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When choosing your wedding vendors, you want to be sure you really ‘connect’ with them and that you’re all on the same page when it comes to the role they will be playing on your big day. This is particularly important for same-sex couples who will likely enjoy a better experience in the lead up to and on the special day, by carefully selecting wedding vendors that are genuinely passionate and supportive of your relationship.

Do your research

Before contacting your potential dream team of suppliers, do your research and read reviews (Google reviews and Facebook reviews are a great place to start). No vendor can describe the service you can expect to receive better than their former clients.

Check their website

A quick scan of their home page, and the real weddings they have featured on their website will give you an indication of how enthusiastic they are about same-sex weddings. The wording of their website will also be a good indicator of whether they have you in mind as their ideal client. For example, are they talking to brides only, to brides and grooms or couples in general?

Social media

Practically every supplier in the wedding industry has a social media presence. Following the recent campaign in Australia for marriage equality, equality friendly vendors will likely be proudly displaying their support on their social media pages.

Needless to say if you spot rainbows and wedding images showcasing same-sex couples, you can rest assured they will be delighted to receive your enquiry!

A question to ask your potential wedding vendors:

What experience do you have working with same-sex couples?

While any experience working with same-sex couples is appreciated and reinforces the vendors support of marriage equality, many vendors simply haven’t had the opportunity to work with same-sex couples.

Having done your research, and carefully selected who you would like to contact, simply engaging in conversation with the right people, you will quickly realise how excited they are about potentially being a part of your special day.



Ms Zebra Says: Thank goodness Australia finally said YES! These are such great tips to ensure the vendor’s you’re approaching (and obviously love) are on the same page – and are just as excited as you to see you finally say ‘I do’! 

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Image by Leah Cruikshank Photography

Our top three winter wedding trends from Gabbinbar Homestead

Yes, it’s true, winter has definitely arrived – but let’s be honest, you won’t hear anyone complaining at Gabbinbar Homestead. Winter weddings at Gabbinbar Homestead are simply magical! There is no sign of Frosty the Snowman around here…it is pure luxury and style. Our gardens are scattered with elegant touches, such as delicate leaves with gold and silver tones. We are so lucky to have distinct seasons in Toowoomba, which makes it the perfect winter wedding destination. Here are our top three winter wedding trends that we are a little bit obsessed with right now.

Image by Leah Cruikshank Photography

Dark, moody and intimate styling.

It may be cold outside but you can create a warm, intimate and moody wedding reception by incorporating some darker tones into your styling. Dark table cloths can add depth and really provide the wow factor you’re looking for. Finish the look with touches of gold throughout your cutlery and you are left with a cosy yet stylish atmosphere.

Image by Leah Cruikshank Photography

Elegant fur wraps and breathtaking long-sleeved wedding dresses.

Nothing says “cosy winter wedding” like faux fur accents draped over your dining chairs! Not to mention, a fur wrap keeps you warm during the cooler months and also adds the touch of chic you are looking for. Oh, and don’t get us started on beautiful long-sleeved wedding dresses! We have certainly seen some showstoppers walk through the doors of Gabbinbar Homestead during winter. Yes, we know they are practical for a little added warmth but we love that they allow you to show off your curves with form-fitting silhouettes, all while maintaining an enchanting allure.

Image By When Elephant Met Zebra Photography

Image By Shane Shepherd Photography

Warm and filling home-style cooking.

Cooler temperatures and warm home-style cooking are simply a match made in heaven. When the temperature drops, your guests will be warm and toasty at Gabbinbar Homestead with our hearty home-style menu. Word is spreading – and we are starting to get quite a name for ourselves, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone’s talking about our generous portions and the comfort of our wholesome home-style cooking menu which is packed full of flavour.

Image via Gabbinbar Homestead

Image via Gabbinbar Homestead

Ms Zebra Says: Not only does the delicious food look amazing, but the thought of guest’s being cosy and warm, draped with faux fur goodness, makes my heart sing! What better way to celebrate ‘I do’ than at Gabbinbar Homestead?!

Ms Zebra Says: The Oscar Hunt team are focused on creating a unique experience –  providing a holistic approach to achieving the vision of both the wedding couple. Their eye for detail of the suit’s fabric and colour ensure it not only meets but exceeds expectations. Careful consideration and multiple fittings later, the “eyes [of the groom] light up” – and that is what drives them. It’s so fantastic that the groom is also treated for the big day and are made to feel just as special as any bride! Plus, their suits are tailored to perfection!