Apache Wedding Prayer

by | Bride, Ceremony

Such an apt reading to have as part of your wedding ceremony. It was originally written for the 1950 movie ‘Broken Arrow’. Whatever the history, I find the words beautiful. Now you will feel no rain, For each of you will be shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, For each of ...
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Kate Spade in Australia

by | Bride, Reception

I’ve long been a fan of Kate Spade and I was excited to hear she’s now available on our doorstep! Kate started designing handbags in 1993 and later launched her homewares collection. Now her range features everything from baby wear to sunglasses to paper and beauty items.I’ve especially been a fan of the Kate Spade ...

Summer Blooms Bouquets

by | Bride, Flowers

I visited a nursery last week and came across this glorious looking plant . Further inspection revealed it was called ‘Summer Sun’ and is an Australian native. The technical term for it is  ‘laureolum x strobilinum’ and it also comes in a yellow leaf/red centre variety,Australia is so lucky to have such glorious flowers and ...

Abbey’s Wedding: The Prelude

by | Bride, Wedding Inspiration

Well there’s exactly a week until Abbey’s wedding. I can’t quite believe it’s come up so fast. I still find things in my travels I want to drop Abbey in an email and realise she’s probably sorted that bit out by now!In August 2006 on a bended knee, Abbey’s fiance proposed to her on the ...