Image by Samuel White Photo, Floral Design by Nunu Designs

What is your favourite in season bloom this spring?
Nunu Designs:
So hard to chose just one! Ranunculus and Sweet pea. And for later in spring Peonies and Dahlias.

Basia Puchalski:
Ranunculus, Lilac and Blushing bride followed by the Peony which appears only in November.

Jade McIntosh Flowers:
I love budding branches and blossom. Jonquils, daffodils and forget-me-nots always remind me of my grandmothers garden. They start popping up in late Winter but they just feel like Spring to me!

Images by Alex Jackson Photography, floral design by Gathered Floral

Gathered Floral:

Definitely anemones, which bloom in early Spring. I have grown anemones from corn bulbs and they look great planted en masse. They are available in whites, reds, purples and pinks with either a dark centre or a white / green centre.

Victoria Whitelaw Beautiful Flowers:

That would have to be beautiful old-fashioned lilac. It has a subtle sweet scent and is available in various shades of lilac, purple and also white.

I love to include long stems of lilac in beautifully abundant English style arrangements, and it’s also lovely tucked into smaller posies and bridal bouquets for its fluffy texture and gorgeous scent.

Image by L Photography, Floral Design by Basia Puchalski

Image by L Photography, Floral Design by Basia Puchalski

How does the Spring season inspire you?

Nunu Designs:

All the different colours, shapes and textures of all the blooms coming into season has my brain racing to create with anything I can get my hands on! The warmer days and lighter mornings make jumping out of bed at 3.30am to head to the markets a whole lot easier!

Basia Puchalski:

Once the cherry and apple blossoms on trees start to bloom you know spring is around the corner and you can start to smell the jasmine in the air. The start of spring is always exciting for florists, because the flowers you haven’t seen all year, make their appearance again.

Image by Weddings by Tim, Floral Design by Nunu Designs 

Jade McIntosh Flowers:

Spring hits and I remember just why we do this! Love is in the air and the sun is out – it’s a magical time!

Gathered Floral:

The Sydney Flower Markets are now exploding with colour heralding the journey into the warmer months. As well as gorgeous local spring blooms, exciting textures are now available and my personal favourites include pierus, blossom, wax flowers, hellebore and after dark foliage.

Victoria Whitelaw Beautiful Flowers:

Spring is the time of year that most trees and plants burst into bloom and what florist wouldn’t be inspired by that? We really are spoilt for choice during the months of spring and so many flowers have a delicious fragrance at this time.

Image by Matts Photography, Floral Design by Jade McIntosh Flowers:

What is your hot tips for spring styling in florals?

Nunu Designs:

Don’t be afraid to add some pops of colour! We are all so busy in our day to day lives so it’s great to relax and have a bit of fun with your designs.

Basia Puchalski:

Spring bouquets: think soft and flowing with trailing jasmine and garden Roses, Sweet Pea, Ranunculus to add texture and movement to the bouquet.
Also, rose petals as confetti always look stunning in photos as the couple walk down the aisle together. Other alternatives to try instead of rose petals, are Olive or Gum leaves and dried flowers petals.

Jade McIntosh Flowers:

Don’t forget about foliage! With so many amazing flowers coming into season, it’s easy to focus on this big bold blooms (yes, we all love peonies too!) but the right foliage can add texture and contrast and really make those flowers POP.

Gathered Floral:

My hot tip is that garden style florals will be the next wedding floral trend here in Australia. I like to use the spring blooms to create a light and airy bouquet with lots of movement such that the flowers are almost dancing. Adding generous trailing silk ribbons can also create movement against a soft breeze.

Victoria Whitelaw Beautiful Flowers:

Select blooms that are in season locally which ensures their longevity and is also better for the environment. Springtime in Melbourne offers such beauties as peonies, snowball vibernum, lily of the valley, daphne, freesias, ranunculus and anemones. Opt for abundant bouquets and arrangements and steer towards colour rather than neutrals.

Image by Laura Manariti, Floral Design by Victoria Whitelaw Beautiful Flowers

What is your favourite venue (or type of venue) for a spring time soiree?

Nunu Designs:

Garden and seaside weddings! I love an outdoor venue and one that has some epic structures to do some hanging installs always gets my vote. I’m always so happy to see the faces at Bendooley Estate Berrima and Headlands Hotel Austinmer.

Basia Puchalski:

My favourite venues for spring are those with gardens around the venue, as the flowers will be in bloom. And I love big glass windows so you can enjoy the view.

Jade McIntosh Flowers:

Spring is perfect for outdoor weddings and receptions! Evenings start to warm up, but the days aren’t so hot that the flowers melt before your guests arrive.

Gathered Floral:

Somerley House, Sutton Forest in the Southern Highlands. This venue is high on my wish list!

