ABC Of Weddings: C Is For Champagne

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A wedding Cake often follows the wedding Ceremony, proceeded by the wedding Celebrant in the wedding Chapel where the Couple are surrounded by Candles. On their newlywed status they will be showered with Confetti and proceed to the Celebration where they’ll dance under Chandeliers, admire Centerpieces and eat Cupcakes until the sun rises.I’m honoured today ...
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Polka Dot Laura Ashley

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I love love love these polka dot chairs from Laura Ashley. The old chair style covered with fresh, modern fabric makes a gorgeous twist!

ABC Of Weddings: B is For Bouquet Ties

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Blooming Brides can turn into Bridezillas if their Bonbonnerie isn’t the perfect hue of Blue, the Boutonniere is Broken or a Beauty treatment is out of their Budget.~Choosing flowers is one of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning. The scents, the shapes and the luscious blooms are such a nice addition to your wedding ...

Where The Heart Is…

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Blogger Pia Jane Bijkerk has come up with a great concept called ‘Where The heart is’ and since Polka Dot Bride is all about the love I thought I’d share it with you!Heart from janoid’s flickrTo quote Pia:“my heart wanders: a collection of subtle hearts in special spaces will be a collective book project where ...