It started with a cup of tea, then turned into dinner, then turned into forever. Tegan and Dominic’s love is built on friendship. And on this day, eight years later, they celebrated it with their closest.

The pair made it official in a beautiful ceremony overlooking the panoramic vineyards of Ironbark Hill in the Hunter Valley, but they only had eyes for each other. Smiling through their vows and promises, and holding each other’s hands tightly as they walked down the aisle and towards their future. Best friends forever, as they say.

Lovereel’s videography team was there to capture the first day of the pair’s new chapter. Next destination: honeymoon adventures. But we’ll leave them to it…

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Brisbane couples really are spoilt for choice when it comes to unique and beautiful wedding venues. With 10+ years experience as marriage celebrants conducting weddings in Brisbane at more venues that we can count, we are excited to take you for a tour of a selection of Brisbane’s most charming, modern and stylish venues.

Brisbanes unique wedding venues

Victoria Park

Beginning our tour perched on an elevated area, surrounded by parkland on the outskirts of Brisbane’s CBD in Herston, is the renowned Brisbane venue Victoria park. Offering a whopping 6 unique event spaces to choose from, each with its own dedicated ceremony space adjoining the function room.

This venue has been thoughtfully designed to maximise the city views with floor to ceiling windows and when day turns to night, your view transforms to the glowing lights of the city. Wedding guests appreciate the food, service and free parking onsite parking (as do these Celebrants!).

With a wedding at Victoria Park, you get a dedicated team of wedding coordinators who will make sure every little detail is confirmed and everything goes seamlessly on the day. From ensuring the grooms boutonnieres are straight, to cueing the bridesmaids went to start walking down the aisle. This highly experienced team have got you covered for a picturesque wedding venue with impeccable service.

Photography by Studio Impressions Photography

City Winery

Lovers of fine wine and foodies rejoice! If your idea of an amazing wedding involves indulging yourselves and your guests in the finest flavoursome creations, paired with great wines, City Winery is a must to check out!

Centrally located in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, foodies are cueing up to experience the flame cooked seasonal menu, designed by the Head chef utilising fresh, locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. City Winery opened in early 2019 and offers couples the opportunity for an indoor ceremony with the elegantly rustic backdrop of a wall of wooden wine barrels, followed by a cocktail or sit down reception all with the ultimate in ambiance and five star service from the entire City Winery team.


Photography by Soda Wedding Photography

The Calile Hotel

Next stop is this stunning, stylish hotel located in the James Street precinct of Fortitude Valley and having opened its doors late 2018, is a delightfully fresh addition to the Brisbane wedding scene. The Calile Hotel is home to several uniquely designed function spaces, that cater for wedding ceremonies and receptions for small to large groups, including indoor and outdoor terrace spaces, a rooftop space with sweeping views of Brisbane City and even a unique amphitheatre, with inbuilt seating for wedding guests.

Being a hotel, The Calile can also accommodate all of your guests, giving you those destination wedding vibes (even if you and your guests are locals) as you relax around the pool with your nearest and dearest on the days leading up to or after your wedding. And don’t forget the onsite spa for that pre or post wedding pampering!

The Calile Hotel wedding venue Brisbane

Photography by Lover of Mine

QUT Venue CollectionOld Government House

In the heart of Brisbane between Brisbane’s City Botanic Gardens and the Brisbane river, is QUT venue collection, which includes a stunning variety of unique venues.

With its iconic Brisbane history, Old Government House is a popular choice for couples to wed. Offering a variety of unique ceremony locations, in and around the building, with wet weather sites catered for and even a classical piano available for use if required.

The private open-air courtyard within the house is surrounded by tall sandstone brick walls. Perfect for an elegant ceremony followed by cocktail hour celebrations, before heading to the onsite Room 360 with its breath taking views to party the night away.

Photography by Studio Sixty Photography

W Hotel Brisbane

This funky new Hotel in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD opened in mid 2018 providing the ultimate venue for couples looking for a modern, bright, funky and fun space. It boasts a variety of function rooms and spaces, from non-traditional ball rooms, through to penthouse suites with floor to ceiling windows all with a luxury meets contemporary vibe.

The staff at W Hotel are brimming with enthusiasm and will totally share in your excitement of the day, while sharing their vision and ideas. Oh and did you know this is actually a dog friendly hotel, which means your beloved pooch could even join you at you ceremony and play ring bearer, and can even spend the night in a suite if you wish?!

Photography by Soda Wedding Photography via Michael Taylor PR Wedding Ladies Lunch

Howard Smith Wharves

This historical Brisbane riverside venue has been the talk of the town since undergoing a huge refurbishment and opening in late 2018. Located in Brisbane City with the Story bridge soaring directly over the complex and a river frontage offering the most picturesque of photo opportunities.

