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Here at Polka Dot Bride, we like to get to the heart of our wedding vendors on our directory. They are on the front line of the wedding industry, they’re creative, and fawn over weddings and love just as much as myself and the Polka Dot Team. So, today we ask Amy Chan of Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry to share what a loving relationship means to her… 

Image by Jenny Sun Photography / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Being in a long term relationship/marriage means you need to learn to compromise and put your partner first. It’s normal to have differences, such as different upbringings and ethnic backgrounds, so you both need to learn to adapt. There is no point at pointing fingers if something goes wrong – majority of the time it’s just a big misunderstanding (though leaving the seat up is a big no no!). So talk it out if you can, and try to understand why things happened the way they did. Chances are you’ll get a better outcome, there’s less arguments in the long run and you’ll actually get a better and happier marriage!

I’m a big believer in doing things together, learning what your partner likes and dislike so you can better understand why they do things the way they do, instead of assuming. Assuming can lead to a big messy misunderstanding and endless fights that’s not worth fighting about in the first place.

Ms Zigzag says: Such heartfelt and meaningful words from Amy today. I especially like the advice about committing to doing things together- I think it’s important to share interests and share your days together! 

About the author Amy Chan Hair and Makeup: Sydney Bridal Hair and Makeup Amy Chan is Sydney’s leading Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist who is internationally published and widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. She has over 17 years experience in the Bridal and Fashion industry and has covered engagements nationally and internationally.

Hidden in an alley in Perth is Wolf Lane. You can’t miss it – there’s a wolf painted on the wall. But open the door and you’ll fall straight down the rabbit hole into a space filled with stunning whimsical wall paintings and vintage furniture all built around Granny May’s collectibles. There’s a little bit of Alice in Wonderland and little Red Riding Hood around every corner, with a world of fantasy and imagination waiting for you to explore and relive your childhood dreams (just watch out for the big bad wolf!). And if the beautiful murals don’t send you into musings of times past, then how about Raid The Lolly Cupboard candy bar, or the Hansel and Gretel Donut Bar? Don’t we all need to escape into a fairytale in our lives every now and then? And what better way to celebrate your wedding than in these enchanting and whimsical surroundings – the beginning of your own fairytale. Alexia shares Wolf Lane’s story.

Please describe Wolf Lane and where it is.

In the spirit of adventure and fantasy, Wolf Lane is nestled down an alleyway off Murray Street. We encourage you to take wander off the beaten track, follow us down the rabbit hole and discover a clandestine space filled with fairytale delights! Our exclusive cocktail bar offers a unique setting for any special occasion.

Image by OK Media Group

Would you describe the style of the décor and special features of the décor?

Our secret abode is adorned with fairytale art; a mix of childhood favorites like Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland and Snow White. Our murals illustrate a world of enchantment, our walls (and ceiling!) are lined with antique treasures and an eclectic mix of furniture creates a cosy environment to enjoy a fancy drink or two.

What was the original idea behind the whimsical décor?

The hidden nature of Wolf Lane and the task of discovering its whereabouts reminded us of fables of exploration from our youth. Like Alice, you will stumble into a quirky world where fantasy meets reality. The interior and décor reflects the essence of Wolf Lane.

Image by Peggy Saas

Granny May plays a large part at Wolf Lane. Can you describe her role in the Wolf Lane history and ethos?

Granny May is the heart and soul of Wolf Lane; an eccentric lover of travel, adventure and kooky collectables! She is the granny we aspire to be – a lady who lives her life with more enthusiasm than most half her age. Her baked treats, antiques, vinyl collection and library of weathered books and journals give Wolf Lane a warm and knowing ambiance.

Image by Peggy Saas

Why do you think jaded adults are so attracted to your story book themed venue?

Every adult carries an element of their childhood with them. Even the biggest bad wolves enjoyed a good fairytale growing up! Entering our realm provides an escape from reality and in this otherworldly place enjoy scrumptious sips and creations.

Is the bridal couple able to book the whole of Wolf Lane for their wedding – using both levels?

Our happily ever after’s take place anytime from Sunday through to Thursday, and Friday & Saturdays during the day only. The entirety of Wolf Lane will be yours to celebrate in.

Is a bridal couple able to hold both their ceremony and reception at Wolf Lane?

Absolutely! Say “I do” in front of our hand painted storybook mural with unique chairs and antique registry table. Receptions to follow in our wonderland of exposed brick walls and Granny May’s antiques and treasures.

Image by Peggy Saas

How many guests can you cater for?

Wolf lane caters for up to 120 of your nearest and dearest.

How can couples make the best use of the space for their wedding?

The open plan layout makes Wolf Lane an ideal space for your big day. We have dedicated areas for ceremony, reception (cocktail style) and dance space.

Image by Peggy Saas

What suggestions do you have for couples to make their wedding unique in this space?

