What Inspires You?

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I find inspiration in many places- blogs (remind me not to go without reading my blogs for a few days 450 posts in the wedding folder alone, yeouch!), magazines, being out and about, baking, cooking, reading, talking to people. I never seem to stop thinking and I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the beauty ...
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Blog Tagged Again!

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Well it’s a Saturday so that means an easy day!Now I’ve been tagged by, Saundra of Planning…Forever Events with a twist! (It’s been so long, view her original entry here)We’ve all done the ‘Things you didn’t know about me’ but here’s a new one!Here are the new rules! 1. Link to the person that tagged ...

Have You Voted Yet?

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Have you voted for your favourite inspiration board yet? It’s so close! Voting will be open until mid next week so check out your favourite and cast your vote!

100 Mile Cafe – Melbourne

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I’m not normally a big fan of gimmicks with restaurants, I like good food, good wine and great company. But The 100 Mile Cafe in Melbourne changed my thinking!The 100 Mile Cafe is based on the premise that all food and drink served in the restaurant is found within 100 miles. The wine list comprises ...