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When it comes to amazing wedding venues, it’s hard to go past a beautiful country setting… and this week on Behind the Door I’m visiting a truly spectacular venue, EarthHouse in Byron Bay.

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EarthHouse is a purpose built wedding and event space, with boutique accommodation, set on a 110-acre farm in the Byron Bay Hinterland. Sitting high on a ridge in a unique rural setting, this special place offers spectacular views out across the Corndale Valley towards the Nightcap Ranges. Secluded from a tree-lined road, the first glimpse of EarthHouse’s gardens takes your breath away. Manicured lawns sweep down towards the sprawling branches of a 100-year-old fig tree. Jasmine trails beneath stone walls and the scent of Magnolia and Gardenia floats in the air.

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EarthHouse owner, Munro Black, says his family knew they had discovered a very special part of the world when his parents, Alastair and Jackie, moved to the property in 2005. “The Byron Bay Hinterland is one of the best kept secrets around,” says Munro. “Within a 30-minute radius, you can travel from some of the world’s best beaches to the stunningly beautiful countryside, with its rolling hills and farmland, rainforests and waterfalls, and never-ending views of both the mountains and the ocean”. Returning to the area from overseas in 2012, Munro wanted to create a wedding venue that captured the beauty and soul of the landscape, drawing inspiration from the rammed earth homestead and cottage his parents had built. Following two hard years construction, EarthHouse was completed in January 2015.

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The mediterranean inspired event space sits nestled at the bottom of the garden. Its rammed earth building offers a spacious interior room with an open fireplace, polished concrete floor and soaring cathedral ceiling above exposed timber trusses. This opens onto a large veranda that is suspended above the valley, overlooking the beautiful hinterland view. EarthHouse caters for a wide range of events, from intimate elopements and micro weddings to larger weddings of up to 120 seated guests. For ceremonies, there’s the beautiful fig tree overlooking the valley and of course endless amazing photo opportunities throughout the grounds, including stunning shots from the paddocks on sunset.

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Munro reveals EarthHouse was specifically designed as a blank canvas, so couples could put their own stamp on the venue styling.

“EarthHouse works with the best local suppliers and vendors, including stylists, planners, florists, lighting, and furniture hire, who all bring a couple’s vision for their big day to life,” says Munro. “The venue has been purposed built with this in mind and, in all honesty, you can do as little or as much as you like to it, which is one of the best things about it.” Having said that, EarthHouse has had some amazing styling and spectacular set ups in the building and every week is different, in keeping with the individual style of each couple.

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EarthHouse also offers boutique accommodation in a rammed earth cottage that features two independent, queen rooms. These thoughtfully appointed living spaces each include an en-suite bathroom, breakfast pantry, walk-in robe and private rear courtyard. There is also a common courtyard, surrounding an open fireplace, that looks out across the valley and mountains. The cottage is a beautiful space for small bridal parties to get ready or the bride and groom to enjoy their first night as newlyweds.

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What a romantic venue with so much character, such a perfect reflection of the stunning Byron Bay Hinterland surrounds!

Ms Floral Says: How amazing is Byron Bay and the stunning EarthHouse! What a divine venue for those wanting to tie the knot in the Byron Bay Hinterland.

About Amelia Waddell of Moonstruck Bride: I’m a proud bridal store owner with a love of exploring creative spaces. Whether it’s an office, event space, workshop or retail store I love seeing how other wedding businesses create their own special magic. When I’m not fitting brides I love immersing myself in everything wedding, in the name of “research” of course.

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Wedding videography is so powerful in the way it brings all those beautiful memories of your wedding day flooding back. There’s nothing like seeing your day in motion and hearing all the joyous moments played back to you. Today, we chat to the talented videography team at Lovereel about why having a videographer on your vendor dream team is oh-so important, and why couples often regret not having one.

Above, they have also shared a stunning short film with us that really shows off how amazing a wedding video is at capturing all the emotions and details of your big day. Sophie and Michael’s wedding day was filled with sunshine and smiles, kind words and honest promises. The two said ‘I do’ in a charming venue in front of Athol Hall overlooking the stunning Sydney skyline, and finding moments of quiet amidst the echo of blissful laughter.

Keep reading to find out more about the magic of wedding videography…

Any wedding videography ideas you would like to share?
We’ve found that quite a few couples were not really aware of the fact that we (the videographer) love to come along to our couples’ photoshoots on their wedding day. Typically, we let the photographer do their thing with our couples whilst we film it all and we try to keep out of the way as much as possible. We often capture some of the most beautiful footage from the day at our couples photoshoots and you can see that it really stands out in our wedding films, and makes our couples wedding films all the more memorable. Some couples also like to have a video specific shoot which we’re more than happy to do. This gives us more flexibility in the shots, i.e. we could have the couples running through fields of long grass towards the video camera with beautiful scenery all around us.

What is something couples should consider when choosing a wedding videographer?
My advice would be just to be cautious when considering a photographer and videographer in one combo. Many are great and experts in both mediums. However, some specialise only in photography, not videography. It is simply an optional extra which they can offer their couples which would appear convenient at the time, typically offering a “discount”  on the videography if the couple book both both services. I believe couples might regret this decision because, if they had just spent a little extra time and a little extra money on finding themselves the perfect wedding videographer, one who specialises in wedding videography, they’d be far more likely to find themselves enjoying their wedding films and actually wanting to watch them back for years to come.

