Our venue Tanglewood Estate was amazing! Every last detail has been thought about so intently and it really shows. From the amazing vast grounds, the open spaces, the quiet little spaces, the gardens, the lake, the chapel! Everything about this property is beautiful. This was the first place Adam, & I visited and we just knew our wedding had to be here. It is a place we could very happily live.

The chapel is over 100 years old, brought down from rural Victoria to be rebuilt in such a careful manner. This chapel is very special to us. Standing up there with my soon to be husband with the sun shining down on us through the beautiful windows was breathtaking.


Ms Zigzag says: Congratulations on your marriage Krissy and Adam! For more on their stunning Tanglewood Estate Barn wedding, click here

Photographer: Perla Photography

The bright white and sky blue of Santorini’s buildings are always a dream to pour over and when they come with a wedding, it’s the perfect escape! Kiri and Damien chose a Santorini destination wedding as they tied the knot and they soaked in every bit of the city’s beauty with their closest family and friends.

The destination wedding came to life at Anastasi Church in Imerovigli. The bride explaining, “In 2010 Damien and I travelled to Santorini together when we were first dating and stumbled across a beautiful intimate wedding in a little church on the caldera and promised each other if we ever got married it would be there.”

Reflecting on her destination weddings, Kiri says, “Follow your heart and do whatever it is you desire for your wedding. Don’t let anyone influence your decisions and do your research!” 

Photographer: Vangelis Photography

I love the procedure of events at weddings. The anticipation of waiting for the bride to arrive at the ceremony, the tears of joy and emotion during the vows, and the happy “hellos” and “congratulations” that take place directly after the ceremony.

All of this intensity calls for a release, and the dance floor is where this usually takes place. What is it about wedding dance floors that make people really lose all inhibitions? You know you have all seen at least one wedding guest do the worm at a wedding!

Bride and Groom, Amanda and Sam, carefully curated their wedding playlist to ensure people would have the time of their lives on the dance floor.

Amanda remembers her favourite part of her romantic Pope Joan wedding “As for my favourite part of the wedding planning, I enjoyed choosing our ultimate wedding playlist. We compiled it throughout the year leading up to the wedding, adding songs that we heard at parties, other weddings and when we were out and about. Rutherford Entertainment (formerly known as Top Dog Entertainment) transformed that list from an iPod playlist to dance floor magic.”

Of their first dance, the bride remembers, “The first dance was fun but, to be honest, a little awkward! We danced to Justice D.A.N.C.E. because it is a fun song that we hoped would get the dance floor started.” Mission accomplished – the dance floor looked like a lot of fun!