Wolf lane is definitely a unique space already, so it doesn’t take much! Make our non-traditional wedding space truly your own with our fun food stations or signature drinks. Our events are only limited to your imagination!

What brilliant styling ideas have you seen or can you suggest for this space?

I love seeing greenery and deep red florals in the space, added fairy or festoon lighting, simple additions to our very vibrant space!

What are the food specialties you are known for at Wolf Lane?

Our menu is canapé based, classic options with a fun twist. The hardest part of your wedding at Wolf Lane will be deciding on which Little Red’s Party Mix to choose from!

Image by OK Media Group

You also offer food stations. What sort of food is on offer at these?

We offer a range of sweet and savory food stations to satisfy those cravings. From toasties to fried chicken and donuts to jelly beans, there’s something for everyone.

You have Raid the Lolly Cupboard Candy Buffet or Hansel & Gretel’s Donut Bar. Would you please describe these to us, and how couples can use them at their weddings?

Raid the Lolly Cupboard is our take on a candy bar – select from your favorite childhood candy & chocolate (a sugar rush is guaranteed). Hansel & Gretel’s Donut Bar is the ultimate way to celebrate your nuptials – served in Granny May’s biscuits tins with a lot of love.

Image by OK Media Group

One of the attractions of Wolf Lane must be the bar offerings. Are bridal couples able to choose a variety of alcoholic beverages to be served at the wedding?

Provide us with your ideal booze budget and we will lead you in the right direction! We offer unlimited or consumption packages, with options to add cocktails & champagne (yes please).

Are couples able to work with you to create a signature cocktail?

Of course! We offer specially crafted cocktails, including our infamous themed teapots, or even select a brew from our range of home grown and international heroes.

Image by OK Media Group

You also offer a Masterclass on cocktail mixing – perfect for hen’s parties. Please describe this event.

Our Masterclass packages are the perfect way to enjoy a night with the girls. Gather your squad and let our head bartender take your senses on an adventure! Select from our range of packages and our expert bartenders will teach you tips and tricks on creating the perfect concoction. Make your cocktail and drink it too!

Image by OK Media Group

Do you have a wedding planner on hand to help plan the wedding here?

A dedicated wedding coordinator from our team will assist in curating your wedding at Wolf Lane. Should you require a more hands on helper, we can also recommend some experienced wedding planners to assist with your big day.

Do you have a group of preferred vendors that you can recommend to assist the couple?

We sure do. Contact us to view our list of preferred vendors who know our venue perfectly.

What do you love about being in the wedding industry?

Every wedding is completely different and unique to each couple. I have the pleasure of getting to know such a vast variety of brides and grooms and play a small part in their special day, which is so fun! Weddings promote creativity, bring people together and overall facilitate love between all people, no matter who they are!

Thank you Alexia for sharing the story of Wolf Lane. What a magical space to celebrate your wedding in. And those cocktails and Hansel and Gretel’s Donut Bar – well what can we say – yum! To find out more about Wolf Lane visit the website.

Headshot courtesy of Alexia Hadge.

Image by We Are Origami / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Over the past five years in the beauty/hair and makeup industry there has been quite a few changes!
First of all the ever so changing social media platform has grew from connecting with friends to connecting customers to businesses. I’ve never been a tech savvy person but over the years, I’ve had to force myself to learn digital marketing, work out how this all works and how I can implement it into my business. I must say just like a lot of things it was a real struggle at first, trying to find out the most commonly used apps to introduce my business without sounding like I’m desperate to my target audience within Australia as well as overseas.

Image by Two Peaches Photography 

There are so many things that I had to take into consideration, such as posting content at different times of the day, the art of hashtagging, what to post and how it’s relevant to my target audience and how to keep them interested.

Image by Jenny Sun Photography / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Throughout the years I’ve learnt the day you stop learning is the day your business will go downhill. The power of social media and how it can affect and influence one’s thinking is incredible. I was never an active user on personal social media, and would never have thought about utilising this tool to broaden my business. But now, I don’t think I can live without it! Most of my international bookings all come from social media!

Image by Jenny Sun Photography / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Especially in my industry, there are always new and up coming hair and makeup artists, so I had to think of ways to keep on top of my game and implement changes to stand out from the crowd.  From a one man team to over 10 staff and growing in the span of a few years, we are always changing our approach in our artistry, keeping up with trends but still keeping my signature style, which is natural, effortless and beautiful. But one thing that hasn’t changed, and will not change is our approach to making all of our clients happy.

Image by We Are Origami / Makeup and Hair by Amy Chan Makeup and Hair Artistry

Ms Zigzag says: Thanks so much to Amy Chan for taking the time to sit down with us to chat business and digital marketing. We are so proud of her continuous success. 

About the author Amy Chan Hair and Makeup: Sydney Bridal Hair and Makeup Amy Chan is Sydney’s leading Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist who is internationally published and widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. She has over 17 years experience in the Bridal and Fashion industry and has covered engagements nationally and internationally.