Our wedding was on the 31st of July 2010 in Brisbane and we were surrounded by friends and family, which made it such a special day. We really could not have asked for more and feel so blessed to have had such a joyful and memorable wedding.

Tim and I saw each other before we were married as he had to come over to my house with his groomsmen for a tea ceremony with my family. Traditionally, the groom and his groomsmen have to endure several ‘door games’ and challenges before the bridesmaids allow them to enter the house.  This was a fun way to start the day as it included some off-tune singing and dancing!

My dress was a strapless silk-taffeta ivory gown from Carla Zampatti. I found it on the first day that I went dress shopping and when I tried it on, both my sister-in-law (also Maid of Honour) and my mum agreed that it was perfect. The floor-length veil that I wore was borrowed from a friend, which to date has been used in four separate weddings!

The ceremony was held at International City Church, Fortitude Valley. I walked down the aisle to “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds Five. One of the most memorable moments was when our flower girl stopped walking halfway down the aisle to say hi to someone… She then had to be led down the rest of the aisle!

Tim wore a suit and shirt from Oxford with a brown and beige plaid tie from French Connection UK. The bridesmaids’ dresses and sashes are from Portmans.

One of my favourite parts of the day was relaxing at a café with our bridal party during our photography session when we shared coffee and milkshakes and just enjoyed each other’s company – like we always do.

Our photographers captured these beautiful sunset shots at the Oxley Creek where we put our bridal party to the test by making them (and us!) climb through a barb-wire fence. We then had to make our way through knee-high grass where we opened a bottle of champagne in the middle of the field and had a toast (as you do…)

We wanted our wedding to have a simple, rustic theme and used some DIY ideas to accomplish this – from the picket fence sign to photos strung up on twine – these DIY details made our day even more special and personalized. In the months leading up to the wedding, we collected as many food cans from our friends as we could and my dad spray-painted them in white, ivory and taupe. My mum, sister-in-law and I then decorated these with fabric, printed paper, ribbon and lace. These were then filled with fresh flowers and used throughout our ceremony and reception and decoration.  We also searched Lifeline for fabric bound books and used these as table numbers, which our friends patiently traced and cut out for us.

A friend helped us with the floral arrangements and she did a stunning job with the bouquets – roses, stock and fluffy, ivory carnations. Other flowers that we used for decoration included puffs of baby’s breath, Easter daisies and snapdragons – which are my favourite.

The reception was held at Mirra in Fortitude Valley. We loved it because it was so unexpected – a beautiful converted warehouse in a very non-descript alley.

Our photographers – Cath and Rich from Vivid Photography. We chose to go with Vivid because their images are so vibrant and full of life. Cath and Rich made us feel so comfortable and at ease on our wedding day that they actually started to feel like part of the bridal party! They managed to capture our wedding as we remember it – full of joy and laughter.

Ms Polka Dot says: What a delightful wedding this is! So full of family love and tradition, yet dainty and modern at the same time. Congratulations Tim and Joanie on your wedding!

Photography by Vivid Photography

oct 10 10 190

Antony and Lyndall

Our family friend Paul, who I’ve known since I can remember, was our MC for the night and he kept everyone amused with his humour. The guests mingled in the gardens outside the Yacht Club while waiting for the bridal party to arrive and enjoying our “Tondall Blue” cocktails and mocktails.

Another family friend, Maree Dobra catered for the reception including hot and cold cocktail food that kept coming all evening. They filled us up with mini beef and gravy rolls and chicken curry in noodle boxes to make sure no one left hungry. The dessert included the cake served with berry sauce and dark chocolate ganache and fruit platters to dip in a chocolate fountain that was a huge hit with the guests.

The cake was made of 3 tiers decorated with white chocolate shards and blue icing flowers. My mum baked the bottom two tiers of dark chocolate and white chocolate mud cakes and  Tony’s mum baked the top layer of fruit cake. My Aunty Paula, my Aunty Del and my sister Michelle all helped my mum put it together and transport it to the Yacht Club. It looked brilliant and everyone enjoyed it!

oct 10 10 185

The icing flowers and cake toppers were made by my friend Jaimie in Perth as a gift for us. She made them personalised with Tony in cricket whites with his cricket bat and Hunter holding the cricket ball, that went missing during the night. We assume one of the young party guests thought it was a Jaffas chocolate ball!

oct 10 10 183

Our first dance was to “Wedding Day” by The Beegees.

oct 10 10 218

oct 10 10 219

The reception was fun and relaxed. We had a photo booth style frame for photos of the guests that most people used and the dance floor was busy most of the night.

oct 10 10 240

oct 10 10 248


We got all the unmarried girls together for the “bouquet toss”. It was made into a bit of a betting game with odds on who was expected to take the catch with worried partners looking on. Everyone seemed disappointed at my terrible throw going to my bridesmaid Gemma a few feet in front of the pack. The bouquet was so heavy I was worried I was going to take out someone’s eye!

