ABC Of Weddings: U Is For Ushers

by | ABC Of Weddings, Bride

Ushers ushering the wedding guests may be unassuming undergraduates who are sometimes undisciplined!~Photo by Vincent LaiOften couples want to involve their nearest and dearest on their wedding day and thereby acknowledge them. There are many roles within a wedding and many tasks that can go along with those roles. The tasks or duties within that ...
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Snapshot Sunday- The Speechless Bride

by | Bride, Photography, Snapshot Sundays

Sometimes walking into your wedding reception takes your breath away. The months of planning have all come down to tonight- the room with the napkins you selected, the flowers, the lighting.Today’s Snapshot Sunday is from Natalie and Robert’s wedding and is captured by US photographer Jennifer Skog. It shows Natalie’s reaction as she sets her ...

Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes Part Two

by | Bride, Catering, Favors and Decor

Wow! A girl writes about cupcakes and then gets a flood of emails about ‘Have you seen this?” I love your emails! Keep them coming!So today, because of the lovely emails, is called Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes Part Two!I wrote about The Cupcake Courier and Anna sent me the link to Cup-A -Cake Holders. These are ...

Have you entered the book giveaway yet?

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Have you entered the competition to win a book pack from Beauty and Lace? Check out this post for more details. Entry is open to Aussies only this time!