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Music or songs, they say, can be the soundtrack to your life – marking moments big and small. A particular song can so often remind you of an occasion, a moment, a feeling and when people live and breathe music then you know they will give you more musical moments to treasure. Daniel and his team at Mercury DJ Hire are professional DJ’s with a passion for music and a wealth of experience behind them.  When you love what you do, delivering the most professional experience, and reading the mood in the room, ensures that the dance floor will always be packed with guests doing their best moves and letting their hair down. State of the art equipment, mood lighting and a DJ for the duration of the reception, adds to the great experience and will make it a night to remember. Daniel joins us to tell us his story.

Who is Mercury DJ Hire?

We are a group of friends who grew up DJing together since our early teenage years, DJing is our passion and we are lucky enough to do this for a living.

As you are a team of 4 DJ’s do you all have different (DJing) styles and what does each of you bring to your profession?

Essentially we are all very similar in style and skill when it comes to DJing. As music is the forefront of what we do we are constantly talking music and listening to music and showing each other moves/combo’s and flow when it comes to mixing and playing music.

How did you choose this as a profession and how long have you been DJing? Does experience in this industry count?

We didn’t chose it as a profession as such, it is just what we love to do – I have been DJing for 18 years now and the boys have been DJing from 12-20 years also. Experience is very good to have to help hone your craft and improve your performance but I wouldn’t say it’s everything. After all the best DJ in the world has to do their first gig sometime…

You and your team have a passion and commitment for your profession. What does this mean for the bridal couple who engages you?

We are very focused on making sure the whole process is an amazing one from start to finish. Not only do we want to deliver on the couple’s expectations but we pride ourselves in going above and beyond what the couple expects from a DJ. We constantly get feedback from couples who are blown away with our product and service and that is what we want to do.


Image by Will Chao Photography

What sorts of concerns/questions do you most often get asked, by couples?

What happens if the DJ can’t make it on the day? We have never had this happen but if it does due to unforeseen circumstances we have DJ’s and systems in place that can fill in on a moment’s notice.

What are the advantages of choosing a DJ over a live band?

I personally like to hear a Michael Jackson song sung by Michael Jackson and a Daft Punk song sound the way Daft Punk made it to sound. DJs are also more flexible with music variety and flow and can change/mix songs as they need to too suit the vibe and crowd.

When choosing a DJ and music, what should couples consider?

Consider a DJ that has everything you want, can deliver the product and service you expect and will accommodate to your requirements. Also keep in mind a good DJ doesn’t need you to supply a playlist for the entire night, it is best to let it happen naturally and make it work for your guests on the night.

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Image by Mercury DJ Hire

How many meetings with the couple do you typically need?

Just one about 4 weeks before the wedding to discuss the run sheet timing, music, style and vibe for the night. It’s also so nice to meet the couple and get to know them because we are with you at your Wedding and want you to feel comfortable in the fact we are there to help you on your big day.

Are you available for any extra assistance should the couple need it?

We are there to make anything work, sometimes it means playing longer, or organizing a special mix of songs for your first dance, whatever it is we are here to make that work.

How do you help a couple choose the music for the event?

We sit down with them and show them all the options and get an idea of the vibe they are into to help narrow down and choose the best options for the big day.

Are you also able to provide music for various stages of the night, such as during the ceremony or dinner?

We typically provide music from Pre- Dinner drinks right through to the end of the night.

We can also help with Ceremony if required but more often than not the Celebrant would take care of that.


Image by Will Chao Photography

What if I wanted to include some music from my own culture/heritage, can you help with this?

That is totally fine and encouraged as that is a great way to connect with your guests.

Are you experienced at ‘reading the crowd’ to keep the dance floor pumping? What does this mean in practice?

Yes that is the defining factor of a good DJ or a great DJ. For me it is all about the feeling, you know where the music needs to go as a feeling rather than following a time or structure, if it feels right then usually it is right.

What unique wedding ideas have you helped to create?

We help create the vibe for most of the night, each wedding we do is unique and we never just assume to do the same thing over and over as one thing that worked last week might not be right for the couple this week.

You must DJ at many different events. What is it about weddings that you enjoy?

Weddings are hands down the best, everyone is in the best mood, everyone wants to party and have fun and we get to dress up and dance and play music all night with you and your guests.

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Image by Mercury DJ Hire

Is Melbourne a great place to be involved in the music industry?

Melbourne is the best place – for everything!

How do you stay current with music trends and songs? Is music a big part of your life away from DJing?

As music is a constant in my life it is almost difficult to not keep up with it. As I studied Audio Engineering at uni and have been a music producer and DJing since I was 15, it is safe to say everything I do involves music in one way or another.

Working at night and on weekends, how do you make sure that you preserve a work/life balance?

