Tuesday Type

Carlino is a whimsical font perfect for a quirky celebration with a sense of fun. Cute little ornaments and characters are available to add to the whimsy – each could represent a member of the family or bridal party, for a unique and humorous touch.Carlino is available from My Fonts.

Inspired by a visit to an English pub, Baker Street is perfect for signage, and also invitations, because you can embellish the fairly plain lettering with lots of beautiful swirls and curls which sets it above the ordinary. Reminiscent of old book titles, and old signs, this font is elegant and easily adapted to whatever

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There’s nothing ordinary about Mulberry Script – big flourishes, uneven lettering, as if someone has taken a brush and quickly scribbled a note. And that’s what there is to love about Mulberry because it would look as good on blackboard signage as it would on an invitation suite, menus and table numbers. Mulberry Script’s versatility

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Sant’Elia script is almost a relief in its simplicity. Certainly not dull, there is a lovely flow to this font, with a precise, neat feel to it. Use in invitations for outdoor picnic or backyard celebrations, or down by the sea, with minimal added decoration.Sant’Elia script is available from My Fonts.

Bazaruto is a font with an almost medieval feel to it. The designers tell us that it has a ‘visual flavour of wrought iron work’ and that it has, with its double shadow lines and swirls and curls. This would be perfect for a more formal invitation, with a touch of playfulness.Bazaruto is available from

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Botanica is a rounded font made to look as if it has been painted casually with a brush. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a country or a garden wedding in a beautiful colour to match the wedding theme? It’s a nice counterpoint to the delicate roses pictured and would add a fun touch to any

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If you’re after a crisp clean font then Brenta could be just the one. This font bounces off the page, with its elegant precise lines – perfect for an invitation to an elegant soiree.Brenta is available from My Fonts.

Walking on air – that is exactly what Luba Luft reminds me of. Light as air, dancing in the breeze like a feather – perfect for a happy occasion where you have all your most precious people around you and you haven’t a care in the world.Luba Luft is available from My Fonts.

Carefree, casual and free form is what makes Indie so appealing for a fun occasion in the park, on the beach or near a lake. Invitations in bright colours reflected in the sea, and bright summer days – just add icecream with coloured sprinkles!Indie is available from My Fonts.

Begum is a clean simple looking font. A formal occasion might best suit this style of font – white tie, tails and dry martinis with jewels sparkling under chandeliers.Begum is available from My Fonts.

It’s been a little while since I discovered Adorn, a font by Laura Worthington but I am so happy I did. The Adorn Collection comprises 13 different typefaces, 7 ornamental fonts, as well as plenty of monograms, borders, frames and scrolls which make is a complete set for wedding stationery.The font itself is a sleek

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Probably my favourite script so far, Parfumerie Script Pro is as delicate as perfume wafting through the air – and as poetic too!Parfumerie Script Pro is available from My Fonts.

Based on vintage signage scripts found in Buenos Aires, Selfie takes the simplicity and openness of a plain font and makes it better with swirls to add interest.Selfie is available from My Fonts.

Windsong is a beautiful flowing font. Feminine and soft, this font swirls around the letters making it perfect for a hens party or a special occasion with your best friends. Windsong is available from My Fonts.

Solitas™ is a formal looking geometric font perfect for invitations where pure, clean lines are wanted to underscore the formality of the occasion.Solitas™ is available from My Fonts.