Taking advantage of the public holidays and potential school holidays around Easter to celebrate your engagement or wedding? We have the most tempting cocktail – it’s so decadent it could even be served as an alternative dessert – for you to mark the occasion! Coogee Bay Hotel has come up with this chocolate egg inspired cocktail that your guests will never forget. It can even suit any kids in attendance; simply replace the grown-up stuff with extra chocolate and raspberry sauces.

For couples getting hitched in New South Wales, Coogee Bay Hotel is a beachside wedding venue that feels like a sublime escape yet is only 20 minutes drive Sydney city. And with a four-star boutique hotel on site, you and your guests will be in no hurry to leave.

P.S. This sweet treat is only available to the public at the hotel until April 22.

Easter Egg by Coogee Bay Hotel

• 30ml vanilla vodka (they use Stolichnaya)
• 10ml crème de cacao
• 10ml berry liqueur (they use Chambord)
• 15ml chocolate sauce
• 15ml sugar syrup
• 30ml cream
• 30ml milk
• shredded coconut, hundreds and thousands, melted chocolate, white chocolate chips, small solid easter egg, for garnish
• medium-large hollow chocolate Easter egg

Rim a coupe glass with melted chocolate and dip into hundreds and thousands. Add some shredded coconut to form a “nest” at the bottom. Then, cut or crack the top off of your hollow easter egg (you can use the broken chocolate to melt for the rim of your glass) and nestle into your glass with coconut. Combine all other ingredients – except garnishes – into a mixing glass with 3/4 cup ice. Next, stir until combined and chilled. Carefully strain into your Easter egg cup; you can leave the ice in if you like it frostier. Sprinkle over chocolate chips, extra hundreds and thousands and pop your small Easter egg on top.

About Ms Fleur De Lys: Aside from being Ms Polka’s Editorial Assistant, Ms Fleur de Lys is also Polka Dot Bride’s Melbourne correspondent so you’ll see her running all over town finding wedding inspiration. As both a lifestyle journalist and cocktail aficionado, Fleur appreciates the power of words whipped up as deftly as a good martini.

As we settle into Autumn and enjoy the chillier evenings, this leafy fabric DIY seemed the perfect fit! As easy as pie and with hardly any steps, linen fabric, textured with gorgeous seasonal foliage will add depth and colour to your table as a tablecloth or napkins.

Bringing the outdoors in is a beautiful way to add texture to your wedding styling and foliage is a great place to start. It doesn’t take much to add subtle detailing and this wedding tutorial will show you how in three easy steps!

What You Will Need:

  • Linen fabric – use any fabric that is a natural fibre and has been washed
  • Hammer
  • Foliage – keep things simple with one or two varieties, and choose something that has a medium level of water content to it. I’ve used fern and geranium leaf
  • Brown paper or other protective surfacing

Step 1. Lay out your brown paper on a sturdy surface that isn’t breakable. Lay out your foliage, then drape the clean fabric across the top. You can always shift leaves around and add some in, so don’t worry if everything doesn’t stay exactly still.

Step 2. Holding the fabric taut, use the hammer to gently but firmly bash the leaves. You’ll start to see the colour come through. You may find some leaves work better than others. A test corner of fabric is a good idea.

Step 3. That’s it! Keep going until you’re happy with the pattern and effect. You can entirely cover the fabric or do random clusters. Once it’s finished, don’t wash it, or you’ll lose the colour. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and rip it into beautifully rustic napkins or leave in a large piece as a tablecloth.

Ms Zebra Says: What a gorgeous idea! Linen is simply divine and adding such intricate detailing is so personal! Well done on another great inspirational idea Ms Honeycomb!

About Ms Honeycomb: Hi, I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).


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Getting married over the festive Easter break? Wish your beloved pet rabbit could be the ring bearer at your wedding? Or is your nickname for one another something like “snugglebunny”? Then hop (sorry) to including this cute cocktail on your celebration menu. Sydney wedding venue, Coogee Bay Hotel has kindly shared the recipe to their ‘Indulgent Bunny’ cocktail with us today. It’s sure to delight your guests (and, no doubt, fill up the feed of your wedding hashtag on Instagram). Hosting from around 40 up to 120 guests for special events, the Coogee Bay Hotel is also a breezy, seaside delight.

P.S. This sweet treat is only available to the public at the Hotel until April 22.

Indulgent Bunny by Coogee Bay Hotel

• 30ml irish cream (they use Baileys)
• 15ml vodka (they use Ketel One)
• 10ml hazelnut liqueur (they use Frangelico)
• 20ml caramel syrup
• 30ml milk
• hundreds and thousands, white chocolate chips (optional), to garnish
• your favourite hollow chocolate Easter bunny

Make an opening in the ears of your chocolate bunny (leave on some of the wrapper, it will help stop melting or sticking fingers). Combine all ingredients – except garnish – with a 3⁄4 cup of roughly crushed ice in a stirring glass and stir to combine. Pour into your chocolate bunny cup. Garnish with hundreds and thousands and chocolate chips, if desired.