100 Mile Cafe – Melbourne

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I’m not normally a big fan of gimmicks with restaurants, I like good food, good wine and great company. But The 100 Mile Cafe in Melbourne changed my thinking!

The 100 Mile Cafe is based on the premise that all food and drink served in the restaurant is found within 100 miles. The wine list comprises some of my favourites from the Yarra Valley (Victoria’s best known wine region) but also includes offerings from the Macedon ranges, Geelong and the Mornington Peninsula. They’re open  to the fact that some items cannot be found in Victoria- such as the coffee, which is grown in Byron Bay on the coast of New South Wales.

The restaurant is located within Melbourne’s new Melbourne Central complex and overlooks the State Library with it’s floor to ceiling windows. In the summertime, patrons can sit on the balcony and enjoy the views!

Due to the original premise, there is a large emphasis on sustainable living and the eco friendly lifestyle. The restaurant features natural woods and timbers and even the bathrooms have gone ‘green’. A raised area comprises brochures, leaflets and books such as Al Gore’s “The Inconvenient Truth” and information on sustainable fishing, green events and even tree logging. Upon arriving at your table you’re presented with a map which explains the 100 mile concept and shows you exactly where each ingredient you’ll be eating comes from.

Having dined at the cafe twice now, I almost have a routine down pat.  Bread is served for starters, made from local spelt flour and in a variety of flavours- including one which uses Kyneton olive oil.

The entrees and mains have a heavy emphasis on seafood (all seafood served at 100 mile is sustainable) and have an Asian twist to them. (Ingredients include miso, tempura battered zucchini flowers and mirin dashi.)  But meat lovers need not fear- there is local scotch fillet, duck and chicken to choose from.


Each dish comes beautifully presented on different shaped pottery plates, in vivid shades of green and subtle beige. Everything feels ‘earthy’ at 100 mile, like you’re getting back to the roots of what good food is all about. There’s no abundance of oil or seasonings- the flavours of the locally grown vegetables and other produce are the statement of the meal. Every dish has a ‘fresh’ and clean taste to it and I feel like I’m eating something not only good for the earth but good for my own well being. .

Dessert is always awaited eagerly whenever Mr Polka Dot and I dine out and the 100 mile cafe has easily ranked on his ‘top restaurants list’ with their divine bitter chocolate fondant. When it arrives he gets the impression it will be cake like texture, one push of his spoon and the hot chocolate centre oozes out like molten lava. This leaves Mr Polka to proclaim we are coming here again – if only for the dessert! I choose something a little lighter – the plate of sorbets. Each has it’s own special flavour – my favourite is the fresh pear.

The service at the 100 mile cafe is attentive and helpful, the staff have obviously embraced the ideals of the restaurant and are more than happy to answer any questions about where the food is grown, sustainable fishing and of course the best choice of wine.

The bill arrives with a treat that essentially wraps up the experience with a nice little bow – a seeded card which allows you to go home and plant a tree, vegetable or in my case a lemon banksia. It’s a little way of letting you take the concept home with you and feel like you’re contributing to sustainable living. Or as their slogan says ‘Think Globally, Eat Locally’.

100 Mile Cafe is a perfect venue for your engagement party or pre wedding function. Catering up to 100 guests seated and more  for cocktail functions, if you have international or out of state guests arriving it’s a great way to introduce them to the jewels of Victoria!

100 Mile Cafe

Level 3, Melbourne Central
211 La Trobe St, Melbourne Victoria 3000
P (03) 9654 0808 F (03) 9654 1080

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Adorable Polka Dot Bride

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I stumbled across this gorgeous wedding on Offbeat Bride and had to share. Check out more pics and info on her entry or on the bride’s blog. But yes, that is a polka dot gown! Her bouquet? why it was made of none other than buttons! Love the creativity!

While there I also spotted the wedding of Kristel you can read her blog here she wore the Maggie Sottero I previously posted about in white! Check out more images here



Photos by Maloman Photographers

Win A Wedding Dress- Vote For Your Favourite Entry!

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This Competition is now closed. Click here to view the winner announcement by Henry Roth

It’s finally time to unveil the entries in the Polka Dot Bride Win A Wedding Dress competition! I was blown away by the attention to detail, creativity and unique touches on every entry! Thankyou to everyone who took the time and entered!

Now it’s up to you- the readers! It’s time to vote! Vote for your favourite board, the top three will go onto the next round where Henry Roth himself will pick the winner of the wedding dress!

Entries have been posted in random order- determined from picking numbers out of none other than a polka dot tea cup (fairness is ensured!) There’s quite a few so do grab a coffee and sit down and peruse them all!

Every image below is linked to a larger version on Flickr (Click the magnifying glass once there to see even bigger versions!) which also contains links to all the sources and even a story or two behind the entry!. Alternatively you can view the Flickr slideshow of all the entries here or view them one by one here. Every entry has a number (posted in front of the images on this entry and as the name of each image on flickr) which is what you can vote for.

Then once you have your favourite, head to the bottom of this entry, click the circle next to number of the board you like best and hit submit! Voting will be open just over a week! Good luck to all the entrants!

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3Entry Three 4Entry Four
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7Entry Seven 8Entry Eight 9Entry Nine10Entry Ten

11Entry Eleven12Entry Twelve
13Entry Thirteen
14Entry Fourteen 15Entry Fifteen

16Entry Sixteen
17Entry Seventeen 18Entry Eighteen
19Entry Nineteen 20Entry Twenty
21Entry Twenty One 22Entry Twenty Two
23Entry Twenty Three

24Entry Twenty Four 25Entry Twenty Five
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Guestbook Guestbook Guestbook

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I wrote previously in G Is For Guestbook entry (have you read it yet? Brush up because the next round of ABCs is coming soon!) and That Painted Guestbook entry about the myriad of options available to collect well wishes from your loved ones.

Cathrin of Cathrin D’Entremont Weddings emailed me some lovely new ideas which I hadn’t come across.

Have your guests sign rocks or stones, these could be placed in your garden or a vase or pot after the wedding. Would be a great choice for a rustic feel wedding.




Photo by Ira Lippke Studios

I love this one, guests used an ink pad, their fingers and pen to create a ‘tree’ and piece of art for the newlyweds.


Photo by Christine Farah Photography

Perhaps a surfboard to hang on the wall of your beach shack?


Photo by Ryan Phillips Photography

How did you capture your guest memories?