Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is good for the soul and Katie of The Wedding Nest brings a special talent with her interior design background and her eye for style and the touches that make a room sing. Now she offers her expertise to you through her online emporium of all things tasteful, stylish and eclectic. Express your individual style through her easy to navigate website by selecting those items for your home that will add those special touches to your first home together – with pieces that are going to be meaningful because they were bought with love by people you love. Memories of the people who gifted you the piece always make you smile and that’s the best kind of gift as you know that you’ll always find a place for it – no matter where you live. So let’s take a peek behind The Wedding Nest today.

How long have you owned The Wedding Nest?

Almost 2 years!

Image by Amanda McLauchlan Photograhy

What is your career background? What was it that led you to The Wedding Nest?

I have Design background – working over 12 yeas as an interior designer both in commercial/retail and high end residential

Felt like I had finally come out of the fog of having a baby and had a real desire to achieve something separate from raising my little girl. I had always planned on going back to my previous Interior Design position but this opportunity came up and I couldn’t believe my luck. My brother sums it up nicely, “Katie you get to spend all day sourcing and looking at homewares and buying them!”

Image by Lavana Dancer Photography

What unique talents have you bought to The Wedding Nest?

From my previous experience of working in Interior firms you are very client focused and making sure the client knows exactly what is happening and when. Communication with clients is very important to me! I want them to feel at ease during what can be a very stressful time in their life.

Can’t forget my office Pug Peggy, she is very talented!

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Have you bought a new direction to the business?

The new website was launched which allows for better navigation and search methods, more interaction and most importantly more products!

How is The Wedding Nest different to other wedding registries?

The design focus is really big for us due to the interiors background.

Any item over $300 automatically becomes a ‘contribution gift’, where guests can choose how much they would like to spend. This allows couples to include the larger ticket items such as furniture and art works.

The Wedding Nest also offers gift cards that the guests can add their own special message for the happy couple. As a special personal touch we have collaborated with a writer who pens the message as calligraphy.

The couples registry is shown as a lookbook designed to showcase the couple’s gifts and style. It was modelled off the Pinterest layout style, we are obsessed with Pinterest!

Like every other aspect of your wedding, your registry becomes an expression of your individual style to inspire your guests. We style your registry like a magazine with your dream home inspiration style photos integrated with your wedding gifts.

Your guests won’t just feel like they are giving you a gift but that they are helping you create your dream home.


Image by Lavana Dancer Photography, Image by Amanda McLauchlan Photograhy

Being solely online, how do you customise your offerings to couples?

Wishing wells can be customized to your gift and amount. These monetary gifts are really up to your imagination. Be it a romantic dinner on the beach or a snorkeling tour, why not have your grandparents pay for your pool side cocktails!

Add your own gifts – seen something you really want that we aren’t showcasing, we can add up to 5 of your ‘own gifts’ to your registry.

Image by Lavana Dancer Photography

You’ve grouped your items into four styles. Please give us a brief description of each?


Sleek lines and hot designs this edgy collection will create a uber cool and contemporary space. Choose from abstract artworks, wishbone chairs and fluoro vases.


A bohemian mix of colours, contents and a dash of wabisabi – your home will be brimming with gypsy soul. Choose from one off Kantha throws to Indian etched silver chargers and painterly patterned cushions.


Whether its industrial, French country or classic Parisian-chic, pieces in this collection will  savoir-faire your home. Choose from a studded linen chair, an oversized carriage clock or scallop edged ceramics.


Whites, blues and all things natural this collection encompasses coastal style and beachcomber treasures. Choose from driftwood lamps, sustainably sourced coral and colourful hammams.

Image by Amanda McLauchlan Photograhy

How do you choose the items for your registry? Do you make sure that you follow trends?

We are very lucky to have so many avenues to source new product – Trade fairs all over the country. instagram, Pintrest and Facebook. Social media is fantastic for sourcing new up and coming brands especially Australian based companies.

I do try to most avoid trends as we want our gifts to be timeless and the couples to love for a very long time.

Image by Lavana Dancer Photography

Would you give us five tips to consider when buying items from a gift registry?

Firstly register, which is free and simple to do.

We then recommend couples browse through the categories and brands plus check out the example registries to get a feel of how the registry ‘lookbook’ is setout, which they can customise later on.

Go crazy and add everything you like as you can add or remove items when ever you like.

Couples can send through information to us so we can make suggestions for you,  happy to discuss over the phone what style direction you would like to go in and if there is a product you are really after let me know as we may be able to source from one of our suppliers.

  • Go with what you and your partner like and need, everyone has different styles and there are so many nice things to choose from. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help too.
  • Guests really want to be able to purchase some that makes you happy.

Have a good selection of price points – books are a great starting base! 

Image by Lavana Dancer Photography

Your items are beautifully styled. Are you able to advise on styling to make the most of the items purchased?

