Today we have the Brisbane wedding of Caitlin and Anthony captured perfectly by Michelle Stewart from Spinning Still Photography. Caitlin says, “Michelle was absolutely amazing! She was so fun and lovely to be around, and I instantly felt comfortable with her. Anthony’s not a big smiler when there is a camera around, so to have so many shots of him smiling is definitely a plus!

Anthony and I met when I started working with him in mid 2008. We always say that it was fate, and that we were supposed to meet- we’re actually pretty sure we’ve seen each other before! When we were younger, we holidayed at the same resort on the Gold Coast. Then, a few years later, Anthony was working in the grocery store my family and I used to go to on a regular basis with my grandmother, and then FINALLY we started working together.”

“One of the most special details to me was when my sister, and also my maid of honour, was painting my nails. I’d had them done the day before, but had smudged almost every one of them, so she redid them when I was getting my hair done.”

Caitlin’s dress was by Henri Josef

“My pearl earrings were from Wallace Bishop, and my gold chain was from my mother with my grandmother’s wedding ring and dress ring on it.”

“Each bridesmaid chose her own dress in black, to show her own personality and so it could be worn again in the future.”

“As part of their bridesmaids’ gift I gave them teacup rings.”

“All the girls, including myself, wore different coloured shoes. My shoes were by Wittner. It was so quirky and fun, and everyone thought it was cute.”

Caitlin recalls, “As the bridesmaids and I piled into the limo and set off, I had a little panic attack. I’d forgotten my throw away bouquet! Luckily, we had an amazing driver, who did a U-turn (which isn’t easy to do in a stretch limo) and went back to the house so my sister-in-law could run in and grab it!”

The boys wore suits from Spurling Formal Wear

“The wedding was September 11th, 2010  at The Greek Orthodox Church in West End, Brisbane. The  Church was absolutely beautiful. It was so special to us to be married in the Greek Orthodox Church. My husband was christened there, as well as his sister, and his parents were married there too.”

“I walked down the aisle to a chanter, as in the Greek Orthodox tradition.”

“It was just magical in the Church – all of the colours and murals on the walls are stunning, and with the beautiful chandeliers it came up so beautifully in the photographs. We got so many compliments on how beautiful it was.”

“The boys wore Lego cufflinks in colours to match the bridesmaids shoes. All of the shoe colours were worked into the bouquets, and the buttonholes (apart from hubby’s, which was ivory) were in the colour to match his partner’s shoes.” Flowers by Antionette of Antionette Flowers By Design

“The reception at The Greek Club took my breath away. Even though I picked everything myself, seeing it all put together was so wonderful. It looked like a dream!”

“Another thrill was all the carnations used as part of the day. Carnations were one of my grandmother’s favourite flowers, so they were worked into the bouquets, the flowers for the church, and the centrepieces at the reception. Seeing the beautiful flowers reminded me of my nanna – everywhere I looked, she was there.”

“My mum and I put all the boxes together for the bonbonniere, as well as the favours inside, which were rock candies and white sugared almonds wrapped in tulle. It took us a total of about 10 hours to simply put the bonbonniere together! Our stationery was designed by Spot On Graphic Design

“Our first dance was to “Brighter Than Sunshine” by Aqualung. Anthony and I spent months trying to figure out a suitable first dance song, since we have such different taste (me good, him bad, although he’d say otherwise), but when I played this song for him, we had it. I laughed most of the way through because Anthony sang all the words he could remember to me as we danced.” Music throughout the night was provided by George Kassos.

“The most special detail of all was the photo we had next to our wedding cake made by Classic Cakes. It was a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day, 56 years ago. As both of my grandparents passed away within the last two years, it meant a lot to me to see their faces there, even if it was only in a photograph.”

“We wanted our reception to have a fun twist, so we booked the Photobooth pretty early on in the planning. The photobooth printed out two lots of photos, so we ordered an album so our guests could stick one of the photos in the book with a little message for us, and keep the other as a momento! The Photobooth People brought along a box of props, masks and wigs for everyone to experiment with, and we all had a blast with it.”

Caitlin’s short dress by City Chic

Ms Polka Dot says: Don’t you just love the gorgeous bright shoes worn by Caitlin and her bridesmaids? And the flowers to match! Congratulations Caitlin and Anthony on your marriage and thank you for sharing your wedding day with us.

Thank you to Michelle Stewart of Spinning Still Photography for today’s images.

Videographer – Emanuel at Mini Luv Weddings (may be contacted through this site).


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Is it shameful to admit that I never wanted to have an engagement party? I thought I would rather spend the money on the wedding, and splash out on something fabulous (for me, natch) instead.

Until I got engaged. Suddenly it became all the more important to create an event to centre celebrations around, and to provide a focal point for this special time.

Luke and I were keen to have a laid-back, casual affair in the summertime, as our wedding will be in chilly August and quite formal. Despite being lifelong Melburnians, we banked on a hot late November Sunday for drinks in the sun – oh silly us! The weekend we chose ended up being drenched in buckets of rain, which caused me to obsessively check the Bureau of Meteorology site almost hourly in the preceding week, but had the satisfying side-benefit of reassuring us that our decision to have an indoor ceremony and reception would save us oodles of worry.

We were thrilled when we found the perfect venue for our planned sunny drinks (fools!). Holliava is relaxed, has ample indoor and outdoor areas, and best of all,  they were even happy to let us bring our own food. Booked!

