I must say I am tempted to purchase this week’s font for myself – I love a good swirl and Melany Lane has plenty of delicious curves and delightful dips that would make a traditional style wedding invitation have a modern edge.

The font comes as a pack of five (the font itself in normal and bold,  ornaments and patterns). So there are plenty of elements to play with that compliment each other. The ornaments alone contained 118 different characters (that’s a lot of swirls for invitation breaks and to decorate your paper goods!). There’s an additional 1300 glyphs and 364 ligatures and the patterns? There’s 14 in the pack, including zig zags (chevron perhaps?) and diamonds.

Melaney Lane is available for purchase through MyFonts.


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1. Short ripped natural wooden candleholder by aTwistOfNature 2. Tree branch centrepiece by Worleys 3. Wood log candleholders by CharlestonCharms 4. Driftwood centrepiece by Ammoudia 5. Wood candle holder by thisfineday 6. Organic rustic tea lights by WildernessSerenity

I think this is my favourite letter tutorial of all the ones I did. There’s something beautiful about letters absolutely covered in flowers! For the best effect, choose beautiful fluffy, large petaled flowers. We chose daisies but you could also use carnations, hydrangeas, or even simple moss!

What you’ll need:


Step One:

Using the floral wire, create a structure for your foam (so it has something to hold it in place).

Step Two:

After soaking your foam in water as instructed on the packet, cut it down using a knife and fit it into your letter frame.

Step Three:

Sculpt the foam to the shape of your letter using your knife. It doesn’t matter if it looks a little ugly right now, you’ll cover it with blooms!

Step Four:

Begin pushing your flower heads into the foam. If you have trouble not crushing the flowers, prepare a little hole with a skewer. Make sure you tightly pack the blooms so that none of your floral foam shows through.

Step Five:

Tie a coordinating ribbon to the top of your letter and hang.

I love the look of these on church doors, a tree near your ceremony or even beautiful wrought iron gates. The blooms make the letters look so beautiful and are a lovely compliment to a flower filled celebration.

Photography by Polka Dot Bride