It may have been winter on the Mornington Peninsula when Amie and Kieran said ‘I do’ but there was nothing drab and dreary about this colourful wedding! The sun was shining as Tony Evans Photography was chosen to document the day and the couple threw tradition out the window as they opted for a wedding their way. The Bride even chose an incredible ruby red and sparkly dress! Their immense love for each other shines through the day and there is an underlying feeling of fun throughout. Oh to have been a fly on the wall for this fabulous occasion! The Bride Amie is sharing their story and all of the behind the scenes info on their quirky and colourful wedding day. 

We met when we were young. Roughly 16 years ago when I was 14 and Kieran was 18 at Wilson’s Prom. My family camped there over Christmas every year and Kieran would be there with his mates. Nothing blossomed at all back then but it formed an amazing friendship. Kieran and all his mates remained in my life and came to my mums surprise 50th birthday. I knew at that party that I wanted to see more of him. It was instant.

Our theme was relaxed, colourful and fun! There was so much love and happiness – and amazing food! We were super relaxed in the lead up and had planned the wedding in secret before we were even engaged. Everyone knew they were in for a good time and this was reflected with the amazing smiles and love that filled the room.

I love being different and celebrating quirkiness. My dress was Rachel Gilbert and it was a long sleeved, cherry red, sequinned gown. I bloody loved it!!! It was phenomenal to hear everyone’s reaction and see Kieran’s face beam. He was totally blown away, which was perfect!

To walk down the aisle, I chose walking on sunshine – which Kieran didn’t know. He tells me he didn’t even listen to the song because he was so nervous! A wonderful part was my Dad walking with me down the aisle. Love him!

We didn’t have any idea what our ceremony would be like. We love Anna our celebrant and her style – so funny, so we knew it wouldn’t be boring. Our ceremony turned out to be hilarious and filled with so much love. Kieran’s sister Jo did a “reading” – she actually SANG! But she had changed the lyrics to the Trolls song from frozen and made them about us. Everyone was in hysterics and because we didn’t know she was planning to do it, we were beside ourselves laughing. It was gold. This definitely made reading our vows easier!

Kieran chose his and the groomsmen’s outfits. He wanted to wear black jeans, so he did! Rolla’s Denim paired with crisp white shirts and merino wool grey blazers from Menzclub. They looked fab and were comfortable too!

We just wanted our day and ceremony to be our way from start to finish. We didn’t care about the traditions that we were “meant” to include. We didn’t fuss over minor things. The moment I saw Kieran was super special. Jo’s reading was so special and our first dance was a goodie.

A favourite detail of our day – and we both agree, was the band and vibe they created. They nailed it. And our first kiss!

I had my best mate Kate as chief bridesmaid – we’ve been friends since year 9. And two of my besties Catdog and Tess. My bridesmaids all represent different stages of my life and I bloody love them all. Kieran had his best mate Luke (Evo) as his best man and two other besties Matt and Mitch.

Choosing a favourite photo is tough! We love Tony’s work and have been loving ourselves sick since he sent the photos. I love the one of the first kiss and the ones of the bridal party in front of a roller door out the back of Casa. There is also some beautiful moments captured with our families that we love. Clearly hard to pick just one haha.

Tony Evans our photographer is fab. He was so relaxed and knew how to make us laugh. He was also super patient. A lot of the night I had no idea where he was, but he captured everything! So special.

I honestly didn’t care what flowers we had. I did forage for a lot of pampas grass in the lead up – even spray painted some pink. But for the bouquets, I just went to the market a few days before and found what was in season. I held beautiful champagne pink roses and the girls had white gyp. Kieran’s cousin is dating an amazing florist so she made our bouquets and arrangements. Kieran’s sister Jo made the buttonholes for the lads and parents.

A stand out story of the day was Kieran’s sister and her song. That’s the biggest story from the entire day. We still can’t get over it. And I wore red. So many people commented and asked why anyone chooses to wear white!! Breaking tradition is the best.

In terms of DIY elements, we had lots of family offering to help out but this was mainly in the set up and pack up. Caitlin helped with the flowers, however not much else was fussed over. And we didn’t do wedding favours because we usually throw them out.

Our vendors were the best people. No doubt about it. Anna, our celebrant, was amazing and setting out the legal jargon, and keeping us (mainly Kieran) calm. She was funny and warm from our first meeting and made us super excited to get married. The band Jack and Jordan from Rutherford Entertainment were also fab and got the room pumping! Casa management were phenomenal to work with and made all our requests super easy. We loved doing the planning before being engaged. That way no one could harass us or give their opinions!!

We love delicious food and Kieran found Casa De Playa by chance. It has such a perfect relaxed vibe and is quirky and intimate. The staff were beyond helpful from start to finish which made it a dream venue. Everything was in the one place. Ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. This made everyone super comfy and relaxed, which we loved.

Our first dance was to Everlong by the Foo Fighters. The lyrics are just beautiful. Jack and Jordan did the most beautiful rendition. Kieran and I did accidentally head butt on our first spin, but we nailed it after that!