For Sydney based clients the Wedding Nest is the only registry that offers a home styling service. Our initial consultation is free of charge. We will visit your home to run through the gifts to see what items would be perfect for your style and taste to be included in your registry.

Interstate clients we discuss over the phone and even sometimes via facetime.

Please offer us some of the most important styling tips to add the most style impact in our homes?

We always recommend Vases and soft furnishings – flowers are a great way to mix up an interior. You can add texture and colour with throws and cushions.

Arm chairs are a great place to start with changing the look of your living area plus a great rug.

And of course we can’t go past art. There are so many amazing and affordable pieces to choose from in a plethora of colours, patterns and sizes! Be it an original piece or a photographic print.

Compiling a mood/ concept board can be really helpful to make cohesive design decisions – we just can not get enough of Pinterest!

Ultimately the key to creating timeless style is to choose items you love that really speak to you and your partner, not only pieces that are “on trend”.

Image by Amanda McLauchlan Photograhy

If we receive something from The Wedding Nest that is not really our style, are we able to return it and choose a replacement item?

We understand that sometimes gifts you see online are different to what you imagined in real life, so if you are unhappy with any of your gifts let us know within 7 days and we would be happy to organise an exchange.

Are you able to ship Australia wide?

Yes we do!

Image by Lavana Dancer Photography

What are your other interests apart from design? What exciting things have you discovered?

Love cooking and preparing menus. Love searching for healthy recipes that are really good. I have discovered some great cooks

My partner is a very good cook who loves to try out new recipes so I am very lucky!

Thank you Katie for sharing the story of your inspirational business. There are so many yummy items on Katie’s website  that your main problem will be trying to stop at ordering just a few! To find out more about The Wedding Nest visit the website.

Headshot courtesy of The Wedding Nest.

Image via Grace Loves Lace

With the advent of the internet and sites like Pinterest, inspiration for your big day is everywhere. Since there are so many choices readily available, you may find it difficult to select the perfect wedding dress style that is a reflection of your own distinctive personality.

If you need help figuring out which bridal style best suits you, take a look at our guide:

Bohemian Chic

Are you laid back in your everyday life? A bohemian wedding dress often features beautiful lace panels or hemlines that give the whole look a relaxed, but also ultra-feminine feeling. Since it’s one of the more informal styles, a look like this is a great choice for women who don’t want their nuptials to be an uptight occasion, and want to infuse a little bit of fun and free spirit into their ceremonies.

Personal Favorite

  • Grace Loves Lace – The handmade, high quality lace designs of Grace Loves Lace are effortlessly gorgeous and the epitome of boho chic.

Other Collections

Image via Anna Campbell – Alyssa Dress, Eternal Hearts Collection

Old Hollywood Glam

Do retro styles and lavish designs appeal to you? If you’re a fan of the silver screen icons of a bygone era, this is the category for you! An old Hollywood wedding dress can run the gamut of fashion trends throughout time, and the classic luxury and extravagance on display is sure to impress. To make sure it fits in with the other elements of your nuptials, just ensure that everything is reminiscent of the same time period.

Personal Favorite

  • Anna Campbell – The luxurious beading and detailed embellishments of Anna Campbell’s Eternal Hearts collection really makes these dazzling gowns stand out from the rest.

Other Collections

Image via  Muse by Berta

Sexy Elegance

If you want to dial up the sensuality in a tasteful way on your big day, choose a dress in this category! Sexy and elegant wedding dresses are true celebrations of the female form, teasing curves and skin with deep V’s, artistic cutouts, backless gowns, and thigh-high leg slits. If you’re worried about going too far, your best bet is to ask for opinions from a group of friends that you trust. But in the end, it’s your wedding! So you get the final word. Pro tip: To avoid potential humiliation from wardrobe malfunctions, have plenty of fashion tape on hand to keep your bits hidden in the event of disaster.

Personal Favorite

  • Muse by Berta – Despite the translucent materials, deep V’s, and stunning leg slits, Muse’s 2018 collection doesn’t look the least bit trashy. Instead, the gowns are drop-dead gorgeous and show off your assets in a dignified way.

Other Collections

Fairytale Princess

Ever dreamed of having a fairytale wedding? These are the styles with the full ball gown skirts and lots of tulle. A romantic look, princess wedding dresses are perfect for the idealist in you who wants to be treated like royalty on her special day. Women who choose this style tend to have a go big or go home mentality when it comes to their nuptials and aren’t afraid to embrace big veils and lots of ruffles and embellishments.

Personal Favorite

  • Maggie Sottero – The super feminine silhouettes and ornate details of Maggie Sottero’s Platinum collection are sure to make you feel like a princess. An added plus is the collection’s inclusion of designs for plus-size ladies as well.

