Tuesday Type

Wonderhand – a lovely flowing script perfect for an elegant invitation to a soiree or hen’s party at a tearoom.Wonderhand is available from My Fonts.

Baghadeer is a swashbuckling script with lots of flourishes – perfect if you want your invitation to stand out and be a little different.Baghadeer is available from My Fonts.

Kewl Script is just that – cool and lots of fun, with a great sense of humour sprinkled in.Kewl Script is available from My Fonts.

Picture House is a nice plain script describes by the designer as ‘art deco font inspired by the golden age of Hollywood and childhood trips to the Majestic Cinema’.Picture House is available from My Fonts

Showcase is a cute flowing font reminiscent of primary school handwriting. Nice for casual invitations.Showcase is available from My Fonts.

What a delicious curly and flamboyant script Courtesy Script Pro is! If only my hand writing writing was this neat and beautiful!Courtesy Script Pro is available from My Fonts.

P22 Marcel is a flowing descriptive font named in honour of Frenchman Marcel Heuze who wrote letters home to his wife and daughters in France whilst held in Germany during World War 2. As romantic as the script itself!P22 Marcel is available from My Fonts.

Daft Brush is a casual font that has a hand lettered quality. As the designers say, “It’s only rock and roll (and we like it). Play it loud!”Daft Brush is available from My Fonts.

Beatle is a font that sure makes me smile! Delightfully quirky with the high contrast between fat and thin lines in each letter.Beatle is available from My Fonts.

English111 Presto is a gorgeous font with just the right amount of curls and flourishes. I’ve chosen to show you the Presto style of this type because I love the feminine curves of the capital letters.English111 Presto is available from My Fonts.

Daphne Script is a nice curly script with an exotic touch – perfect for invitations that you want to be out of the ordinary!Daphne Script is available from My Fonts.

Cabriolet is a fun font to consider if you are passionate about all things vintage – including cars. It adds that cool retro vibe to your invitations.Cabriolet is available from My Fonts.

Brandon Printed is a font that seems perfect for a rustic themed wedding invitation. Shown are the extra flourishes that come with this font. The font itself has a slightly scratched look perfect for  invitations printed on wood.Brandon Printed is available from My Fonts.

Not only is The Carpenter the most gorgeous ornate font, but there is the most amazing array of ornaments and patterns to further embellish your invitations. They alone are worth a second and even third glance!The Carpenter is available from My Fonts.

The Serif Hand is a grand name for a handwritten style of font. There is even a dotted version to add the extra cute factor!The Serif Hand is available from My Fonts.