Polka Dot Bride Joins Facebook

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I took the leap and joined Facebook today. You can find me by searching Polka Dotty. (Facebook doesn’t like me using Dot as my surname which amuses me!)Add me as a friend! I look rather lonely over there right now!PS I changed to Polka Dotty as weirdly enough here is a Polka Dotter already in ...
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The ABC Of Weddings

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Over the coming months, Polka Dot Bride is going to be introducing you to the ABC of weddings. I’m going to be covering all kinds of products from A-Z, hopefully giving you some tips, inspiration and ideas for your own event!Stay tuned!

Yellow, Black & White Inspiration

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This fresh but modern colour scheme of yellow, black & white inspiration seems to be popping up everywhere lately! The latest Real Weddings features a yellow wedding, Amber & Brian’s from The Knot Wedding, Jessica Claire’s images of Hannah & Matt and then of course there is the release of Bee Movie!This colour scheme is ...

The King Of Pyjamas

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I love love love Peter Alexander. I could say it’s because of the design and the colour and styles but really, I just love pyjamas and this guy makes it so cool! (Plus he has a great back story!)His Christmas range has a ‘Barbie and Ken’ theme going on and I think the range is ...