Being a hopeless romantic who loves love, being able to do what I do is a dream come true. Weddings are all about love!…and whenever a couple invites me to play a part in this milestone event in their lives, it is considered by me as the greatest of honours.

This is a day when they will make lifelong commitments, a day that is celebrated with only their dearest family and friends – and I not only get to witness and celebrate their love with them, but also have the opportunity to help create life long memories through music!!

My favourite musical moment at any wedding would have to be first dance. It is when the moment can not only be enhanced by a particular song, but also evoke emotions within the couple and also amongst their guests. I love being drawn in by it all, truly connecting with their love and experiencing it all and at times, I will even shed a tear of happiness. Here are our crowd pleasing musical recommendations.

Photography by MTW Productions

Top five dance floor crowd pleasers

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars
Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
Shut Up & Dance – Walk The Moon
Dancing Queen – ABBA
I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

Our personal favourite bridal dance songs.

You Are The Reason (Duet Version)- Calum Scott & Leona Lewis
Your personal favourite song for walking down the aisle
I Get To Love You – Ruelle

Best song to kick off the dance floor!

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson Feat. Bruno Mars
September – Earth Wind & Fire
Lost in Japan (Remix) – Shawn Mendes & Zedd
Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) – Bob Sinclair

Best song to wrap up an amazing night

I’ve Had The Time Of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Rush
Woke Up Late – Drax Project Feat. Hailee Steinfield
Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles
I’m on My Way – Proclaimers

Ms Zebra Says: My favourite part of a wedding – or any party really, is the dance floor! Great music and fun dancing brings everyone together for a great time! 

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Based in Sydney, Australia, Wedding DJ, Wedding MC and Ceremony services are available in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, Southern Highlands, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury, Illawarra, South Coast, Central Coast and other locations by arrangement.”

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Congratulations on your wedding! Now that you have polished off the last piece of wedding cake and have finished unpacking after your honeymoon, there is no avoiding the last thing on your wedding checklist: wedding thank you cards!

We are sure that your wedding went better than you could have ever hoped, so it’s time to thank those who played a part. Most newlyweds dread writing their wedding thank you cards, but trust us when we say, that the quicker you get them sent out the quicker you can go back to enjoying your newly-wedded bliss!

Writing your cards is definitely less exciting than opening your wedding gifts, but these top tips from wedding stationery supplier Atelier Rosemood should help make it easier! Whether you are searching for the right words to express your gratitude or you don’t know where to start when it comes to finding the perfect design, this guide will give you the ten things you need to know to survive the last of your wedding duties!

Photo by Atelier Rosemood

1. They are a must-do on the wedding checklist

There is no getting away from it! Even if the last thing you want to do when you return from your honeymoon is think about more wedding stationery. Your wedding duties are not over until you have sent your wedding thank you cards!

It’s polite that you acknowledge that your loved ones spent time (and probably money), to help you celebrate your wedding and to thank all those who helped you organise the big day!

2. Send them out in good time

According to wedding thank you card etiquette, you have three months to send your cards! Remember that sending them out in good time will mean that your gifts and memories from the big day are fresh in your mind, so it will be easier to write a heartfelt thank you message!

If you are planning on sending out photo thank you cards, ask your wedding photographer to send you some images in advance of the final collection, as it can sometimes take photographers a few months to get you your final photos!

Don’t worry if in all the newlywed excitement the three months comes and goes before you get your cards sent out. A wedding thank you card a year on is better than no card at all!

Photo by Atelier Rosemood

3. Send them to everyone involved in your wedding

Wedding thank you cards are not only for those who sent gifts but should also be sent to family and friends who helped plan the big day as well as your wedding suppliers.

It is easy to forget certain individuals so make a list of who you wish to send wedding thank you cards to before ordering your cards. As a basic rule, you should include:

  • Your wedding guests.
  • Everyone who gave/sent you a wedding gift
  • All those involved in the preparations, including your wedding suppliers
  • Your parents
  • The bridal party and groomsmen

4. List your gifts

An easy way to start your wedding thank you card list is to record the cards and gifts you received as you open them! Keep a detailed list of who gave you which gift, including anything you particularly liked about the gift as this will form the basis of your thank you message. You may receive similar gifts from different people, so be sure to note down differentiating factors such as the colour or style so that you remember exactly which newlywed mugs were from which guest!

If you receive money, write down the amount. While you should not include the amount in the thank you card, it is good to think about how you are going to use this money, with the amount giving you an idea of whether it will cover something specific or whether you will be putting it towards a bigger item.

