Tuesday Type

Wouldn’t this font be fabulous for wedding signage? Hand drawn with a brass pen dipped in ink Dragonflight Pro has a fun and curvy feel to it, and is very readable, leading your guests to your destination in style.Dragonflight Pro is available from My Fonts. 

Have a Nice Day is a hand drawn type of font with a a playful feel, emphasized by the very cute ornaments such as bees, flowers, desserts and clouds. What could be nicer for an invitation to a casual party on a sunny day, under the shade of some large trees, with Moscow Mules and

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There’s something really appealing about this combination of fonts under the name of Prêt-à-Porter. The contrast of the rather buttoned up straight lettering with the free flowing curved lettering lends itself to all sorts of combinations in your invitation suite. Have a play with the combinations to make your invitations truly reflect ‘you’.Prêt-à-Porter is available

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Apollonius is a bold font which would be perfect in metallic lettering on a plain dark background. This serious font is lightened by curls and dots which add touches of whimsy.Apollonius is available from My Fonts.

Today’s whimsical font is in a brush style which adds to its charm. LiebeGerda is a little bit refined, a little bit wild and natural with a hand crafted edge.LiebeGerda is available from My Fonts.

Isn’t this a gorgeous font – just as if someone has picked up a pen and scribbled a note. Casual Pro would look fabulous in an invitation that you want to look more personal – as if you’ve written it yourself. Try it for a backyard wedding or to your nearest and dearest for an

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Lady René is a whimsical font with a hand drawn quality. With a warm, almost rustic feel to it, Lady René would be perfect for an invitation to a farm shearing shed, or rustic barn wedding or party.Lady René is available from My Fonts.

Something pretty to start off the first month of Spring with. Ivory™ is so soft and simple to better let the ornate designs around the capital letters take centre stage. How gorgeous it would be to feature this font in a wedding invitation with a simple design of soft florals or watercolour botanicals.Ivory™ is available

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The last few days of winter are creeping by and we’re dreaming of hot sunshine, surf and icecream. So how do we lift our mood? BeachBar is inspired by all things summer so it’s perfect for your first party of the season with rounded letters to make you smile.BeachBar is available from My Fonts.

There’s something a bit wild about Hurricane font. Yet it is appealing in its bold and intricate lettering style – as if someone with nice handwriting has written something in a hurry. Great for a bold invitation to a bold event.Hurricane is available from My Fonts.

The potential of the uneven lettering makes Rainier font so appealing. It has a casual fun feeling that would be perfect for an invitation to a backyard wedding.Rainer is available from My Fonts.

Inspired by the boulevards of Paris, La Parisienne has all the French charm and flirtatiousness of a young girl in Paris. As suggested in the illustration, this font would be perfect with watercolour designs or flowers.La Parisienne is available from My Fonts. 

Sometimes simple really is the most elegant and the best. Nordique Pro reflects the Scandinavian heritage of its designer and paired with some simple stylised embellishments this font is a standout.Nordique Pro is available from My Fonts.

A casual brush like font, Handelson is plain, easy to read and utterly perfect if you’re not the curly, ornate font type of person. Still, it’s perfect in its simplicity!Handelson is available from My Fonts.

It’s easy to see why PF Champion Script Pro is an award winning font. Keep it simple and let this font do the talking on your invitations. PF Champion Script Pro is available from My Fonts.