Tuesday Type

MB Empire is an English style font – with a traditional ‘proper’ look to it, it is simple to read and stylish.MB Empire is available from My Fonts.

The feature that is the most appealing about Swashington is the almost stern looking, straight letters which are unexpectedly interspersed with wild curls and embellishments. The designer, “Jason Walcott was moved to develop these interesting letterforms into a full typeface with all the swashy might he could muster.” Yep – that sums it up!!Swashington is

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Rich and generous is one way to describe this font Peaches and Cream. Perfect for orders of service and menus, it will help set the tone of your wedding with its elegant flourishes.Peaches and Cream is available from My Fonts.

Felt Noisy is a charming font made with a bad felt tip pen – perfect for casual invitations.Felt Noisy is available from My Fonts.

How about a flowing handwritten style font for your invitations. Monolina fits the bill perfectly!Monolina is available from My Fonts.

Vulpa is an easy to read font characterised by ‘fox tails’ at the ends of the letter strokes.Vulpa is available from My Fonts.

Bobbi Bee is a beautiful bold font with a slightly retro feel. This would look very cool in retro styled wedding invitations in bright, bold colours.Bobbi Bee is available from My Fonts.

Adorn is an amazing font with many different ornaments and letter types as well as monograms for your stationery suite.Adorn is available from My Fonts.

Hoofer is a fun name for a fun casual font. With a hand written quality that in the words of the designer is ‘light and flexible, slightly retro, casual and readable’.Hoofer is available from My Fonts.

Feast is a delicate font perfect for feminine and pretty invitations. This font would make a beautiful option for a bridal shower or a traditional wedding with a touch of feminine.Feast is available from My Fonts.

Ciao Bella is a flowing script enhanced by the ornaments of the flowers and leaves that you see above to give it a vintage look.Ciao Bella is available from My Fonts.

Island Moments is a brush style script, perfect for a casual invitation to a picnic style occasion.Island Moments is available from My Fonts.

Oops is included in our Type series, just because. It was created on glass to look just like a liquid stain and I love that it is a bit messy, a bit free form, and it makes me smile!Oops is available from My Fonts.

Scriptonah is a simple clean font – easy to read and uncomplicated by extra flourishes and twirls. It just does the job! Scriptonah is available from My Fonts.

Based on Copperplate script this lovely font, Copperlove is ideal for an elegant invitation for a black tie, formal wedding.Copperlove is available from My Fonts.