Photo by Atelier Rosemood

5. Personalise the message

If you now have a pile of wedding thank you cards sitting on your desk waiting for your attention then we are sure that you are not alone. Many happy couples will put off tackling their wedding thank you cards as the thought of writing out hundreds of handwritten messages is enough to fill them with dread!

It is, however, important to remember that there is no need to write an essay! Thank you messages can be kept short and sweet as long as each one is thoughtful!

Rotating through a few basic thank you messages is a good place to start, but you will want to then personalise each card with a mention of each specific gift and how you are going to use it. Generic thank you messages do not acknowledge the thought and time that your guests would have put into your wedding gifts!

If you still aren’t sure where to start, here are a few wedding thank you card wording ideas to get you started!

“Thank you so much for being there on our wedding day. It meant the world to us that we could celebrate with you. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.”

“Thank you for being there on our wedding day and for your beautiful gift! We were so happy to receive the lovely crockery set that you so kindly gave to us. We look forward to using it for years to come.”

“We are so sorry that you weren’t able to make it to our wedding. We had a lovely day and were thinking about you. We would like to make sure that you know how much you were missed and that we are so appreciative for the gift that you sent us.”

“Thank you so much for attending our wedding! We had a lovely day and were so happy that you were there. We are so grateful for your generous gift that we will be adding to our honeymoon fund.”

Photo by Atelier Rosemood

6. Handwritten notes are best

Whilst the idea of writing out a pile of wedding thank you cards by hand probably doesn’t fill you with joy, there is no denying that handwritten messages are by far the most sincere way to share your gratitude.

Whilst you can cheat by typing part of your message when ordering personalised wedding thank you cards online, it is still best to add a handwritten note to mention the specific gift you received and to sign off your cards by hand! If you are a bit of a stationery lover, treating yourself to a new pen might be all the motivation you need to start tackling your wedding thank you cards!

7. Choose your cards to suit your day

If you poured your heart and soul into finding the perfect wedding invitations and planned the most elegant wedding reception, make sure that your wedding thank you cards are as unforgettable as the big day itself!

Your wedding thank you cards will be your guests’ last glimpse of your wedding so it is nice to have them reflect the theme and colour scheme that you chose. Your guests are sure to be impressed when they realise that your wedding thank you cards are coordinated beautifully with the rest of your wedding stationery, so consider ordering to match!

Photo by Atelier Rosemood

8. Make use of your wedding photos

Not only will the style of your wedding thank you cards remind your guests of your big day, but it is also your wedding photos that will bring your wedding day flooding back! Your wedding thank you cards are a great chance to give your wedding guests a first glimpse of your professional photos and show off your favourite parts of the day.

From confetti shots to group snaps, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to choosing photos for your thank you cards. Our advice would therefore be, to take the time to flick back through your wedding photos to find the ones that best capture the magic of your day and the photos that mean the most to you!

9. Write them in batches

If you had a large wedding, there is no way that you are going to be able to get through all of your wedding thank you cards in one go and your hand will probably not thank you for it if you try! Instead, put aside a little bit of time over a few days to split up your wedding thank you cards into manageable piles.

You should also divide the workload with your spouse, writing half of the cards each. Try to make it a fun experience for the two of you by playing your favourite music in the background as you go or by keeping yourselves fuelled with your favourite snacks or drinks.

Whilst it can be tempting to draft in others to help, remember that the most important part of your wedding thank you cards is the personal message, and this can only be written by the happy couple! That’s not to say that you can’t ask Mum and Dad to help address and stamp the envelopes though…

Photo by Atelier Rosemood

10. Factor them into your wedding budget

Planning a wedding is a complicated financial matter and you will not want to forget about your wedding thank you cards and wedding photo album when you are putting your wedding budget together!

Make sure that you have some pennies left over after the big day and bear this in mind when choosing your design! There are wedding thank you card options out there for all budgets, with generic note cards available on the high street and a wide range of personalised wedding thank you cards available online!

Photo by Atelier Rosemood

Hopefully, these tips from Atelier Rosemood will help you feel equipped to tackle your wedding thank you cards. Bearing these few simple pointers in mind will help make sending wedding thank you cards as painless as possible!

If after the big day you find yourself falling into the post-wedding blues, making a start on your wedding thank you cards is the perfect remedy! There is no better excuse to get your wedding photos back out and to take another look at your wedding gifts, so get together with your spouse and make a start on that pile of cards!

Atelier Rosemood offer a wide range of high-quality wedding stationery from save the date cards and wedding invitations to on-the-day-stationery and wedding thank you cards. We work with talented independent designers to bring stunning wedding stationery to future brides and grooms worldwide. Based in Nantes, France, all of our wedding invitations and stationery can be personalised and ordered online, and will be checked by professional proofreaders and graphic designers before being printed at our very own atelier.

