Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride March 11, 2010


I love ribbon wands! They’re always such a fun touch at a wedding and I love how Mel made them her own! Here’s her tutorial for making your own ribbon wands!

What you need:
Dowel cut into 30cm lengths
Acrylic paint
Glue gun
24mm wide stain backed ribbon in 3 different colours (I used 27 metres of each colour for 65 wands)


What to do:


Cut your dowel into 30cm lengths and sand the edges, then paint the dowels or just leave them as is. I painted mine ivory using kaisercraft acrylic paint.


Cut the ribbon into 40cm lengths and using the glue gun, attach three colours together at one end.




Apply glue to the dowel and wrap the ribbons around and secure with more glue.



To finish, heat-seal the edges of the ribbon so they don’t fray. To do this, carefully wave the edge near a candle flame so that the heat of the flame slightly melts, but doesn’t burn the ribbon.



Flatten with your fingers if it curls up.

For a touch of glam, add a little rhinestone to the top of the wand.


We’ll have even more of Mel’s fantastic Australian DIY projects in a few weeks, but in the meantime you can find our brilliant DIY’er at The Crafty DIY Bride and Paper & Ribbons! Thank you for sharing your brilliant projects with us Mel!

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Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride March 11, 2010


The lovely and talented Mel from The Crafty DIY Bride and Paper & Ribbons is back today with two more fantastic DIY projects she’s written herself. First up this morning is something that fits right into Mel’s quirky theme- her DIY Bird’s Nest Cake topper!

What you need:
Bird’s nest, or nest makings
Little birdies
Tiny paper flowers
A small piece of felt
PVA glue or glue gun
Dried moss

What to do:
Start by shaping the nest so that it is the right size for your cake and has enough space for your birdies to sit comfortably.


Start filling the nest with some dried moss and secure using PVA glue. Note: You can use a glue gun here, but I find the “glue strings” hard to avoid.


Once dried, sit your birdies in the nest. It’s up to you whether you glue them in or not.


Pretty the nest up with some tiny paper flowers and finish by gluing a piece of felt on the bottom of the nest to avoid sneaky bits of nest ending up on mum and dad’s piece of cake!

Mel will be back this afternoon with another of her DIY tutorials- this is one she tells me she’s already had requests for so I can’t wait to share it!

Originally posted on Polka Dot Bride February 18th, 2010


This afternoon, we have Mel’s sweet birdseed favors! Mel originally found these for sale on Etsy by a US seller, but knew they wouldn’t clear customs into Australia so she set out to make them herself!

I made these to use as wedding favours for my upcoming wedding. They’re super easy to make and super cheap!


What you’ll need:
Silicon molds (I used heart shaped cupcake molds)
Edible gelatine powder
Wild birdseed (Find a mix for your local birds – I used a mix for Aussie parrots)
Metal bowl
Twine and Scissors

What to do:

Boil up some water – put about 100mL in a metal bowl and sprinkle in 25g of gelatin and stir until it’s completely dissolved.




Let it cool for a few minutes (don’t let it set – if it does just heat it over the stove again) then mix through 400g of birdseed.



Press a heaped teaspoon of the mix in the mold and flatten.



Place a knotted loop of twine on so the loop sticks out the top and cover with more birdseed mix and press in to push out all the air bubbles.


Place in the fridge overnight to set, then carefully push out of the molds and hang in a dry place so the gelatin completely dries out and hardens. Whalla!

Birdseed-favor-DIY-project002 Birdseed-favor-DIY-project001

To display, hang some on a branch in a pot and bag the rest in little stamped muslin bags. Perfect!


Mel also made this sweet little sign for the favor table

Thank you for sharing your favors on Polka Dot Bride Mel! You can check out Mel’s blog The Crafty DIY Bride for more treats and her Etsy store Paper & Ribbons! Mel will be back to visit us again soon!