Tuesday Type

Winsome is a font with great charm and would be perfect for engagement or wedding invitations. Elegant but with a touch of the free and casual, Winsome would be perfect on a water coloured or marbled background.Winsome is available from My Fonts.

We imagine Pleuf Pro on a brightly coloured invitation to a wedding to be held at Luna Park. Cue wedding guests having fun at the fairground, ice creams and fairy floss before adjourning to the serious side of the ceremony and a delicious wedding breakfast, for a wedding with a difference!Pleuf Pro is available from

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Looking for a feminine font guaranteed to bring out your romantic side? Then Gladly could be the font for you. With curves and embellishments to add just enough flourishes, it stops short of being too sweet to use in wedding invitations – just add nothing but a gold border.Gladly is available from My Fonts.

Lifehack is a playful organic style of font. It dances around the page and would be perfect for invitations to a hen’s afternoon tea, or a fun picnic engagement party.Lifehack is available from My Fonts.

Carrig was invented in County Kerry, Ireland. Carrig means ‘rock’ and this font is reminiscent of carvings in rock – with a dependable, elegant quality. Let the font speak for itself on beautiful quality cardstock with minimal embellishment and you will have invitations that convey the subtle messages of the celebration ahead.Carrig is available from

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If you’re looking for a thoroughly romantic font to use, then Regazza Script might just be the one. You can’t help but love all those swirls and curls, adding a flourish to the simplest of messages or the most important of questions.Regazza Script is available from My Fonts.

The font has a medieval flavour to it. Kings font would look good on navy, burgundy or black card in metallic or ivory ink with a simple border to bring all the attention to the font – no other embellishment needed.Kings is available from My Fonts.

Are you looking for an out-of-the-ordinary font for your wedding invitations? Bombshell Pro could be just what you’re looking for. With a handwritten quality and long connections between the words, this would also look great on blackboard signage, and even your menus.Bombshell Pro is available from My Fonts.

Goodfy is a brush type font where is looks as if you’ve hurriedly dashed a note off to a friend. If you’re not the serious type, this could be the perfect font to use in your invitation suite, with lots of bright colours to add to the playfulness of the design.Goodfy is available from My

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If you could write all your invitations with a pen dipped in ink, then you’d love your lettering to look like Parisi. With just the right amount of texture in each letter, with lots of flourishes and swirls to add extra romance but with a touch of elegance – just like the city of Paris

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What happens when you want to design a playful, organic font? You get Avaline Script. With lots of embellishments to choose from, this font would be perfect for an invitation to a hens night where nothing too serious is called for.Avaline Script is available from My Fonts.

Diogenes™ is described as an elegant and crisp text. Perfect for an invitation that is kept very simple with metallic lettering on a plain background of beautiful quality cardstock to allow the elegance of the letters to shine.Diogenes™ is available from My Fonts.

Fratello Nick™ is a lovely soft font perfect for wedding invitations. The back story of this font is a love letter to Nick from his Dad. Memories of a little boy who is now a young man, who loved and still loves to read. Complete with ornate frames, and loads of embellishments such as flowers,

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MonteCarlo is beautiful flowing script with both a traditional feel and a contemporary look. Oozing with style this script is perfect for a black tie event and is perfect for our last Tuesday Type of 2015. May you find your ‘happily ever after’ wherever you are, and when you least expect it!MonteCarlo is available from

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What a soft beautiful font Velvet Hammer is! A little bit like copperplate handwriting, with a strong sense of formality and elegance. Yet there is a touch of the whimsical and playfulness about this font too. It is sure to delight anyone who receives an invitation with this script.Velvet Hammer is available from My Fonts.