Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride February 18th, 2010


This afternoon, we have Mel’s sweet birdseed favors! Mel originally found these for sale on Etsy by a US seller, but knew they wouldn’t clear customs into Australia so she set out to make them herself!

I made these to use as wedding favours for my upcoming wedding. They’re super easy to make and super cheap!


What you’ll need:
Silicon molds (I used heart shaped cupcake molds)
Edible gelatine powder
Wild birdseed (Find a mix for your local birds – I used a mix for Aussie parrots)
Metal bowl
Twine and Scissors

What to do:

Boil up some water – put about 100mL in a metal bowl and sprinkle in 25g of gelatin and stir until it’s completely dissolved.




Let it cool for a few minutes (don’t let it set – if it does just heat it over the stove again) then mix through 400g of birdseed.



Press a heaped teaspoon of the mix in the mold and flatten.



Place a knotted loop of twine on so the loop sticks out the top and cover with more birdseed mix and press in to push out all the air bubbles.


Place in the fridge overnight to set, then carefully push out of the molds and hang in a dry place so the gelatin completely dries out and hardens. Whalla!

Birdseed-favor-DIY-project002 Birdseed-favor-DIY-project001

To display, hang some on a branch in a pot and bag the rest in little stamped muslin bags. Perfect!


Mel also made this sweet little sign for the favor table

Thank you for sharing your favors on Polka Dot Bride Mel! You can check out Mel’s blog The Crafty DIY Bride for more treats and her Etsy store Paper & Ribbons! Mel will be back to visit us again soon!

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride February 18th 2010

I’ve loved reading Mel’s blog The Crafty DIY Bride – firstly she’s Australian (and runs her own lovely Etsy shop Paper & Ribbons) and secondly, she is so very talented with her crafting she’s been doing for her upcoming wedding!

I’ve wanted more DIY projects on Polka Dot Bride but haven’t had a moment to create them, so I asked Mel if she’d like to share her DIY projects on Polka Dot Bride and am thrilled to share with you Mel’s DIY Moss Letters (which are really easy but look great!)! Mel is planning to hang the letters over her and her groom’s chairs at their reception. So now it’s over to Mel!

After looking for months for this moss, I found some at a dried flower shop. So, using my glue gun, kaisercraft wooden letters and the moss, I got to work.

What you’ll need:
Wooden Letters (available from Kaisercraft)
Dried moss (available from dried flower stockists and some craft shops)
Glue gun
Wide ribbon to hang
Dust buster to clean up all the bits of moss (trust me, you’ll need it)

What to do:



Working one small section at a time, carefully apply hot glue to the letters and press in small clumps of dried moss.



Once each letter is covered, allow to dry. Brush the letter with your hand to allow the loose clumps to fall free and touch up any blank spots and edges with more glue and moss.


Glue ribbon to the back of each letter to hang and tie a big bow at the top – lovely.

On a side note, I bought 5 packets of 30g moss each and only used a little more than one packet on both these letters. A little goes a long, long way!

Thanks Mel for sharing your gorgeous DIY Moss letters! So looking forward to seeing them “in use”! Mel is sharing another of her lovely DIY projects this afternoon, so check back soon!

Beautiful DIY Projects

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Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride 2nd February 2010

One of the biggest myths around weddings is that DIY is cheaper – it isn’t. It can be more stressful, take up oodles of time and resources. But it can also be incredibly fun, a chance to personalise something and a chance to get really creative. If you just want something fun, there are stacks of down-loadable freebies created by amazingly talented designers available around the blog world.

This week is lacking pretty pictures, because when talking dollars, they don’t tend to come out. So here’s a little light relief, a little beauty and hopefully a little inspiration of some of my favourite recent DIY projects around the web.

paper flower garden

Recycled Paper Flowers from Maya Made


Printable Wedding Fans from Color Me Inspired


DIY Lighted Paper Pennant Garland from Once Wed


DIY Fortune Cookies from Benign Objects


Vintage Hankies Save The Dates from The Wedding Chicks


DIY Moss Letter from Ruffled


DIY ‘La Dolce Vita’ Party Candy Cup with Carry Handle from Eat, Drink, Chic


Hot Cocoa Vials From The Inspired Bride


DIY Cupcake Liner Garland from 100 Layer Cake

What are your favourites? Do you have any to share?