Alex and Kristel

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On May 31st at 4pm, Kristel walked down the aisle at Old Cutler Presbyterian Church in the Davis Chapel in Miami, Florida. This wedding features polka dots (again!) but also features some touches which are very much Alex and Kristel!The couple first met in high school, although their paths rarely crossed. He was a guitarist ...
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ABC Of Weddings: R Is For Registry

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Rebellious Brides are often running mad by registry time.~The wedding registry is a sticky topic, but one that needs to be addressed in every wedding. A gift registry solves the problem of multiples of one item, or doubling up on things you already have. You and your fiance can choose things that are to your ...

Bella Figura

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If you read wedding blogs from around the world, chances are you’ve heard of Bella Figura. I’ve spent many hours on their site perusing through their different designs- from botanical to modern to vintage look and classic. The designers really spend their time creating gorgeous stationery for your wedding. A US based company, they began ...

ABC Of Weddings: Q Is For Quartets

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Quartets are often queried by couples as a quintessential part of a quietly elegant ceremony.~I took a round about way for this entry and ended up with quartets and your ceremony music. A quartet is a popular choice for your wedding ceremony but there are many others which can add to the ambiance of your ...