Our advice for future couples, do it!!! And stick to your guns. Don’t give a shit about the expectations others place on you. Do it your way.

Ms Zebra Says: I LOVE this wedding! Congratulations to this incredible couple, throwing tradition out the window and embracing everything your way! All the best in your long life together. 




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It’s springtime and The Spring Issue is here! The days are longer, there’s sun on your face, your jacket is off! (Your jacket is on again) And there’s the unmistakable scent of jasmine in the air. Bliss.
But spring isn’t just about sunshine and flowers blooming, or the consequent hay fever looming…

Spring is an attitude. It inspires change, energy, a freshness and lightness and gives licence to have a little fun this wedding and events season, putting that proverbial “spring in your step.”
The playful new season inspires bolder fashion, exciting food, softer colour palettes and renews our relationship and faith in dear mother nature.

There’s so many bloomin’ topics we can’t wait to cover on Polka Dot Bride this September! However, a few beauties that “spring to mind” are in-season flowers, trends in styling, bride, groom and bridesmaid fashion, produce, fresh looks for hair and makeup as well as the best places around the world to enjoy the magic of a uniquely spring honeymoon. And of course, we will share some beautiful spring-inspired weddings to make you smile.

Have a “Spring Fling” with us this September on Polka Dot Weddings. Follow along with all the fun here.

Freya & Bryte

It was a beautiful blend of cultures that dictated part of the theme for Freya and Bryte’s waterside wedding at Saltwater Restaurant Fingal Bay. Their family and friends gathered as they exchanged vows before enjoying a bit of rock climbing to ‘get the perfect shot’ at sunset! In a day that celebrated both their heritages, there were subtle hints to each in many of the finer details. It’s this that we truly love to see, when a wedding is a personal reflection of the couple and uncomplicated by outside noise! Florent Vidal spun magic as he captured the day, the special moments and the loved up couple. Today, the Bride Freya details their wedding and all the moments that made it perfect! 

Freya and Bryte were set up by their mutual friends (who are still very pleased with themselves 6 years later), out of all places, at a Medieval fair trudging through mud! After a few years of being together, Bryte’s proposal happened at the peak of Australia’s highest mountain, Mount Kosciuszko.

“It was a really snowy walk and such a beautiful day when we got to the top. Afterwards we slid down the mountain on a tarp which was much easier than what walking up in the snow had been.”

Bryte explains, there wasn’t nearly as much deliberation and planning with my suit as there was for, say, Freya’s dress. My main concern was I wanted grey, but Freya doesn’t like dark greys such as charcoal, as they don’t complement my skin tone. We also had to work around Tiffany—my “best man”—and her suit, as she had to have her suit custom made because the men’s rental suits would not have complemented her figure.

Her suit was made by the tailor Joe Button in Sydney. She was very happy with the quality of the suit, and we chose rental suits for the rest of the grooms’ party to match the style and colour (mostly colour) of Tiffany’s. The distinguishing features of my attire compared to the rest of my party were the colours of our ties and pocket squares. My pair was ivory coloured to match Freya’s dress, while everybody else’s was sea/forrest green to match the bridesmaids’ dresses. Freya’s father also wore the same green tie, and Freya’s brother coincidentally also wore the same tie as us, but in a vibrant red.

Towards the end of the night, I switched from my suit into a traditional, Ghanaian kente cloth. This was a gift from my father and my sister, who organised to have the cloth made and brought it along from Ghana. The cloth is arduously hand-woven, comes in various colours and patterns, and each of the colours symbolise a different meaning, although admittedly we chose the colours based on personal taste rather than any deeper meaning. You can find meanings here.

Since the cloth is hand-woven, it is quite expensive. This prohibitively meant that, in the past, the cloth was worn by royalty. In more modern times, the cloth is now worn on special occasions—such as weddings. The wearing of the cloth symbolises that “for today, you are the King and Queen”.

My dress hunting was a little different to most bride’s experiences. Because my mum and bridesmaids live in different cities, I went by myself to find the dress and actually loved one of the first dresses I tried on. I kept looking but just found myself comparing to the original one, so it was an easy choice! It was also a very calm experience, and I think that was partly due to the shop owner I bought the dress from (Affordable Bridal in Canberra). Again, it was a relaxed decision!

My dad gave me some excellent advice for choosing the dress, that was ‘there are probably 100 dresses that will be wonderful if you choose them, because if you wear it on your wedding day it will be special no matter what. There might be 100 others that you won’t like, but you have 100 excellent choices which will be wonderful, so you aren’t looking for the perfect 1 choice, just the first you feel happy in’. Good old dad!

Brides traditionally wear ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.’ But what is less well known is that the rhyme ends ‘and a silver sixpence in her shoe’. My friends also gave me a sixpence for my shoe tradition! My bridesmaids and I all wore rose gold sneakers to match my ring while allowing for practical running and jumping activities!

