After all the hullaballoo about strawberries this year, we decided The Summer Issue definitely needed to find a way to use the sweet fruit – especially with long summer days ahead! What better way to celebrate than with a recipe for strawberry filled frosé? An alcoholic slushie, in the prettiest of pink shades, is always a winner. So, for summertime pre-wedding parties and weddings, we have this one on our list!

Frosé is easy as pie to make – we like ours strawberry heavy and dependent on our puree and the type rosé you choose, your own recipe may be a softer shade of pink (or bright and in your face with strawberries like ours)!


One 750ml bottle of rosé (For the non-rosé  purists, a fruit infused rosé can work really well for this cocktail)

One punnet fresh strawberries

12 ice cubes


In a flat, wide container, freeze the rosé overnight.

Puree your strawberries together and strain. This step is up to personal taste, if you like seeds, skip the straining and if you want added sweetness, add a little sugar or sugar syrup as you blend. Leave to cool.

Take your frozen rosé out of the freezer and using a fork, run it across the frozen surface to create ice flakes.

In a  blender, combine ice cubes, strawberry puree and frozen rosé and blend until smooth.

Divide into glasses, sip & enjoy!

The promise of Summer time means warm days by the water and the scent of sunscreen wafting on the breeze! For weddings in Summer, it can also mean getting creative with flowers, so that the heat doesn’t ruin those gorgeous arrangements! This long lasting foliage centrepiece is the perfect DIY to avoid any wilting on a warm wedding day.

Making these bottles with plants and foliage well in advance takes a lot of stress out of wedding planning and they also make the sweetest gifts for your guests! Start collecting bottles early from second hand stores, or keep your empty jam jars, and you’ll have a mini forest growing in no time!

What You Will Need:

  • A variety of bottles and jars in different sizes, shapes and colours
  • Your choice of plants. Raid your nan’s garden for wild growing succulents or vines to try, or pop to a nursery and choose the healthiest looking plants you can find. You can try anything, however some good options are passionfruit vine, syngonium, philodendron and geranium
  • A spot at home where you won’t mind getting dirt everywhere and running water
  • Secateurs

Step 1. Make sure all the jars and bottles are squeaky clean. Diluted bleach works well, as it will kill any germs in the containers, making it a safe spot for the plants to grow. Fill them with clean water. If you’ve taken a cutting, lay it out and see how many branches it has.

Step 2. Using your secateurs, make a clean cut at the base of a branch. You can keep larger pieces and smaller pieces, whatever will suit the jars and bottles that you have collected.

Step 3. Remove the bottom few leaves from the stems, and check the stems to ensure they are clean and healthy. Pop them straight into your jars and place in sheltered sunlight (a windowsill is perfect), ready to start growing. Keep topping up with water whenever the waterline drops.

Step 4. If using a plant still in soil, gently release it from the pot and shake it to remove as much dirt as possible. Using your fingers (or a soft nail brush), pop the roots in some water, and work to clean away the soil. Be as gentle as you can, so as not to disturb the roots too much.

Step 5. Once the plant is clean, and depending on the type of plant it is, you may be able to pull a few smaller pieces off the main plant, or separate it entirely. Try to keep some roots on the base of the plant, but don’t be too concerned if not. You never know what will grow, and produce a lush long lasting centrepiece for your wedding! If the water starts discolouring in the jar at any point, simply empty it, give it a rinse, and fill with fresh water. Cluster the jars and bottles together for gorgeously green wedding decor, or scatter about the room. Make sure to keep one (or three!) for yourself!

Ms Zebra Says: The flowers and centrepieces are what really make a statement at weddings! However, the poor things can easily wilt and fall to pieces when it’s too hot (much like us really!!!) – thanks Nicola for this wonderful post to select options that will survive the heat at a summer wedding!

About Nicola Goring: Hi, I’m Nicola, the florist and crafter behind rubyandjoy. I’m a gardening, fabric loving, mint tea drinking, brownie baking, book obsessed maker! I love a good adventure having just moved back from five years in Scotland (with my lovely Scottish husband).

Image via Little Flamingo Stationery

There’s much to organise for your wedding, but one of the most important parts is organising the dreaded…seating chart! Alas, once you’ve nailed it and happy with where your inappropriate Uncle Ted is sitting and have ensured that no one will be left out, you need to tell everyone where their seats are! Such an easy way to save a few pennies is to DIY the name tags. Hence, we’ve rounded up our favourite DIY Table Name Tags so you can try them yourself and customise them to your theme! Happy DIY’ing!

FREE DIY Printable Place Card Template and Tutorial by Little Flamingo Stationary

If you’re wanting to DIY but aren’t inclined to get out the arts & crafts per se, then these printable place cards are perfect! Satisfy your own design, complement your theme and away you go with a more formal look!

Cross Stitch Place Cards Tutorial by Charlotte

For those who love something more intricate, why not try your hand at a cross stitch place card? Select your own colours to create unique floral designs – sure to wow your guests! Winner!

DIY Watercolour Seating Cards Tutorial by Jessica Derrick

Inject your own personality into these gorgeous watercolour seating cards! Unleash your inner creative and use any colours that complement your theme – and a font that speaks to who you are as a couple. It may even be a little cathartic to paint up a storm amidst the craziness of wedding planning!

DIY Embossed Copper Name Tags by Jessica Derrick

What a fabulous idea to take your DIY to a new level – and use these copper name tags to write your guests names! The only tricky part to this, is learning/thinking about spelling the names backward! However, if that’s the only catch, it seems like a no-brainer to us to give these a try!

Gilded Leaf DIY Wedding Place Cards by Alicia Parsons

For an elegant and eye-catching DIY place card, using gilded leaf may be a great option! There’s something super glam about gold – which may suit your theme to a T! This wonderful tutorial steps you through using natural leaves & exactly how to keep the gilding sharp.