Offering a choice of 12 venue spaces, designed to cater for 10-1000+ guests, Howard Smith Wharves can cater perfectly for the smallest most intimate of weddings through to the grandest of celebrations.

Guests that are travelling to attend can enjoy the convenience of the onsite Fantauzzo art series hotel, in addition to the many restaurants within the complex.

Photography by Dreamlife Photography

The Warehouse

Fresh to the Brisbane wedding scene having opened mid 2019, our tour takes us back to Fortitude Valley to soak in the charm of The Warehouse. This beautiful old building that has recently been refurbished is full of character, designed to host bespoke celebrations, with a grand indoor event space, and an open-air rooftop which we think is the perfect spot for a wedding ceremony followed by an intimate reception.

Or for larger groups, head down a level and experience the grand loft style function space with exposed brick walls and endless photo opportunities.

Photography by Todd Hunter McGaw; Styling by Main Event Weddings

We hope you enjoyed the tour of these unique Brisbane’s unique wedding venues and that if you are on the venue hunt, that you found some inspiration. We highly recommend booking an appointment with any of these wedding venues for a guided tour and to learn more about their individual characteristics and inclusions. Wishing you the best with finding your perfect wedding venue!

Ms Zebra Says: There’s so much to love about Brisbane and all it has to offer with unique and amazing wedding venues! Thanks for sharing Jamie and Cara!

About Jamie + Cara – Brisbane City Celebrants: We are a modern, happy and passionate wedding celebrant duo that simply LOVE celebrating love!

Choosing an engagement ring when you’re partial to a particular colour is easy. But what do you do when your jewellery box is a melting pot of metals and the thought of committing to one colour for the rest of your life is enough pressure to produce a diamond?

Refer to SH Jewellery’s engagement ring metal comparison below, which examines the most popular gold and platinum metals to help you arrive at a decision that your lifestyle, budget and skin type can all agree on.

Image via SH Jewellery

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The more traditional choice overlooked for white gold in recent times, currently plotting a spectacular comeback.

Composition & Colour 

Pure gold is too soft to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and is easily scratched, so yellow gold engagement rings contain a combination of pure gold and other metals like copper, brass, zinc and silver, which are added to make them stronger.

The universal measurement for gold is a karat (K), which can be divided into 24 parts. Pure gold is 24K, meaning 24 of the 24 parts are gold. 22K gold engagement rings do exist, however 18K (75% gold), 14K (58% gold) and 10K (around 42% gold) are more common due to their stronger, more scratch resistant qualities.

The colour of yellow gold engagement rings differs depending on the karat (i.e. the percentage of other metals present). 18K produces a richer, more vibrant yellow, while lower karats offer a paler shade. The warm patina of yellow gold is due to the red influence of copper and the green caused by silver.


Yellow gold is not as durable as white gold, so when comparing rings of the same karat, yellow gold will wear and tear faster than white gold. If you’re particularly active, or you work with machines and equipment, white gold may be a more suitable option.

Skin Type

Yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic of gold metals, meaning it’s least likely to cause allergic reactions.

Skin Tone

Darker and olive-toned skin make for a beautifully contrasted backdrop to a yellow gold engagement ring.


Yellow gold engagement rings are around the same price as their white and rose gold counterparts, as the pure gold component in all of these rings is the same: an 18K yellow gold ring has the same pure gold component as an 18K white or rose gold ring.

Yellow gold engagement rings can, however, be less expensive than white gold engagement rings, as yellow gold does not require the additional labour and production costs associated with rhodium plating – more on this below.

Source: SH Jewellery

White Gold Engagement Rings

A contemporary favourite due to their durability, brightness and ability to enhance a diamond’s sparkle.

Composition & Colour 

Like yellow gold, white gold contains pure gold alloyed with other metals, such as silver, manganese, nickel, zinc and palladium. The purity of white gold engagement rings and wedding bands is also measured in karats, most commonly purchased as 14K (58% gold) or 18K (75% gold).

White gold engagement rings are usually plated with rhodium (a platinum group metal applied to reduce scratching and tarnishing), which produces a chrome-like reflective finish. This makes white gold a popular choice for engagement rings due to its ability to intensify a diamonds’ sparkle.


Despite being harder and more scratch resistant than yellow gold, the rhodium plating applied to white gold engagement rings will wear over time and requires re-application every one to three years, depending on use.

Re-plating is a quick and easy process and the fully restored shine dramatically improves the ring’s aesthetic. At SH Jewellery, re-rhodium plating is performed in-store by Master Jewellers usually as a next day service for *$60 for a basic ring, subject to change.

The strength of white gold also makes it ideal for engagement rings, as white gold prongs are quite stiff, requiring less frequent tightening than yellow or rose gold prongs.