Victoria Whitelaw Beautiful Flowers:

As the weather warms up, you can’t go past an outdoor venue. A ceremony held in a garden bursting to life followed by a reception in a clear-roofed marquee with a view out to the stars above is the perfect springtime venue!

Ms Zebra Says: Thank you to our amazing creative genius’ in the form of Floral Designers / florists! Your wisdom and knowledge of Spring flowers and blooms never ceases to amaze and we are so lucky to have you all contribute your favourites and of course knowledge with us!

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Today we’re chatting to one of Sydney’s most passionate wedding dress designers, Angela Osagie of Angela Osagie Bridal. With almost 20 years in the business, Angela has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to creating the most stunning wedding dresses. She prides herself on going above and beyond for her clients to make sure each and every one of them has an incredible experience throughout the process of designing their dream dress. In our chat, Angela also reveals what’s changed in the wedding industry during her time in it, and what the biggest trends in bridal fashion are right now.

Tell us about Angela Osagie Bridal…
Angela Osagie is an independent studio and we are located in Rozelle, a leafy suburb of inner west Sydney. We specialise in finely detailed and exclusively made bespoke wedding dresses. The brand was born from a love of fine fabrics, softness as an aesthetic and fluidity of design. I am obsessed with the ‘perfect fit’ and the art of service is the heart of my business.

How long have you been in business?
I have been in business for close to two decades. Recently re-branding under the name ‘Angela Osagie’.

What’s changed since then and now?
The industry itself is always in a state of flux, everything ‘wedding’ is always transforming, always fresh. This includes the dress. There are less rules now and tradition has broken its confines of culture.

Many trends have come and gone, but the passion and dedication for ‘bridal couture’ invariably remains firm.

Images: Stewart Douglas Photography

How have bridal gown trends changed?
Brides are more open to expressing their individuality with colour and non-traditional bridal silhouettes, such as jump- suits, crop tops, and sheer layers. Many are wanting a more relaxed feel in general, and often incorporating fashion features into traditional forms.

Run us through the process of getting a custom-made dress from you…
The process is very much about active listening and open communication. I do encourage the bride to research and develop an approximation of what she wants before we meet. Then together we can explore in depth her ideas.

The early process involves sketching, draping of fabrics, this part is hands on, quite playful, creative and always informative.

Then we create the toile (mock up). This reveals the structure of the dress, in alignment with the bride’s body and design concepts. Followed, there are generally another three to five fittings to bring the dress to a finished stage.

Image: Highlight Reel Productions

How long before her big day should a bride book and order her dress from you?
The whole development usually takes eight to 12 months this is optimal planning time for a relatively stress-free process. This timeline also gives the bride freedom to concentrate on the many details of her wedding plan. However, we understand that life doesn’t always go to plan, so just ask if your circumstances offer limited time, we might be able to accommodate you.

Can you offer styling advice throughout the process?
Yes, I do, I love hearing about all the ideas and helping my brides to navigate through the infinite choices. Her shoes, accessories and underwear – all are integral to the final aesthetic.

Where do you source your fabrics?
I work closely with a number of fabric merchants, who visit international fabric expos and world best fabric mills, bringing the latest and greatest that the textile world has to offer back to Australia.

You also have a House Collection. Tell us more about that…
Our ‘House Collection’ showcases a range of current trends, mixed with our most passionate signature styles. There are fabulous ‘Pret-a porta’ options, that also work as inspiration for our brides who are looking for a custom-made wedding dress.

Images: Stewart Douglas Photography

What have you noticed about dresses you’re designing in 2019?
2019 thus far has been about delicate lace, illusion necklines, 3D details and all kinds of intricate embroideries.

Most memorable or favourite dress Angela Osagie Bridal has created?
This is an impossible question, like having to choose a favourite child. Every dress has a story and each is precious for its uniqueness.

Can you share any lovely stories or testimonials from your brides?
We often work with brides who travel quite a distance to our studio, which is a great compliment in itself. It is not uncommon to witness the girls twirling in their dresses at the final fittings, and just not wanting to take them off! For me, this response is the ultimate praise for a job well done.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt working in the wedding industry?
To remain true to myself, design is hard work and it must come from real passion. I remain grateful to the fact that I work in an industry, that lets me do what I love every day and the most important aspect as a couture designer, is the bride and her vision and managing this through to completion.

Images: Rick Liston

What’s the most challenging aspect of your job?
Finding the right people to support the brand, so that I can concentrate and focus on design. Being able to delegate and yet maintain the brand’s vision.

And what do you love most about your job?
The creativity, the diversity of working with unique personalities each time I design a dress. As an artist I love the entire process from start to finish, but the final stage, when I see my bride overjoyed with the dress is what sets my heart on fire.

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?
I work with nature, with crystals and earth energy grids.

Three things you like to do when you’re not working?
Yoga and meditation practice, working with crystals and energy healing.

