Taleah & Ryan

There’s nothing more romantic than a snow covered mountain top, a beautiful floral arrangement – and of course, two newly engaged lovebirds in blissful love! Talented florist Taleah shares her stunning engagement shoot and story of how her partner surprised her and popped the question!

We woke up at 4am one Saturday morning to go for a day of Mountain Biking with friends in Bright, Victoria. This wasn’t a one off occurrence, so I wasn’t suspicious that “this could be the day!” because we often do biking trips just like this one. The morning was beautiful and sunny and made for some nice riding. On our last lap, the rain poured down. We ended up fully covered in mud but happy.

After I changed into a comfy hoodie I noticed Ryan changing into his Sunday best (well, almost) and I started to get a bit suspicious at that point. We drove to a beautiful look out over bright at the top of a mountain and the rain stopped, the clouds parted and we had an amazing view of the little town below us. Ryan got down on one knee and I said yes to spending life with my best friend.

We returned in the winter with our fabulous photographer Cindy Habel to capture some beautiful snowy photos. As I am a florist, I chose to add to the snowy environment with a wintery foliage bouquet.


Photographer: Cindy Habel / Flowers: Taleah Tilley / Wedding Ring: Heidi Gibson

Although the weather was certainly not ideal, the day turned out to be the charming love story that this beautiful couple deserved. Tiffany and Andrew, together with good friends meant that even the gloomy clouds couldn’t dampen the shine radiating! Tiffany details her best bridal advice for any bride to be after enjoying her blissful wedding day – and embracing all the things you certainly can’t control!

Don’t let the stress of the day get the best of you, for all the months of planning and stressing on the day it all melts away anyway. You are marrying your person and it’s your day. Don’t listen to anyone else – do what you want! It doesn’t have to be traditional, it doesn’t have to be like everyone else. Make your day about your love and do what makes you happy.

Photographer: Salt Media

How do you describe such a beautifully unique and natural couple?! Steph and Michael took their vows seriously, but weren’t fussed with tradition or their special day being about anything other than them as a couple. Inspired by famous musicians, they forged their own wedding path and with delightful success! The blushing bride Steph shares her greatest advice to make the most of your day.

If I could pass on any advice to couples getting married – make it YOURS. Everyone has some advice and expectations about how your wedding day is supposed to be, but at the end of the day, it’s what you want, and what you will remember. There were some traditions that we came across that we couldn’t have even imagined including as they really had nothing to do with us or speak to our relationship. If something doesn’t make sense to you, don’t include it! Take it as an opportunity to celebrate your love, your life together, and all the things that make that special and unique. I feel like we definitely did that, even down to the invitations, which made it the amazing day that it was.

Photographer: Todd Hunter Mcgaw