1. Floral leaves brooch by YJ 2. Vintage style crystal brooch by TheBridalBlingShop 3. Rhinestone crystal and pearl brooch by luxedeluxe 4. Crystal and pearl brooch by luxedeluxe 5. Rhinestone vintage style brooch by JulesJewellery 6. Art Deco style rhinestone brooch by JulesJewellery

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There’s a bit of a washi tape craze going around and when the Australian dollar was great last year I jumped straight on the bandwagon and bought myself a delicious box of bright coloured Japanese washi tape from Happy Tape. I loved the crafty, homemade look of this letter design I made up and it’s quite basic so the possibilities to build on this design are endless!

What you’ll need:

Step One

Take a short piece of washi tape (about five centimetres and wrap it around your wire letter.

Step Two

Continue with your assortment of colours and patterns, I was quite random (envisaging a fun carnival coloured wedding!). Continue until you have taped around each letter silhouette. Then simply cut each piece into a point to become a triangle.

Step Three

Tie coloured ribbon across the top of your letter to hang.

For other additions to this project, you could tie string across from one side of the letter to the other, and attach your “bunting” for a really sweet bunting effect. Or spray paint the wire before you attach the tape.

Photography by Polka Dot Bride

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Calligraphy is such a lost art, I wish it was easier to find Australians who could do beautiful calligraphy on envelopes. Instead, I think I’ll have to settle for beautiful fonts like the stunning Carolyna. It has that lovely thickness that a beautiful pen would create and the elegant swirls and ligatures.

The font comes with 1000 characters, including foreign language letters.

Carolyna is available from MyFonts.