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Making a film is not just a ‘pick up a camera, point and shoot’ affair – well, it could be if you don’t value quality! But your wedding day is different – the people behind the camera need the skills and finesse of experience. Max and Jesse of Marry Me Movies bring a wealth of experience in television and working on documentaries, so you know you’re in good hands. Their work has a cinematic quality – taking in the surrounds as well as the wedding details, painting a complete picture of the day. What was the weather like, what did that day’s sunset look like, what did we feel when we walked to that majestic headland – all making up a never to be repeated picture of the wedding day. When you can watch something and it still brings up all the emotions even years later, then you know you’ve had the magic of the day captured forever. Here, Jesse and Max share their story.

How long have you been a film maker?

We’ve actually been working in the film industry since we were 18. We’ve really just acted as a sponge since then and absorbed every bit of knowledge and trick of the trade around us since then.

How has working in television and working on documentaries for National Geographic influenced the way you make wedding films today?

The background we’ve had has meant we’ve approached weddings really differently. We’ve blended a documentary style of observation with high end cinematography…I’ve already lost you there haven’t I? We try to blend our documentary style, which is candid and really natural with beautiful video footage and photos. We want people to have fun on their wedding day and not force them to fake laugh or have them feel awkward. We want people to have fun, because that’s what creates beautiful images and keeps us enjoying what we do every day.

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How/why did you start filming weddings?

We started filming wedding on request from our family and friends. They would see what we creating with our careers in TV and film and want that for their own weddings. Eventually it grew to a level where it was for a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend and we were out of Australia filming destination weddings every few weekends. We knew at that moment we wanted to go full time. Now, almost 6 years later we’re really fortunately to still love what we do.

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How would you describe your profession?

We get to hang out with people on one of the best days of their lives. You get to know someone really well in the space of a few hours and we feel really lucky to be in that position for what we do as a career.

What does being a ‘boutique business’ mean to you in terms of service?

Being a boutique business is really important to us. We had the choice to grow our business into a 500 weddings a year behemoth and we chose not to go down that path. We want to get to know each one of our couples and offer a level of care that you just can’t offer with 500 weddings a year. It also lets us learn more about our couples and reflect that level of understanding in our photos and videos.


Although we know you as a cinematographer do you also do wedding photography?

We offer full photography and videography options. Meaning you can book both photography and videography with us or choose any of the great photographers that we highly recommend.

How would you describe your filming style?

Candid and natural. We choose to capture real personalities and don’t ask people to pose. If it doesn’t feel fun or right, we’re not going to ask you to do it just to get the shot. We want you to enjoy the day and not really be aware that there’s any cameras around.

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What is it about your film style that is popular amongst bridal couples?

I think couples are really spoilt for choice these days. There’s three big things that we specifically hear from our couples. They love that we shoot on film cameras that are the same used to film Hollywood productions. If your husband is a tech type he can Google: “Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K’s”. The second is that unless we’re already booked, you get us on the day. We’ve shot hundreds of weddings and we love it. You can’t really replicate personality or experience. Not to mention getting to hang out with someone who really loves what they do. The last one is the candid and natural style that we shoot in. It’s really important.

What is it about the power of film – what perspective does it give to the wedding day?

I think it’s best described by what I hear in emails from couples after they receive their highlight films or photos. I’ve heard of couples watching their highlight film 10 times in a day and even something like 50 times a month. We bumped into one of our couples at a wedding in Orange, NSW last year and he said that he had informally made a rule saying how many times his wife was allowed to watch their film. He would discover her with tears in her eyes after watching it over and over again. We love to hear stories like this 🙂


What changes have you seen over the years in the wedding day itself?

We’ve seen couples really understanding that the wedding day is their day. If they don’t want to do a bouquet toss or the garter throw, then they don’t have to. The traditional wedding day is really just a structure that they can add or remove from until it suits them best. There really are no rules when it comes to weddings.

How different are bridal couples’ expectations of their photographers/cinematographers today?

We’ve seen people asking better questions than when we first started. There’s so much good information out there, like the Polka Dot Bride website, that it’s helped shape and clarify everyone’s questions and answers and that’s a really good thing.

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Are there some parts of the day that you always include in your films?

Every wedding we film is different and understanding our couples really intimately lets us include the moments that are most important to them. We’re so familiar with weddings from all different types of cultures that we love hearing about what’s most important to our couple and if need be, what’s not really that important. We’ll create a film that they’ll love no matter what, but it’s really those little details that comes from us asking questions, that makes a film that someone wants to watch 10 times in a day.

How important are the details of the surroundings (whether a sunset through grasses, a mountain top or a family home) to your films? What does that add to the finished film?

If you watch a film on the big screen, the film maker will use shots of the surrounding area to create a feeling that you’re really there. We use our establishing/scenic shots to make you feel like you’re reliving the day. It’s those little moments where we capture the Autumn leaves falling off a tree or the first sunset you had as husband and wife that kind of by passes your brain and lets you relive the emotions you had at that moment. As a film maker and photographer, we think that’s pretty neat.


What other techniques do you use to add a cinematic quality to your films?

We use drone, timelapse and a range of film making techniques that really help us create a cinematic memory of a wedding day, but it all pales in comparison to really sharing a wedding day with someone. And at the end of the day, we’re just people who are really grateful to be doing what we’re doing. The fact that we’ve won awards for doing it is really just icing on the cake.

If wanting to book your services, how far out from the wedding should we contact you?

We book out up to 3 years in advance, so if you’re excited it’s best to get in contact with us at and we’ll do our best to get your date locked in.

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Do you travel all over Australia (or the world!) to shoot weddings?

