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We’re not quite sure how this space will evolve, because we’re waiting for you to put your stamp on it! Share your wedding, share your problem or question, share what inspires you, your fantastic wedding shoes, your favourite heartfelt moments, that really hard moment that you never expected. See reviews from the latest wedding events.

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Another thing I love to read about is a couple’s favourite memories from their wedding day. Bonnie of Amour Amour shared her wedding with us (see it here on Polka Dot Bride) and her favourite memory.

“The feeling of love that was in the room that night was something I will remember forever and it meant so much to Paul and I. The conversations we had with our family and friends that evening were so meaningful and beautiful and will treasure them forever”.

Photo by SugarLove Weddings

Chelsea was a bride who had such fantastic style plus a wedding full of paper cranes, always a winner with me! (See her wedding to Mark on Polka Dot Bride)

Chelsea’s inspired words? “Mum’s best friends came to stay with her the week of the wedding and have made a video diary of the week and helped out with many of the DIY tasks that weren’t quite finished….- it was extraordinary !!!…. a wedding is not just one day…. it’s all the days before and after… it’s all of the moments that people share with you that come together…..”

Photo by Renee Brazel.