Why is not having a video is a couple’s biggest regret?
This is a couple’s biggest regret simply because it’s often difficult to remember everything that happened on what is a whirlwind of a wedding day. Photos help, but video actually allows you to see and hear everything. But if you are going to hire a wedding videographer for your wedding, make sure you hire one who’s work you’ve looked at thoroughly and absolutely love. You might also want to make sure that they include all the raw footage, so that you can watch back through everything your videographer captured for you on the day, in addition to any edited wedding films. 

Can you tell us a little about the various packages of wedding video options out there? What are the differences?
This is a bit difficult to comment on because every business is different. For us, we include the raw footage for all of our couples, and couples have the option of ordering as many wedding film types as they’d like. Some couples even choose only the raw footage and later request an edited film on a significant anniversary! We have four different film types for couples to choose from and there are examples of each on our website: Teaser Film, Highlight Film, Short Film, Feature Film. Again, different businesses will offer different types of wedding films with different names, and each business will have their own way of editing them, so it’s best to simply watch what each business has to offer and make your decision based on this, and not on who’s the cheapest (you only get one shot at doing things right).

Here’s a brief description of each of our film types anyway, just to give you an idea of some different options.

Teaser Film
A super short trailer-like film showing some highlights of your wedding day, edited to music with no audio narrative, between 30 to 45 seconds in length.

Highlight Film
A short and sweet film showing the absolute best bits of your wedding day, edited to music with no audio narrative, approx. three minutes in length, mostly chronological.

Short Film
A mid-length film telling the story of your wedding day, edited to music with audio narrative, approx. five minutes in length, mostly chronological. Sophie and Michael’s wedding video (at the top of this feature) is an example of a Short Film.

Feature Film
A full presentation of your wedding day with the main focus on the ceremony and reception speeches. Any other important parts of the day will be edited to music with no audio narrative and cut to show only the best bits e.g., preparations, first dance, cake cutting etc. Up to a maximum of two hours in length which is plenty of time for most weddings, mostly chronological.

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Ms Floral Says: There’s nothing like revisiting your day over and over again with a gorgeous wedding film! Thank you for the reminder of its importance.

About Lovereel: With various wedding film options to choose from and all the raw footage at your fingertips, Lovereel offer an affordable yet highly professional wedding videography experience.

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So many people ask me what is the point of shooting on film nowadays when digital is so easily accessible and reliable. Well, I shoot ALL weddings and elopements on both film and digital! Usually I shoot one roll of film (36 photos) and generally a few hundred snaps on digital for one wedding. I could be like many other wedding photographers and simplify my life by just shooting digital and not having to worry about the extra time and money spent on bringing along my film camera, but here is why I don’t. Here is why it’s worth it.

1. It’s Truly Being In The Moment 

Film makes us slow down and consider every single image, which is really important when we’re capturing a truly meaningful moment. Amongst the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of digital photos I take at your wedding, I normally end up choosing around 10% of these to be edited and sent through to you. Digital makes it so easy to endlessly and needlessly keep shooting even when you’ve captured the moment, because there’s no harm in just taking more photos (I mean apart from the fact it’s a lil exhausting). But when I capture a moment on film, I’m really considering everything and make sure it’s a genuinely honest, raw and real moment that’s worthy of being one of the thirty six moments on the roll of film. I’m so much more present and aware of that shot, and because of this I almost always end up including every single film shot on the roll to be included in your final images.

2. It’s Unique Aesthetic

Film has this super rad, retro, old school aesthetic that digital, and even edited digital photos, just can’t replicate. Unlike digital which is so easy to manipulate, edit and throw a filter on, film has its own vibe that can’t ever be fully copied. It’s entirely unique. Digital has a whole lot of other things on film like high resolution (big photo sizes) and more, but it has never ever been able to capture light the way film does. To put it simply, it just makes natural light looks super rad.

3. It’s Something Different

Almost all the weddings I shoot are with couples who are pretty untraditional and their weddings are very much a reflection of this – from Angi and James’ 70s bowls club elopement, to Claire and Andy’s birthday-turn-suprise-backyard-wedding. I’m all about making your own rules and celebrating in a style that’s genuinely you as a couple. Shooting film is another element to this: it’s something different and a little retro, and it’s something that other wedding photographers don’t do. It’s a little nostalgic and a bit of a throwback to the era your parents got married in (without the corniness of most 70s wedding photos), and the simplicity of technology before digital kicked in and kinda started to overrun our lives a little. Most of all though, it’s about being super present in those important moments, and capturing them in a way that’s real and unique.

Ms Floral Says: This is such a special service you offer your couples, Em! What a brilliant way to slow things down and really consider what moments will make the most beautiful memories.

About Em Jensen Creative: Em is not your average wedding photographer – for not your average lovers. I LOVE to shoot offbeat, quirky and eccentric love stories! I shoot weddings + elopements on film as well as digital. I’m BIG into the candid, authentic, unposed and un-corny vibes, and all about capturing a vibe. Weddings involving road trips, bowls clubs, dive bars, motels, or anything at all with Wes Anderson vibes are my JAM, but any kind of alternative celebration is right up my alley!

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