There were quite a few young guests at the wedding so we decided to let them have their own table. They were very well behaved and seemed to enjoy themselves and their ‘goodie bags’! I made them each personalised activity books and goodie bags that they could take home.

We bought Aqua fish leather from Mermaid Leather in Esperance and cut out fish shapes to make into magnets. My mum and I spent a few days making them when I went down earlier on in the year. I was lucky to find some cute handmade gift boxes for the magnets to go in as well. We filled up the boxes with shells and dried coloured fish scales also from Mermaid Leather.

oct 10 10 244

As you can see we had a lot of family and friends help out on the day that made it very special for us. We really appreciated everything they did for us and were so glad the day ran so smoothly!

Photos provided courtesy of Michelle Martin Photographer. On the day, Michelle was assisted by Natalie Donoghue of Shining Light photography.

Lyndall says: “Enjoyed every minute and we’re so happy we have beautiful photos to remind us of our wonderful day.”

Ms Gingham says: “Antony and Lyndall’s wedding is a true testament to family. It’s so touching to see everyone get involved in this wedding and be truly a part of such a happy event. Thank you to Lyndall, Antony and of course Hunter for sharing their beautiful wedding with us on Polka Dot Bride!”

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oct 10 10 179

Antony and Lyndall

The boys wore Van Heusen black pinstripe suits with white shirts from Myer. Tony wore a cream shirt which matched perfectly with my ivory dress.  They wore black Havaianas for the ceremony and their own black shoes for the reception. We found the turquoise stripe ties at Tarocash.

oct 10 10 8

oct 10 10 7

oct 10 10 45


Our beautiful son and pageboy Hunter wore a black Fred Bracks suit and Mossimo shirt from Myer. His blue tie was from David Jones, black shoes from Pumpkin Patch and thongs by Hi-Hop.

oct 10 10 121

The buttonholes, corsages and bouquets were styled by my friend Blaise who flew all the way from outback Queensland for the big day. The bouquets were arm sheath style with white oriental lilies and Singapore orchids. It was so nice to have her make them at the last minute. About two months before the wedding, the lady who had been booked to make them cancelled on me. So Blaise had to organise everything over the phone and through email. What she made was better than I had originally pictured!

oct 10 10 132

oct 10 10 131

Our reception venue and ceremony location were set up by Raelene Ryl from Confetti Events. Some friends and I also went down to help in the morning. It was so good to see what it was going to look like after so many months of deciding on the lay out.

oct 10 10 196

oct 10 10 193

The table decorations included driftwood and shells which we found on local beaches in the lead up to the wedding. My sister Tamara’s friend, Eliza made beautiful palm wax candles and my sister Michelle’s friend, Tania made clam shells filled with smaller shells from beaches near Wickham, WA. We used these as table decorations and as thank you gifts for family and friends who helped on the day.


Brian Willoughby let us borrow his old aqua and white Vauxhall as our Bridal Car. My Uncle ‘Bishy’ drove for myself, my dad and my eight year old niece. The usually five minute drive to the Twilight Beach seemed to take forever in the old car! My younger brother Cam drove his Ford and family friend Alan Oliver drove his Holden for the day. They were both modern and similar colours so we used these as the other bridal party cars. That Sunday was also the Bathurst Supercheap 1000 (car race) so the boys were watching and listening to the race most of the day. Tony was very glad to hear that Holden won the race!

oct 10 10 113

oct 10 10 117

I was planning to walk down the aisle to “I will” by the Beatles but was too impatient to see Tony so I followed my bridesmaids down the sandy path with “All You Need is Love”. I love anything by the Beatles so it didn’t matter that much and we were already quite late by that stage.

oct 10 10 51


We had dried fish scales in blue buckets instead of petals for the flower girls to scatter and bubbles and pinwheels to please the children at the ceremony.

oct 10 10 62

My sister Michelle read a poem for us that was very special to me.

oct 10 10 61 oct 10 10 66

We wrote our own vows and included Hunter’s favourite saying “… to infinity and beyond!”. That made our guests smile!

oct 10 10 68

oct 10 10 72

oct 10 10 73

oct 10 10 97

oct 10 10 75 oct 10 10 81



oct 10 10 108

After the ceremony we had photos taken at West Beach looking over Dempster Head. While we were there we noticed some whales in the water below. It was beautiful to see! Then we had photos taken at Castletown beach with the old broken jetty and also at the Tanker Street Jetty.

oct 10 10 122

oct 10 10 126

oct 10 10 127

oct 10 10 148

oct 10 10 150

oct 10 10 155

oct 10 10 161

oct 10 10 168

oct 10 10 176

oct 10 10 177

oct 10 10 178

Photography by Michelle Martin Photographer. On the day, Michelle was assisted by Natalie Donoghue of Shining Light photography.

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