Outdoor Wedding Inspiration Shoot – Image by Melissa’s Photography

With Spring just around the corner, we thought we’d delve into our collection of fabulous cocktails to find some of the best – and prettiest cocktails to make come Spring! Add fresh flowers or herbs and your guests will rave about your new found cocktail skills! Happy Shaking!

he Grounds Of Alexandria “The Valentines” Cocktail 

This absolute delight combines floral arrangements & cocktail making all in one! Perhaps for its colour – or use of delicious flavours, we are loving it – and think it will the perfect drink on a Spring afternoon with sun out!

Cocktail by Erin from Betty May Vintage – Image by Nerida Phelan Photography

Classic Gin Cocktail With A Ladylike Twist

Now this Gin Cocktail is one of our favourites! It’s super simple & easy to make – which means serving en masse for your next get together is easy peasy!! A huge hit for the upcoming Spring Carnival!

Polka Dot Punch

A cocktail taste that combines refreshing & delicious – yes please! Another simple, yet super tasty cocktail to add to your repertoire. Prosecco & peach schnapps, need we say more?!

Coco Cooler Cocktail 

Some days its unseasonably warm in Spring – if that’s the case then this cocktail is the one for you! It’s only 3 ingredients, yummy & the only bad bit is trying not to have more!!

Image by Shellie Froidevaux

The Atrium’s “The Flower” Cocktail 

Finally, but certainly not least – this beautiful cocktail was inspired by the Dior show at the NGV. Making perfect use of flowers, this beauty won’t disappoint! If you’re a keen cocktail maker, the oval ice trays are easy to find at good homewares/cooking stores.

Image by Jonathan Wherrett via Claire & Stewart’s Elegant Tasmanian Wedding

If you’re looking to add a little bit of creativity and something unique to your wedding, a little DIY is always a great idea! Here we’ve collected our top 5 Wedding DIY tutorials to help get the creative juices flowing to create something truly special.

Image & Tutorial via Jessica Derrick

Petal Confetti Paper Cones 

For a little something that your guests can shower you with, these petal confetti paper cones are simply divine! Everyone will want to pick one up, sprinkle rose petals over you – and think about the photography moment you will garner!!! Winner!

Image & Tutorial via Ms Honeycomb

Hand Lettered Gift Bags 

A sure way to personalise any gift for guests. Whether for wedding guests or just your bridal party, these cute gift bags can be personalised to each individual. Think of just how special everyone will feel with their own hand made gift bag!

Image & Tutorial via Jessica Derrick

Whimsical Floral Hoop Tutorial 

A hanging floral arrangement is very popular at the moment for both weddings & showers alike.  But they can be costly! So, why not make it at home?! This great tutorial takes you step by step through the process to end up with hand chosen flowers & colour to stand out!

Image & Tutorial via Jessica Derrick

Rosemary Themed Menu & Place Card Tutorial 

Rosemary & love go hand in hand. So, how do we bring an ancient tradition into a contemporary wedding setting?! Easy! With gorgeous hand written place cards! Not only will guests love the effort of hand printed cards, they will also love the smell from the added sprig of rosemary!

Image & Tutorial via Larissa Thorne

S’Mores Wedding Favours Tutorial

S’more. Do we need to say anything more?!?! A kid friendly & adult treat – these little S’more gift bags are the perfect, unique way to give a favour at the end of the night! I’ll bet there’s people lighting the candle & melting the chocolate as soon as guests get home!

Image via Jess & Brendan’s Classic & Rustic Tanglewood Estate Wedding by Daniel Brannan

At the end of a long week, there are few better things than a Friday night cocktail & pairing it with chocolate. Am I right?! With this in mind, we’ve collated the best cocktail recipes that make chocolate a hero & ensure everyone’s belly is happy once that first sip has hit your lips!

Tipsy Iced White Chocolate

If you’re not a white chocolate fan, you will be after trying this delicious spin on a milkshake – except definitely for adults only! Melted chocolate blended with milk & Amarula…pure deliciousness!

Image via Fraser Suites Perth

Spiked Hot Chocolate

This indulgent drink will definitely have you making more! Hints of cocoa mixed with cognac and frangelico, sip it by the fire or as a delicious dessert with friends.

Image Via The Grosvenor Hotel. 

The Grosvenor’s Lamington Cocktail

A sure crowd pleaser, this cocktail combines the delicious taste of the Aussie favourite Lamington in a chocolatey-coconut drink. Sit back, relax & enjoy the flavours reminiscent of all our childhood favourite treat!

Boozy Rum Hot Chocolate

The sweet warmth of the golden rum adds a smoothness to this hot chocolate and gives it a little something special. A quick whizz of the mixer to whip some cream and your hot chocolate is a perfect adult only delight!

Bourbon Mocha

Certainly last but not least, this hot chocolate sits as a decadent cocktail, with the addition of cold drip coffee liqueur that adds a tasty mocha flavour, while the bourbon gives it a certain something extra!