Peter Rowland is known for creating memorable occasions and is an intrinsic part of Melbourne’s food culture. For over five decades, they’ve been helping bridal couples design incredible wedding food and hospitality experiences, ensuring they have the perfect wedding day. Today we’re chatting to Emma Yee, CEO of Peter Rowland about how the business has evolved, the bespoke menus and experiences they offer, and what kinds of foods work best for the season your wedding is in.

Where is Peter Rowland based?
We have teams in Melbourne and Sydney. Depending on your budget, we can create a wedding anywhere in Australia, or indeed anywhere in the world.

How long has Peter Rowland been in business?
For more than 50 years Peter Rowland has been creating memorable occasions, ranging from intimate gatherings, weddings and cocktail parties to catering for major events such as the Melbourne Cup Carnival and World’s Longest Lunch.

Was Peter Rowland always intended to cater for weddings or did this evolve?
Naturally. We evolved from home catering and parties to weddings. It has been a privilege to collaborate with thousands of bridal couples to create their dream weddings for over 50 years.

What services do you offer bridal couples?
We collaborate with couples to create their perfect day down to the very last detail. A wedding day needs to reflect the couple and we help with every aspect of that including the setting, menu, flowers, styling and the entertainment.

What types of venues do you work at?
It’s impossible to imagine a more personal and individual event than a wedding. We understand that. We help couples find the perfect place, whether that’s a gallery, a country estate, an industrial warehouse, by the beach or somewhere you’ve never even dreamed of.

What are some of your favourite venues?
The historic Rippon Lea Estate in Elsternwick, Victoria has 14 acres of picturesque heritage listed gardens, ideal for on-site ceremonies and photos and the magnificent ballroom features an ornate chandelier, stunning architectural details and original parquetry dance floor.

At the other end of the spectrum, Butler Lane in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond is a modern renovated warehouse space with an open plan interior leading to a secret walled garden. It’s a favourite with couples looking for a creative blank space to bring to life a magical wedding.

Do you work closely with any local vendors?
We work with a number of local vendors, including florists, videographers, wedding cake suppliers and equipment hire. Our relationships with suppliers can streamline event planning for the couple to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery on the day.

How would you describe the food you serve at weddings?
In a word bespoke. A wedding is one of the most personal occasions in a couple’s life. The menu and style of service is a reflection of the couple’s personality and the types of food they love and want to share with their friends and families.

Highlights from our current menus are:

  • Dinner – Smoked lamb loin rolled in hempseed served with tomato and fennel sofrito, white bean gnocchi, fresh tomato and mozzarella
  • Cocktail – Scarlett prawn with caramelised miso, crisp wonton, cucumber and finger lime

Our international menus are tailored to suit the individual tastes and cultural influences of each couple

Which menu is the most popular?
Each menu is bespoke to the tastes of the couple. This is their signature event and the food should reflect their tastes and personality.

What kinds of foods work best for a winter wedding?
Winter vegetables and darker meats such as beef and game. Duck is a popular choice. We love to offer Great Ocean Road ducks where each duck is truly raised with love. The farm is 100% sustainable growing all its own produce such as Jerusalem artichokes and rhubarb which is fed to the ducks. The farm also produces its own apple cider vinegar which is sprayed onto the duck’s food. As you can imagine the taste is incredibly delicious and perfect for a special occasion

What types of foods work best for a summer wedding?
Seafood and lighter meats such as lamb are popular for summer weddings. A lot of couples like to make a statement by serving caviar during the canapé course. It’s the perfect celebration food and of course pairs with champagne beautifully

What catering trends are you seeing this year?
Platters of food shared family style continues to be a big trend.

Most memorable wedding Peter Rowland has been a part of?
There are too many to name, however I can’t help but get emotional when our staff choose to get married in a Peter Rowland venue. Quite recently our Production Kitchen Head Chef Liam Van Grondelle married his long term girlfriend Mel at Butler Lane.

What is your dream menu?
I love a shared menu, it reminds me of family dinners around the table growing up and everyone laughing and sharing what happened during their day. BUT, my favourite all time MUST-SERVE dessert is the Peter Rowland Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding!

What do you love about weddings?
It’s a privilege for us to collaborate with each couple to create their vision for the perfect day. For me, Its seeing the dress the bride choose It never gets old.

Thank you Emma for sharing the Peter Rowland story and philosophy with us today! What amazing food and experiences you’ve been creating for couples for over 50 years. To find out more about Peter Rowland’s services, head to the Peter Rowland website or check them out on the Polka Dot Directory.