ABC Of Weddings: Z Is For Zany

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For a zany, zesty wedding, have it at the zoo with zebras and other zoophytes for company.~Well how zany can a wedding get? Let us recount some of the ways you can add a touch of ‘zany-ness’ to your wedding. From bungy jumping, to your wedding in a cave in the Blue Mountains, to serving ...
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Events At Cutting Edge – Brisbane

by | Bride, Wedding Venues

Note: This post was written in 2008 and Events at Cutting Edge is no longer hosting functions.Brisbane’s newest event space Events At Cutting Edge is a gorgeous venue for a wedding.The Cutting Edge is a space reserved for one of Brisbane’s best film and television production houses. The rooftop however, has taken on a different ...

Rest In Peace Mark Priestley

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I was going to post today about the gorgeous TV wedding of Mark Priestley and Jolene Anderson (Dan & Erica) which occurred on Tuesday night on Australian medical drama ‘All Saints’.Instead, today I want to say Rest In Peace to Mark Priestley who lost his life. My heart goes out to his family and loved ...

ABC Of Weddings: Y Is For Years

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The years fly by while yodeling and eating yoghurt until we are yearning to be youthful again.~Wedding anniversaries are one of the fun things you get to celebrate after your wedding. Each anniversary has a traditional and modern gift interpretation.Anniversaries between the 15th-50th do not have traditional gifts associated with them (unless they end in ...