I love to look a behind the scenes photos. or really photos of industry events- putting faces to names, seeing the vibrancy, colour and atmosphere! The Wedding List Co sent over these shots of their first wedding party! On Wednesday, 17th of November, Wedding List Co got together with Coco Republic in Brisbane and held the first of their “Wedding Party” events. Guests arrived to a night of expert registry advice accompanied by glasses of fine champagne, canapes and gourmet marshmallows with owner of Wedding List Co – Karaline Loiteron and Coco Republic Interior Expert Noel Smith.

On departure couples received good bags packed with dreamy gifts including a Kivi tea light holder from the Wedding List Co.



This lucky couple also won the Coco Republic Palace Aluminium Round Side Table valued at $1,725!

Yummy gourmet marshmallows were served.

From left to right: Karaline Loiterton, Brioney Prier, Alicia Coughlan, Anne Marie Ferraro, Pip Stanford

On Wednesday the 24th of November, the event hit Sydney….

Photos from Wedding List Co by SugarLove Weddings

I’ve been playing with creating a 3D animated fairytale book since I saw a fairytale book opening in Shrek 2 a couple of years ago. After going to so many weddings and receptions, I was getting very tired of seeing the same old photo montages stuck up like a glorified power point presentation – especially as animated projection technology is so commonly available now in theatre productions -and what is a wedding but a big show!

So back at the studio, we used my upcoming wedding anniversary as an excuse to create a 3D book with photo montage to give to my husband.

We used a 3D programme called Maya to create the book. I selected some meaningful photos and wrote a short story about our relationship. I even added our song that we used in our wedding ceremony as the backing track.

It took a few weeks to iron out all the technical issues but I did manage to give it to my husband for our anniversary! Of course he loved it and now I’m looking at doing one for my honeymoon photos as well.

Image from The Animated Bride

Ms Polka Dot says: Here we have something a little different! Created by Marianna of The Animated Bride it offers many possibilities – from your engagement, to your wedding and as Marianna says, to your honeymoon photographs. Thank you for this creative idea Marianna!

Marianna says: I like to create creative animations and invitation designs for anything wedding related! A capriosca is my cocktail of choice!

Springtime in our little design studio sees us creating a huge amount of wedding cakes. Amongst the cakes adorned with sugar roses and delicately piped lace,  we sometimes have some bold and intrepid designs.

Chris and I love to push the envelope and think outside the box in terms of design and technique in cake decorating. To us this does not mean garish colours, blinking lights and all the trimmings. It means using a technique that creates an impact and a lasting impression.

Chris’ training is both as an artist and a pastry chef so when these two aspects meet the results can be amazing.

My favourite cake for this year’s spring wedding season is the rose, lily and butterfly cake.

Rose, butterfly & Lily detail

Decorating rose & Lily cake

painting rose & lily wedding cake

We worked with a gorgeous couple who were styling their wedding with a vintage, summertime aesthetic and their invitations had botanical drawings of lilies and roses and butterflies. Chris used these as the basis for the design of the cake. The only way to replicate the botanical drawings was by painting them on to the cake and to add some life, texture and a wink to the motifs of the wedding he added a  butterfly to the top of the cake. The butterfly was handmade and painted by Chris to match the antique botanical drawings on the couple’s invitations. It was made from icing.

This cake is different. It is bold, clever and beautiful. All these things can be achieved without being hit around the head with too much of everything!

Painted rose, lily wedding cake

Ms Polka Dot says: How we love to see the creativity of our vendors here at Polka Dot Bride! Isn’t this the most gorgeous creation? So perfect for a springtime or summer wedding!

Cake Occasions is a small boutique cake atelier located in Paddington, Sydney.
Our principal designer and co owner Christopher Chavez has over 15 years experience and before starting Cake Occasions four years ago, he worked at both Sweet Art and Planet Cake. He is a well-respected member of the cake design hierarchy.

The Cake Occasions style is modern, clean and sophisticated and lots of fun!

After a hard week creating cake art in their atelier, Chris likes his Amaretto Sours and  Alisa her Blood Orange margarita with heaps of salt!

All photographs taken by Cake Occasions