon après drinks, a trip to the hot tub to ease sore muscles, and a feast on the mountain, we’re ready to do it all again.

Getting there – Northstar and Lake Tahoe are a three and a half hour drive north east of San Francisco.

Ms Zebra Says: Skiing overseas is simply on another level. There are so many great mountains to discover, but I’ll definitely be putting Northstar and Lake Tahoe on our next adventure list!!!

About Lisa Perkovic: Lisa has spent the past decade travelling the world writing for Australia’s leading newspapers, magazines and blogs about all things travel. Her own honeymoon was her pièce de résistance – an epic journey to the Maldives and South Africa. Now she loves nothing more than sharing destinations and tips to help other newlyweds work out how to have the honeymoon of their dreams.