A huge thank you to Angela for sharing the Angela Osagie Bridal story with us today! Your dedication to your brides and their dresses, plus your passion for what you do, is absolutely heartwarming. To see more Angela Osagie Bridal gowns, head to the Angela Osagie Bridal website or check them out on the Polka Dot Directory.

Image in banner courtesy of Highlight Reel Productions

Image via Jesus Peiro

It’s a misguided fashion myth that sleeves on a wedding gown need be reserved only for a Winter Bride. These days, bridal sleeves can and should be seen in all seasons, all weather conditions and across all the incredible bridal styles available to a contemporary bride.

Bridal sleeves can of course provide warmth and flattering coverage, but they can also be embraced as an opportunity to make a beautiful statement feature and modernise any look. This Spring we can expect bridal designers to showcase an exciting variety of sleeves in luxurious fabrics, varying lengths and shapes and with often intricate and stunning detail. The challenge? Finding the correct sleeve for you that will complement your shape and personality without compromising the style of the dress you have always dreamed of.

Here are 6 Stunning sleeve design trends to consider this Spring

Dreamy Tulle Sleeve

Whether it’s an homage to “80’s fashion” or a traditional Renaissance style, the stunning puff tulle sleeve is a modern-day winner! Any voluminous sleeve, whether constructed from chiffon, tulle or queen satin, is best suited to a slim-line silhouette such as a mermaid, trumpet, sheath or column style gown. The tulle sleeve will add romance and femininity to any look. The modern sheer sleeve is perfect for elegant garden or beach weddings as the transparency adds formality but allows for breathability during the warmer months.

Image via Elena Morar

The French Lace Sleeve
The classic French lace sleeve transcends all seasons. French Chantilly laces are absolutely stunning, but their intricate details and delicate nature definitely mean they give off a more traditional vibe. The beauty of a Spring wedding is there is usually a good balance of warmth and cool, making a longer sleeve totally appropriate. Expect to see wonderful marriages of modern geometric patterns and more romantic florals and lattice detailing in this Spring’s bridal designs.

Image via Amanda Wakele

Seamless Tailored Sleeve

The Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle has definitely played a hand in bringing this stunning “less is more” look back with her custom Givenchy wedding dress. And a simple sleeve in a silk satin material might just be the perfect addition to your custom gown.

TIP: a ¾ length sleeve is the most flattering length for everyone as it creates the illusion of length. However, a full length sleeve looks beautiful and elegant when hemmed slightly above the wrist and paired with a simpler, non-embellished gown. Keep in mind that a long sleeve can draw attention to the hip area when your arms are by your side. To avoid this, add some embellishment and detail away from this area that will draw the eye elsewhere.

Image via Atelier Eme

The Polka Dot Edition

This year there has been a huge demand for embroidered tulles as bride’s are moving away from more traditional floral laces. Embroidered laces are extremely feminine and are available in a wide variety of contemporary styles and patterns, often featuring geometric lines with a romantic leaf pattern to add a delicate and feminine touch. You can also expect to see a lot of embroidered polka dots this Spring! We are just loving this modern twist on an old classic!

Image by Rime Arodaky

Extravagant Statement Sleeve

Fall/Winter 2019 was all about the statement sleeve and we absolutely loved it. And this trend is looking like it’s here to stay in Spring. Whether it be a unique voluminous shaped, flared or beaded, this is the perfect addition to any look. This stunning flared sleeve gown, pictured below, showcases the complimentary contrast between silk organza and a subtle hail spot tulle.

The layered neckline extends into a dramatic, but somehow still soft, bell sleeve, tying it back to the tailored fit and flare skirt. A statement sleeve doesn’t necessarily mean heavy embellishments. It could be as simple as a pure silk fabric, cut in a unique way to add a special, contemporary touch.

Image via Atelier Eme

Touch of 3D

Previously, 3D florals have been extremely popular with brides looking to add a texture and dimension, as have capes, veils and trains. However this Spring, we can expect to see a different take on the trend. Instead of laser cut fabric florals, designers are looking to more subtle and traditional methods of bringing texture into bridal designs.

The antique gold coloured thread, seen in the stunning gown pictured below, adds contrast against the ivory fabric and could easily be used to create a statement without having to over-embellish. If you’re wanting to achieve this same look, you could also opt for a fine tulle or georgette base, with a hand applied embroidered floral lace or beading.

Image via Phillipa Lepley

Ms Zebra Says: What a gorgeous array of dresses – and I must say, I personally love a sleeve! Thanks d’Italia for this wonderful look at Spring sleeve fashion!

About the author D’Italia: Bridal couture and custom made wedding dresses are a specialty of d’Italia. Whether you are looking for a vintage wedding dress stores in Melbourne, a lace wedding dress or any style at all – you are assured the exact bridal style you want, with custom-built corsetry to fit you perfectly, at a fraction of the cost of bridal-boutique gowns.

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