ABC Of Weddings: I Is For Initials

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Invitations often Include Initials and may Inhibit the Inventory of one’s guest list.~The dilemma about whether to change one’s initials (name) after marriage cuts into the very soul of who we are. Adopt a new name together Hyphenate your names She takes his name He takes her name Use one name personally and one name ...
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Haigh’s Chocolates For Weddings

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Haigh’s Ballotin Box comes in  Dark Connoisseurs, Milk, Milk and Dark, Cream Centres, Truffles & Dark Ginger varieties.Haighs are a truly delicious Australian made chocolate company. With a long family history they actually make the chocolate on their premises in Adelaide. After training with some of the top chocolatiers in Switzerland, Haighs has become an ...

ABC Of Weddings: H Is For Hair Accessories

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Happy Hour is often celebrated at a wedding with Hors d’oeuvres and Heaps of Hummus and Hot chilli in their Hands to Heave a Happy sigh of relief.~Choosing a hairstyle can be an arduous task- up or down, straight or curly! Then there’s the various accessories you can find! Ugh! Today I’m looking at all ...

The Wedding Jump & Registry Bliss

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This is such a great wedding shot by capturingreallife – the sunset, the beach! It’s feels like a great celebration (and I love the neutral colours of the bridal party!)~You can check out Perfect Bound for my top registry picks! See the Polka Dot Bride entry here