Luke, being a designer, set about creating our invitations. With help from our good friend Jess in sourcing a fabulous printer, we came up with this to reflect the relaxed and slightly silly theme we wanted:

Rachel & Luke - Engagement party invitation

Rachel & Luke - our Sammy mascot

(That’s our puppy Sam at the bottom – isn’t he the most adorable!)

I decided that for decorations, cheap’n’cheerful was the way to go (and isn’t it always?), and promptly settled on the cheesiest thing I could find – plastic cocktail glasses filled with Skittles and topped off with multi-coloured paper umbrellas and heart-shaped swizzle sticks! I may not know much, but I sure know how to do Miami-neon-trash!

Rachel & Luke - Engagement party Skittles cocktails

Rachel & Luke - Engagement party neon decorations
Gosh, it could be Hawaiian night with all those umbrellas.

On the day of our engagement party the sun hid away, but the clouds thoughtfully refrained from pouring. Our wonderful guests flowed in throughout the afternoon, slowly moving outside as the weather warmed up and the children went exploring.

Although it was exhausting – exhausting! – to meet, greet and farewell so many people, that’s certainly not something we can complain about. We had a blast chatting away and mingling, and then apologising to people who we had to leave, to say hello to someone else! It was, all cheese aside, completely incredible to see almost 200 of our friends and family all assemble in the one place to wish us well, and our hearts were well and truly warmed.

Picture courtesy of Uncle Jim – thanks for saving the day! (I don’t know why I have a slightly maniacal grin though. Luke looks a little concerned.)

Miss T’s Top Three Tips for Engagement Parties:

1. In my view it is totally acceptable to invite people to the engagement party who you are unable to invite to the wedding, especially if you have large numbers. You, and they, may still want to celebrate and this is the perfect way to include them even if your wedding guest list is full. Naturally, use your discretion, and if anyone assumes that they have been invited to the wedding a simple ‘We haven’t done the guest list yet’ should swiftly end the discussion.

2. Sending out invitations is a great way to get all the names and addresses you’ll need for your wedding invitations. Do not delete them!

3. Do not do what we did and forget to take photos! Thankfully we have many wonderful photographers amongst out friends and family, including generous Uncle Jim and Aunt Paula who even made us a personalised CD and slideshow.

Ms Polka Dot says: Miss T is back with a humorous story about her engagement party. Rachel and Luke as always, remind us to keep our sense of humour when planning our wedding! Love the touch of ‘Miami-neon-trash’  – so cute!

Miss T says: Organised to the max; fan of all things sparkly and organic; vegan (but no hemp or dreadlocks); proud mama to a Chihuahua princeling and two snooty cats; drinker of beer; and thrilled to her little cotton socks to be marrying the sweet, silly, smart and snuggly Buzz.

Adam proposed to me on our 6 year anniversary. We planned a weekend away to the Macedon Ranges in Victoria. On the drive there, we stopped at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, which happened to be the first holiday we spent together. Adam had organised the surprise proposal with the photographer weeks before. After having our photo taken dressed up in costume, Adam got down on one knee and proposed. I have never been more surprised in my life, I will never forget the feeling! We have photos of the moment he proposed, which is really special.

We were married on Saturday 13th February 2010, after 8 years together. I chose my three younger sisters as bridesmaids, and Adam asked three of his best friends.

As designer of Bella Stationery Studio, I wanted our theme to leave a lasting impression on our guests. I designed our stationery based on ‘Two Little Love Birds’, which captured the story of how we started dating. The invitation featured a watercolour print and hand drawn illustration. The two were digitally combined, creating a modern, fresh design that expressed our personality and style.

Our invitation suite featured a 3 fold invitation, acceptance card, calendar sticker and wrap around address label. created the bridesmaids dresses and my wedding dress, featuring layers of lace, embroidery and beading.

Our hair was styled by Francesca of Bridal Flair (phone: 0402520776), and our make up by Angela of Azrai Makeup Artistry.

I chose handmade fabric bouquets and button holes from Melanie of Silver Sixpence. Each rose was individually hand crafted, and assembled into a beautiful posy. This added a special touch to our styling, and reflected our creative sides. I love that my bridesmaids and I can keep our bouquets as a reminder of our wedding day.

Our wedding ceremony was held at St Patrick’s Church in Lilydale, which is a beautiful sandstone Church, and over 120 years old. Our reception continued at Bram Leigh in Croydon, where we arrived in vintage Dodge stretched limousines from Christophers Triple A Limousines

Every detail of the day was highlighted by our ‘Two Little Love Birds’ wedding theme. From the order of service booklets, featuring wedding photos from our grandparents and parents, to the cake bags and co-ordinating stickers. Guests were guided to their tables with a seating chart, and tables were named by different birds. The bridal table was called Love Birds, and other names included Doves, Rosellas and Lorikeets.

Each table was dressed with purple chair sashes, and ornate bird cages. Adam sourced the cages, and attached a perch with two birds inside each one. He also hand crafted place card holders from branches we had collected. He stained each one for a beautiful finish. This was a lovely token our guests took home.

Our cake was created by Alison Louise Designer Cakes in the Yarra Valley. We chose a white chocolate mud cake with raspberry ganache, made using fresh berries from a local vineyard. The detail of the cake was perfectly styled to the theme of our day. I purchased our cake topper from etsy seller which was sculpted by hand.

Our first dance was to ‘The Way I Am’ by Ingrid Michaelson. This would have to be one of my favourite memories of the evening, along with the father daughter dance to ‘My Girl’ by The Temptations. 

Ms Polka Dot says: Feast your eyes on this very pretty wedding with lots of lovely details. Congratulations on your wedding Belinda and Adam and thank you for sharing it with us.