We are huge cheese lovers and we love the alternative of a ‘cheese-cake’, and cheese boards for dessert or for starters! Any time really! More cheese, more often. That’s how we live.

Combos of cheese & why they work together for a cheese-cake tower

You always want to have a mixture of soft, firm, blue, and semi firm. We try to create a tower that not only looks amazing but ‘eats the right way’ and has a little bit of everything for everyone, so you’re not left with a mountain of the ‘not so popular’ cheeses.

Soft is the most popular- double cream, triple cream, brie, camabert, washed rind. Being soft limits them in a stacking application as they cannot go on the bottom, and are usually made in medium-small rounds – a good option here is to have your cheese-cake stack, and then offer up some more soft cheeses on the side when you get into the eating part).

They way they stack is important and sizing comes into play here. We source our cheese through Calendar Cheese Company and they are a big help when it comes to sizing and what’s in season and we go from there.


Figs when in season (which is usually peak wedding season – so that’s a win!), red grapes, vine leaves are all things which look great on a cheese-cake. For the more adventurous try things like fresh honeycomb (which pairs amazingly with a blue), cape gooseberries (when in season), pickled baby onions, and poached mini pears all look great but also are eaten well with cheese.

We love garnishing with edible things that make sense with whatever it is that you’re serving. That being said you also cannot go past a sprig of rosemary here and there.

Average Cost

For a five stack cheese-cake tower (as Rach & Tom had), you’re looking at approx $800 of wholesale cheese. You’ll also need to factor in lots of breads & crackers, cured meats & small goods (if desired), dried fruits, olives, quince paste, a plethora of pickles, nuts, grapes etc… As much as cheese is the best, you need accompaniments, and it would be a shame to spend all that money on a beautiful stack of cheese if your guests can’t enjoy it!

Source your cheese 

We use mostly Calendar Cheese Company which source the best cheeses from Australia & abroad. We also source directly from some select suppliers such as Bruny Island Cheese Co, and some local Mornington Peninsula makers like Main Ridge Dairy, and Boatshed Cheeses, all of which make incredible award winning cheeses.

If our clients are after something particular, we source it. There are a lot of great cheesemongers around Melbourne who share our passion for cheese and source the best and most interesting cheeses.

All images by Photographer Daniel Milligan via Rachel and Voss’ Rainy Tanglewood Estate Wedding 

Any other cheese-cake wisdom you can share?

Get out to your local cheesemonger, and talk to them about what you like and try samples! Cheese is such a special thing, and the further you venture down the cheese rabbit hole, the more and more you’ll fall in love with the wonders of the cheese world.

Ms Zigzag says: This is handy advice if you’re thinking about a cheese-cake tower for your wedding or any wedding-related event, but can be just as easily applied to when you’re putting together a cheese board at home. 

About the author Mr Hall Catering: Food is everything to us at Mr Hall. We love what we do, and love sharing it! We take our ingredients pretty seriously, so we source the best stuff from as close as possible, this means our menus change with the seasons.

It’s Cake Month on Polka Dot Bride so this week on Behind the Door I’m very excited to be visiting a business that’s completely obsessed with baking and all things sweet, Melbourne’s Little Bertha. Little Bertha was started thirteen years ago with a focus on supplying quality homemade cakes and biscuits to Melbourne’s famous cafe scene. The bakery has gained a reputation for cakes that not only look beautiful but taste homemade and delicious too. I love their cute blog with the slogan “born to bake” !

Operations Manager Adi tells me that Little Bertha pride themselves on the quality of their ingredients and were one of the first cake businesses to introduce genuine free range eggs as an important starting ingredient for all their cakes. “Everyone gets really excited about eating cake at an event” says Adi  “but we don’t want them to just be excited about how pretty the cake is, but also how it tastes”. Although I think it’s fair to say that Little Bertha’s cakes are beautiful to look at too!

Adi tells me that over the last couple of years they noticed a real trend of stylists, venues and couples asking them to do cakes for weddings and events. “Customers were particularly interested in using our cakes to create dessert bars” says Adi “so we have created some perfect packages for weddings, including petit four towers, cake bars and even biscuits for wedding favours. Little Bertha have a gorgeous website, which makes online ordering easy, or are very happy to take appointments to create your dream dessert bar too. There’s even a hire package that includes cake stands and display pieces to really create that wow factor.

One of the most fantastic things about Little Bertha is their ability to provide cakes for all different dietary requirements including wheat free, nut free and even vegan! I love the idea of replacing your wedding cake with a petit four tower that means everyone gets to eat their favourite kind of cake and no one misses out because of their dietary requirements.

Little Bertha has a home in inner city Abbotsford where everything is baked on site in a delicious smelling kitchen. Cakes can be picked up directly from the warehouse or delivered in little Bertha’s fleet of sweetly illustrated delivery vans. What a fantastic idea not just for weddings but hens and kitchen teas too!

All images by Iron Chef Shellie

Ms Zigzag says: Amelia always seems to discover the most darling wedding vendors to feature in her Behind the Door column, and Little Bertha is no exception with these sweet little cakes!
About Amelia Waddell of Make Your Day Wedding Styling: I’m a wedding stylist and proud store owner who loves to chat weddings with everyone and anyone! I love to talk shop with other business owners (particularly over some chocolate cake!) and am the first to try and have a sticky beak behind the scenes of any event. My free time is spent ‘investigating’ new cafes, stores and events. Make Your Day Wedding Styling is my creative outlet and I love nothing more than that ten minutes just before the guests enter the wedding reception, it feels like a special sort of magic!


Neale and Maciej’s Joyful Urban Engagement Party 

In February this year, we featured Neale and Maciej’s joyful engagement celebration held on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne. Among many of the factors that we loved about this party was the glorious, rainbow cake that they cut together in the company of their friends. We spoke to Mai, owner of Cayks and creator of this masterpiece, about the inspiration behind the design.

“For Neale and Maciej, I love that the ideals behind the flag that symbolises equality for all – the colours represent the diverse nature of love and humanity. This was what I wanted to bring into the cake design but in a way that was classic and not too feminine.”

Ms Zigzag says: The cake colours and florals perfectly complement the celebration and the outdoor setting by the Yarra. 

About Cayk: Cayk was brought to life in 2017. This was the year where I felt comfortable and confident in my own authenticity. There are a million bakers out there that will provide you with beautiful and perfection. My work is not about the commonly beautiful or perfection. For more on Mai and her baking business Cayk, click the link here.