The couple chose ‘Here Comes The Sun’ by the Beatles. Freya’s dad walked her down the aisle on crutches as he’d torn his Achilles tendon at Bryte’s bucks party the weekend before! “I was worried he would get his crutches stuck in my dress, so it was a bit more of a wobbly walk down the aisle than I had imagined growing up,” recalls Freya. “Luckily my dad had raised me to be a strong independent woman so that I could walk HIM down the aisle!”

Our wedding felt really relaxed, it had a variety of nature including beach, rocks and trees which made it really feel like us. Because we’ve moved around a lot, we had friends and family from lots of different places and it was the only time we’d had all our favourite people in one place. This made our wedding day feel like coming home.

We wanted our ceremony to be the central focus for our wedding. Instead of a quick ceremony to tick a box, we had a beautifully tailored and very personalised ceremony from Jacie Whitfield of I Do Bespoke Ceremonies. It was an open and honest story of ourselves and our closest friends and family, and talked about our relationship and the journey we have been on and will continue to be on now that we are married.

To choose our favourite photo from the day is hard!! There are so many beautiful photos that we absolutely love. However, choosing just one, our favourite is probably the one of Bryte picking me up after we were married walking back down the aisle!

Our Bridal party was made up of Laura, Katy, Sarah and Grace as our bridesmaids and Tiffany, Tom, Aron and Ken as our groomsmen. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends in our lives and a part of our wedding day. We never picked our bridal party based on skills and just had our best friends, however it turns out our best friends have a fantastic variety of skills, which made everything work smoothly on the day!

We were lucky enough to have an amazing celebrant who wrote a ceremony which included our bridal party in a big way. We were able to thank them all for being in our lives and they all wrote things to be revealed to us in our ceremony, it was just beautiful!

My flowers were a variety of natives from Canberra (which is where we live) and the local Port Stephens area. There are some particular gum leaves I brought to Port Stephens in buckets and the rest were from my Nana’s garden, Auntie’s garden or from their neighbours gardens!
My mum and 92 year old Nana spent hours watching YouTube for floristry tips and then put them together into bouquets for us. My Nana seemed to enjoy her introduction to YouTube! Having the flowers done in the family meant they were just so personal and meaningful.

Some of our favourite moments and details of the day were our vows to each other and the speeches, as well as changing into our kente made our wedding so special. We also had a lot of fun rock hopping for photos at dusk! Bryte and I are both rock climbers so we really enjoyed it! Climbing rocks in a wedding dress was just like a new challenge!

Our photographer, Florent Vidal was just amazing. He was recommended to us from our venue and a very easy decision to make once we’d seen some of his photos online. I think the thing that really drew us to him, was his easy going nature and quiet confidence. Florent was really wonderful to work with on the day, because he just went with whatever was happening and got photos from that, guiding us without directing us.

Freya & Bryte chose Saltwater Restaurant in Fingal Bay, Port Stephens for their wedding day. Thanks to Freya’s 92 year old Nana that they had found their perfect wedding venue! “We checked out the venue and it just had such relaxed vibes overlooking the ocean. The owners were very friendly and calm and we easily clicked. Maybe more people should ask their Nana for venue recommendations!”

We really enjoyed the first part of the planning – choosing the venue, photographer and celebrant. They were probably the most important decisions but the ones that made our wedding what it was. We really tried to choose people who were relaxed and down to earth, and we were really happy with the choices we made! Another thing we really enjoyed was having dancing lessons.

For our first dance, we danced to Genghis Khan by Mike Snow. Probably not a very popular wedding dance song, but we both have always liked the song and it made it silly and fun! We had swing dance lessons from Tim at Danzon Dance Studio. Tim was really fun and we got just enough confidence to allow us to enjoy our dance without worrying about it!

Freya & Bryte blended Australian and African symbols into their wedding decor as a nod to their backgrounds. “We had kente, a traditional wedding fabric from Ghana, which Bryte’s dad and sister brought back for us. My mum and Nana sowed the bright fabric into table runners and we also draped some over the arbour. We had Australian natives out of my Nana’s garden in small jars on the tables. It was very simple but very personal, and we think it worked really well. As Saltwater has such fantastic views and a beautiful open space with plants hanging from the ceilings, we didn’t need to do too much to decorate!”

We really wanted to include Bryte’s Ghanaian background and we did this by changing into kente outfits halfway through our reception. In Ghana the royals wear kente and so on your wedding day, as you are the king and Queen for the day, you are allowed to wear kente.

Our tips for couples marrying in the future would be to aim to plan a day which yourselves and family and friends enjoy, to choose your priorities and stick with them, and acknowledge when something isn’t a priority for your wedding. There is always more that can be planned for but at the end of the day, a simple wedding which is very personal will be remembered for all the right reasons.

Ms Zebra says: What an amazing wedding! Such an incredible way to include special heritage pieces and we send both Freya and Bryte the biggest congratulations and all the best for their successful marriage ahead!



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