Skin Type 

Some white gold alloys can cause allergic reactions to certain skin types due to their nickel content, so people with sensitive skin are advised to select rings with a higher palladium content. The white gold rings available at SH Jewellery are of 18K purity and contain palladium, making them less likely to cause irritation to sensitive skin.

Skin Tone

White gold works particularly well with lighter skin tones, though its ability to reflect a diamond’s sparkle makes for an impressive engagement ring ensemble on just about any skin colour.


Karat for karat, the price of white gold is slightly more than yellow gold, due to the materials used in alloying and there are additional costs associated with rhodium plating to make the metal stronger, brighter and more scratch-resistant.

Source: SH Jewellery

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

The romantic’s choice available in varying shades of pink, rose and red that work particularly well with vintage-style engagement rings.

Composition & Colour

Rose gold is predominantly pure gold and copper, often blended with other metals; the exact percentages of which differ from jeweller to jeweller and are considered a tightly held recipe for the perfect shade.

The greater the copper content, the richer the pink, so choosing a 14K (58% gold) rose gold engagement ring will produce a stronger pink than an 18K gold ring (75% gold), as the 14K rose gold ring contains less pure gold and more copper. A silver component can also be added to reduce the redness, achieving a softer blush of pink.


The copper content in rose gold makes it stronger and more durable than yellow or white gold. No re-application is required with rose gold and it maintains its shine for a lifetime without tarnishing. The copper component can however darken with age and appear slightly redder over time, producing a naturally aged vintage effect.

Skin Type

The copper in rose gold engagement rings is not considered a hypoallergenic metal, making it more likely to cause allergic reactions than yellow or white gold.

Skin Tone

Rose gold is a versatile colour, however it is particularly popular among women with pale skin.


As with yellow and white gold, the primary ingredient in rose gold is pure gold, so price depends on karat; the percentage of pure gold in a 14K rose gold ring is the same as a 14K white or yellow gold ring, so the value is relatively equal.

Source: SH Jewellery

Platinum Engagement Rings

The rarest of all engagement ring metals symbolising solidarity and prestige.

Composition & Colour

Platinum rings must consist of at least 95% platinum to be considered genuine. They have a naturally metallic appearance, which like white gold, brilliantly enhances a diamond’s sparkle.

A platinum ring will maintain its colour over time and will not tarnish like white gold, which requires rhodium plating every one to three years to maintain its brilliance. Platinum is about 20% denser than white gold and requires more of it to make the same ring setting. This produces a heavier, more substantial feeling when worn, even with a finer band.


Platinum is a popular choice for engagement rings due to its strength and non-corrosive values. Although it’s softer and more easily scratched than 14K gold, platinum prongs are almost impossible to break due to their ductile qualities.

Unlike gold, which loses tiny slivers of metal when scratched, platinum gets pushed around rather than completely removed. This produces a patina finish, giving the ring an antique appearance. While this can be corrected with polishing, some people quite admire this worn effect.

Skin Type

Platinum’s purity makes it naturally hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin types.

Skin Tone

As with white gold, platinum is typically well-suited to paler skin tones, though compatibility is subjective – only you can decide what works best with your skin tone and nobody will spend more time admiring the ring than you.


While the market availability of platinum fluctuates, there are various other factors jewellers take into account when pricing their platinum engagement rings. Not only is it more dense, requiring more material weight to produce the same ring from white or yellow gold, but it is also purer; most platinum is 95% pure, whereas 18K white gold is 75% pure gold.

Platinum is also more difficult to work with, requiring greater skill and therefore increased labour costs. Unlike white gold, platinum cannot be reused and remelted, so scrap metal or filings must be sent to a refiner, which can also increase the cost. For the most up to date pricing for platinum vs. white gold vs. rose gold browse the exclusive range available at

Source: SH Jewellery

Choosing an Engagement Ring Metal: Prioritising Criteria 

At the end of the day, no one metal reigns supreme – celebrity engagement ring trends will pass, all metals require maintenance, and each type boasts its own unique qualities, compositions and colour variations.

Trust your instincts, rank your criteria in order of importance to you and consider how your metal will ultimately complement the most important feature of your ring – the diamond/s. Once you’ve decided on a metal type, the next step is choosing a jeweller who offers extended 10-year warranties, complimentary lifetime aftercare and free engagement ring cleaning to ensure your ring maintains its brilliance long after it leaves the shop, no matter which metal you settle on.

About the author SH Jewellery: As an independent jeweller, the SH Jewellery collection is exclusive to our brand, allowing us full creative freedom over the look and feel of our engagement rings and wedding bands. All our rings are designed in-house at our Springvale showroom, combining decades of design history with modern influences from across the globe.