We’re often out of Australia to shoot weddings in New Zealand, The Cook Islands, Vanuatu or even just Hamilton island, but if your wedding is out of Australia, just talk to us and we can help you with the planning process.

Would you tell us about the charities Sight Savers and World Wildlife Fund – and how you became involved with them and why you passionate about these causes?

Every wedding we film helps go towards donations to Sight Savers and the World Wildlife Fund. We’ve always wanted to help out in some way and with Sight Savers the weddings we shoot help fund donations for Cataract operations for Children in developing countries. Cataracts are this weird clouding of the eye that kind of just happens. It means healthy kids slowly get cloudy vision that eventually just takes over and makes them blind. The crazy thing is that for something like $70, you can completely fix it.

If they don’t get it fixed they sometimes have to beg, or be the equivalent of fortune tellers…and the worst part is it drags the whole family down because one person in the family isn’t able to work.

The charity work is something we really want to focus in on and hopefully inspire lots of other people to give or help out in some way.

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After all the travel and filming how do you wind down – and rejuvenate for the coming weeks?

We’re really big nature buffs, so we love exploring on the free weekends/days we have. It’s really a reset for us…that and we’re also big nerds and love to play video games 🙂

Thank you Jesse and Maxim  for sharing your story. Film and photography both give you a different view of your wedding day – yet both are so essential to maintaining the memories of the day. To find out more about Marry Me Movies visit the website.

Headshot by Alpine Image Company

Photographer: Marry Me Movies / Cinematographer: Marry Me Movies

The everlasting memories that are forever in the photos from your big day mean it’s a hugely important decision to make. Here, Kevin Lue has given the Polka Dot Bride his top tips in selecting the RIGHT photographer for you.

It’s OK to shop around, however Kevin says the key factors to keep in mind are:

  • You feel comfortable – it’s important that you feel you can be yourself in front of your photographer; you feel relaxed, can talk freely & feel that you all “click”
  • You’re drawn to their previous work – they have a wow factor, are unique or their work really connects with you and your vision. “A picture speaks more than words ever can”
  • Don’t discount a photographer if they’re initially over your budget – It’s important, but shouldn’t be the focal point in deciding on a photographer. Sometimes price can be negotiated, so don’t be put off straight away if it’s too much of a stretch on the hip pocket. “I always think, money can be earned back, but moments only happen once.”

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Ms Zebra says: Choosing the right person to capture your big day is a HUGE decision. They are in charge of how everyone will remember those magic moments. Luckily, Kevin Lue (and his beautiful photography) have some great tips to finding the “one”!

Kevin Lue is a Sydney based wedding photographer, artist and photo journalist, who loves to travel all over the world to capture stories. Starting his wedding photography studio in 2009, his only regret is he didn’t start sooner! With a passion for unique and individual photos, he will ensure you have a gorgeous storyboard of images to cherish forever.



Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef030

When we think of Italian grazing tables, abundance always springs to mind. Shady trees, rustic tables and chairs, lots of family and friends and above all laughter, red wine and great food. Tables groaning with homemade salamis, cheeses and pickled goods – helping ourselves to the feast, and shielding ourselves from the summer sun. What better way to spend a lazy afternoon or provide for your guests in a wedding feast.

Today our friends at Your Private Chef have shared this wonderful Italian-inspired catering shoot with us for our dedicated Italian Month. Feast your eyes on the long tables filled the most delectable cheeses, fruits, meats, breads (the list goes on!). Be inspired to create something similar for your wedding celebrations or simply hand over the reigns to Your Private Chef have them set up something equally as stunning and delicious for you.

Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef019
At Your Private Chef we love all things Italian. In fact our Executive Chef and Co-Founder, David Kolembus trained in Melbourne’s best Italian restaurants and his menus have a distinctly Italian flair to them. And what says Mediterranean more than a rich display of grazing platters styled impeccably on a hardwood banquet table? Our Italian themed grazing table of course.

Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef023

An antipasto grazing table is the epitome of the saying ‘eat with your eyes’ and so the first rule is to make sure it looks opulent, layered and generous. Give your table height and texture by using pillars of various heights to stand platters on and long native foliage to create a ‘bed’ for your platters. We definitely recommend placing all your edibles on platters. We see so many tables on Instagram with food directly on the table and we feel not only is this not very hygienic, it is also not very practical for an event. Once your guests start grazing, platters make it easy to refill as needed and tidy up. Check out this video of a table we did recently. This was at least 30 mins into the reception and you can see how neat the table still looks, even though it has a ‘deconstructed look’ about it.

Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef024

We love to use wooden grains and big bread sticks for our props. We even use vintage books and acorns, fresh fruit and other interesting textures to get people’s eyes excited for the feast. We love a table that looks almost regal, fit for a Roman Empire!

Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef029
Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef022
Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef025

For larger groups and if space permits, place your banquet table in the centre of your room so guests can eat from all sides. Take care to create a symmetrical and balanced look for the position of your platters, You can get ‘organic’ with how you place your food on the platters, but having a balanced foundation does give that professional edge to your table. Allow yourself enough time to do this so you can enjoy the styling and not feel pressured. And remember to choose the best ingredients possible. At its heart, antipasto is actually very simple. So choose beautiful artisan breads, cheeses, cold cuts and marinated delicacies that will satisfy and warm your guests hearts and bellies as they arrive for your party.

Wedding Antipasto grazing table by your private chef021

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About Your Private Chef: When every last detail needs to be utterly perfect you can completely rely on Your Private Chef Catering & Events to provide an unforgettable gourmet food experience with exceptional service. Your Private Chef delivers unforgettable wedding catering – Melbourne style – fusing fresh flavours with the best ingredients to suit all budgets.

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