I am very conscious to keep the balance right – I spend a lot of time with my wife and kids as well as doing A LOT of Weddings every year but as Weddings are seasonal there is always busier times and there are months usually through winter when you may get a night off so it kind of balances itself out.

Thank you Daniel for sharing your story. There’s nothing like good music to get even the most staid person on the dance floor – and going above and beyond your expectations as the team does, delivers the best experience. To find out more about Mercury DJ Hire visit the website.

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Real bride Barbra in our ‘Maggie’ Bertossi Brides gown – White Pearl photography

The perfect veil for the modern bride is certainly a difficult decision. There are a multitude of options and styles to choose from and knowing what best suits vs. what is on trend is a fine line. Lengthy, flowing and decorated veils have made a comeback to give more contemporary and simple dresses an extra something on the day…(hello Meghan Markle)!! 

We are finding a huge interest in veils at the moment! This was something that predated Meghan and Harry’s wedding – however, Meghan hasn’t so much worn something ground breaking but very on trend. Not only was it very now, but also suited her perfectly. Many of our brides have been wearing simple, clean line dresses and adding the ‘wow’ factor in their veil choice. It is a fantastic look, which is timeless and elegant but very stylish and modern at the same time.


Real bride Jade in our ‘Michaela’ Bertossi Brides gown – Studio Impressions Photography


Real bride Lucy in our ‘Lana’ Bertossi Brides gown – Yellow Bull Weddings


Real bride Barbra in our ‘Maggie’ Bertossi Brides gown – White Pearl photography


Real bride Tiana in our ‘Taina’ Bertossi Brides gown – Ivy Road Wedding Photography

Real bride Tegan in our ‘Chelsea’ Bertossi Brides gown – Kait Photography

About Paddington Weddings: Incorporating Bertossi Brides, our ‘less is more’ philosophy has built up an excellent reputation within the Australian bridal industry, winning many awards over the last 25 years. We are renowned for our simple, classical and elegant designs, only working with the best quality silks and European laces.


Photo by Jonathan Ong via Simone & Christian’s Wedding 

With the Winter chill hitting the air, it’s time to consider how to put the ‘wow’ factor into your Winter Wedding.

Bring your Ceremony Time Forward

As wedding planners, we always suggest an earlier ceremony time during non-daylight savings and the cooler weather months to take advantage of the light.

Having an earlier ceremony time means you can get the most out of the sunny day and then the afternoon sunlight for your post ceremony canapes and cocktail hour. Around a 1pm or 2pm ceremony start time is a nice ballpark, meaning you can start to move into your reception round 5pm just as the sun starts to set.

Keep your guests cosy and warm

  • Gas heaters – Consider hiring gas heaters to scatter around your outdoor break-out spaces and indoor areas to take the chill off the air.
  • Blankets and Rugs – Providing baskets to dot around your wedding with blankets means guests can sit down and chat with a cosy blanket and keep warm during the function.
  • Fire Pits – If your venue has one make sure its kept lit! Otherwise, you can request to BYO fire pit. The added comfort of a warm fireplace is always a bonus and a fun focal point for guests.

Photo by Zoe McMahon Photography via Emily & Stephen’s Wedding

Spice it up with a Wintery Beverage

Why not do something different and instead of Pimms for your post ceremony drinks, add a warm or wintery style drink to your bar menu. You could do a spiked hot chocolate with baileys or a spiced warm Sangria to really embrace and use the season to your advantage.

Spiked Jaffa Orange Hot Chocolate

Spiked Jaffa and Orange Hot Chocolate 

Work with the Winter Colour and Styling Palette

Any style can apply to Winter weddings, but it really lends itself to embrace wild Winter and Autumn colour tones. Think Burgundy, berry red, blacks, pops of gold and deep greens for your florals or napkins, plus add tonnes and tonnes of candles. This is always my tip as it really creates that moody, cosy vibe in your reception space.

Photo by White Vine Photography via Grace & Tom’s Autumnal City Wedding

Winter is often overlooked for weddings as it doesn’t have the balmy summer evening vibe – but there are so many benefits for a winter wedding! Often venues have discounted rates, suppliers and vendors have more availability and once your guests have a few vino’s and hit that dance floor, the chill is completely forgotten.

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Ms Zebra Says: these tips are so handy if you’re planning a winter wedding! Simple & easy ways to make the most of the chilly weather, but keep your guests and loved ones warm whilst they celebrate you!

Written by Wedding Planner and Stylist Vanessa Bragg from The Wedding and Event Creators. Vanessa founded the company off the back of her own wedding when she found it difficult to trawl the internet and find reputable suppliers and vendors and wanted to help others! She’s a self confessed Pinterest nut & doesn’t mind a cup of coffee (or a wine) depending on the time of day!