Other Collections

Image via Cortana

Minimalist Modern

If you’re a no-frills type, this is the style for you! With clear-cut designs and very little embellishments, these modern wedding dresses look simultaneously current yet timeless in an unpretentious way. Often cutting a stark silhouette, this look can include such variety as simple slip dresses to sleek pantsuits to sheath frocks perfectly tapered to your figure. Brides who choose minimalist wedding dresses are often looking to appear classy for their nuptials and have a no fuss approach to life.

Personal Favorite

  • Charlotte Simpson – Charlotte Simpson is a designer known for her minimalist approach to bridal couture. Despite the lack of ornamentation, her creations never look boring and are excellent examples of a more subdued beauty.

Other Collections

Ethereal Goddess

Want to float your way down the aisle? This category is for the bride who has always dreamed of dressing up like a fairy princess or forest nymph. With gowns often adorned with floral or plant-like designs, this super feminine and graceful style includes flowing skirts and slightly see-through elements that provide a sense of delicate airiness or weightlessness. This look would be perfect for a wedding that’s close to nature, such as one held in the woods or in a greenhouse.

Personal Favorite

  • Berta – The alluring patterns and silhouettes of Berta’s 2018 collection would leave anyone breathless and feeling like a goddess.  

Other Collections

Every woman has her own sartorial proclivities that allow her to shine with her own unique light. Hopefully, with this helpful guide, you’ll be able to pick a bridal style that suits you to a tee and is an expression of your best self on your special day.

Ms Zebra Says: I wouldn’t even know where to start, so a big thank you to Jessica for laying out options – and where to find these gorgeous dresses! Happy hunting ladies!

About Jessica Chen: Jessica is a wedding enthusiast, writer, and editor at A romantic at heart, she enjoys binge-watching The Mindy Project when she’s not pouring over fun ideas that she can use for her own wedding someday.

Image by Madison Mortimer via Sarah & Marcus’ Vintage Mission To Seafarers Wedding

With so many baking styles and flavours to choose from, it can be overwhelming choosing the perfect cake for your big day. To help you focus on what you want your cake to look and taste like, here are some topics that can help spark inspiration and tie up your wedding with a delicious frosting bow.  

Image by Stories With Mel via Ellie & Tharindu Whitsundays Wedding at Villa Botanica

What are your interests?

Ask yourself, what type of couple are you? If you like old-time romance, you may prefer a traditional cake with handcrafted floral designs. If you’re into modern things, you may opt for sleek stylings with clean patterns and edges, or the new craze – naked, exposed sponge cakes. If you’re both the life and soul of the party, you may choose something wacky and out there. 

Image by Lovers Narrative via Shalini & Kaleb’s Modern & Elegant Melbourne Wedding

What’s your colour scheme and theme? 

If your wedding has a predominant colour scheme, you may want to complement this with your cake. There are thousands of food colourings, which is great as it means you’ll more than likely be able to find an exact colour match. The same method can be used if your event has a strong theme. Not every wedding needs to be traditional, so you can let your imagination run wild with what your cake dreams can accomplish. Novelty movie-themed cakes or just a creative couple cake topper; start thinking about matching your cake to your interests.

Image by Adele Elisabeth via Tania & Peter’s Modern Romance Wedding at Zonzo Estate

What flavours do you love?

You shouldn’t get too caught up in pleasing everyone else, but you should consider the general allergies of the wedding party. It’s your day so the cake should be to your tastes and your stylings. Even if you have a multi-tiered cake, make sure you compliment the flavours. After all, you’re the one who will be forking out for it to be created.

How many people will it need to feed?

You may have an idea if you’d like a single tiered cake or an extravagant multi-layered masterpiece. Both are great choices, but if you’re giving the cake to your guests you’ll need to weigh up the size of the cake for the amount of people attending. You may decide to choose individual cakes to hand out, or cut a separate cake tray for ease alone. As well as linking to any themes of the day, this is why it’s a good idea to choose your wedding cake last.

Image by Georgie James Photography

Taste the cake before buying

Make sure you go to tasting sessions. Not only is tasting loads of cakes a delicious treat no couple should turn down, it’ll help you get to know the flavours you like. You’ll also get to meet the bakers who will be able to provide suggestions, manage your expectations and plan your cake. Although these sessions will help you decide on your perfect cake, it’s a good idea to go in with some ideas of what you the cake to be like.

Image by Louisa Jones Photography via Elke & Kane’s Relaxed & Intimate Geelong Garden Wedding

With these topics you’ll be able to narrow down what you want to top off your perfect wedding day.

 Ms Zebra Says: Thanks Chelsea for these wonderful tips – so many decisions to make at the one time! However, if you’re still stuck, we have more cake inspiration & answers to all your questions over on our Cake Issue here.

About Chelsea Ellsworth – This article was produced by Chelsea Ellsworth, an experienced and enthusiastic freelance writer who has written for a variety of online publications and magazines.