BERTA Seville Collection

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If there was ever a collection that allowed us to be lost in its exquisite beauty, then the Berta Seville Collection is it.

For the Fall Winter 2018 season, the Israeli designer has again turned to her famous silhouettes with stunning detailing and beautiful fabrication lending themselves to the collection’s theme of sparkle and shine.

Inspired by the raw materials used, Berta added touches of romance to the alluring designs. Soft, floating feather details, low cut necklines, billowing sleeves, stunning long skirts of tulle, hand placed embroidery all glimmering in the Spanish sun as our muse dances to a backdrop of Flamenco dancers and live musicians.

The very essence of couture design at its core, the Seville collection stays true to the high quality, handcrafted workmanship that has led so many to fall in love with the brand.

Berta gowns are available in Australia at Raffaele Ciuca and Brides by Francesca.

Photographer: Dudi Hasson / Gowns: Berta / Jewellery: Cassouto / Hairstylist: Liraz Agam / Makeup Artist: Asaf Babo
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Vendor of the Week – Karen & Clint (Wedding Photographers)

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Happy Monday Dotties! We are so excited to welcome in another week with you because boy, do we have some amazing weddings to share!

We love working with our vendors because we have so many who are warm and friendly, dedicated to their profession and to giving you the best day possible. In our experience, most of them go above and beyond, doing things to assist you that you’ll probably never know about – that’s what makes them invaluable. We have so many great vendors to choose from, in the Polka Dot Directory who are standing by to help you with your wedding day. We have Mobile Bars & Drinks Catering, we have Master of Ceremonies, we have Flowers and Menswear – we even have Hair & Beauty and Food Trucks! Prepare to be inspired by the quality of their work – you’ll love what they do!

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I’m sure as a photographer you’d never get sick of capturing a wedding day. With every wedding being so different and unique, there is still much that is the same – the love, the tears, the emotions, the gathering of family and friends. Karen and Clint of Karen & Clint Wedding Photographers capture this and so much more in their wedding images – stolen moments, gestures when no-one was watching – all with a clear simple style that puts you front and centre of the photograph.

As they say “Our promise to you is simple: to capture the emotions of your day, using our experience and dedication to detail, to ensure your story resonates with you for a lifetime…..We can’t wait to welcome you to our #KG Bride Community.”

We asked Karen and Clint of Karen Gilvear Photography five questions in five minutes:

What is your favourite reward after a big working day?

As we normally don’t get home until quite late, it’s really the next day that we reward ourselves. Being golfers (that’s where Clint and I met), there’s nothing better than heading down to the golf course after a sleep in. After what is normally an enjoyable round (dependent on who has the bragging rights), we head home for an afternoon in front of the TV catching up on movies for Clint and a long soak in the bath with a good book and a can of Coke Zero for me!
Your favourite weekend getaway?

Anywhere that involves the ocean! We were married in a beautiful little chapel on the beach in Palm Cove, so whilst it’s a little further than a weekend trip, we absolutely love any places that remind us of our wedding!
What is your most prized possession?

Our presidential pooch, Axle, our families and photo albums!
Favourite restaurant?

We’re not really foodies, so for us, nothing beats a good burger! Our favourite burgers we’ve found have been on our travels in the USA, so we’re working our way through all the burger hot spots in Sydney to find a competitor.
What do you enjoy most about being in the wedding industry?

Meeting awesome vendors and creating amazing relationships with our clients.


Visit  Karen & Clint (Photography’s) page to find out more about our Vendor Of The Week. Karen & Clint Photography is a member of the Polka Dot Directory.

Snapshot Sunday – Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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Photographer: Sophie Baker

Tanealle & Courtney’s Romantic Sunset Love Shoot

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Tanealle & Courtney

As soon as I saw that Tanealle and Courtney had included their two four legged friends in their romantic sunset love shoot I was smitten. What’s better than sunsets and puppy dogs? Emma Nayler captured the most stunning golden sunset for these two that set the most magical scene. And wait until you hear their proposal- because it gave me goosebumps!

The happily engaged pair met almost ten years ago, Tanealle remembering their tale. “We’re high school sweethearts! We first met in grade nine and didn’t really know much about each other until halfway through the year when we started interacting through a mutual friend. We quickly became extremely close and from there our friendship developed into something neither of us were quite sure of. Neither of us really had any knowledge of same sex relationships, both of us being brought up in Christian families thought that this wasn’t something that we knew to be accepted.
So we kept things quiet and let our relationship develop. Before we knew it we had finished school, been to university and started to build our adult lives together in secret. Quickly realising we couldn’t continue down that road, we knew it was time to talk to our families. Telling our friends and family five years into our relationship was extremely tough but obviously necessary to continue our lives together. Once we had done that we couldn’t contain ourselves and quickly started talking about getting married, we didn’t care that it wasn’t legal at that point we just wanted our special day!
Here we are almost 10 years to the day planning our wedding! It’s been a crazy ride with a lot of downs but an incredible amount of highs and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.”

“Some of my favourite memories of Court and I are of us singing and dancing in the kitchen which is honestly most nights while we are cooking dinner and cleaning the house and god we have fun doing it.” says Tanealle.

On what they love about another another, Tanealle notes “I love that we are so raw and open with each other. Being in a relationship that started out as best friends there’s still nothing we don’t talk about or share with each other. We still stay up some nights laughing and talking about all the things that have been and all the things to come. I know growing up and finding ourselves together is something alot of people don’t get to experience, I am so grateful that we got to.”


The couple were engaged in the city of love- Paris! Tanealle tells “We had been talking about getting married for so long and we had just started planning a trip to Europe to see our best friend who had moved there a few years beforehand. The first thing I thought of was what a perfect time to propose! I went and picked out the ring and tucked it away somewhere she wouldn’t just stumble across, and off we went on the trip of a lifetime to see some of the sites of Europe with our best friend and her new husband.
I had decided to propose in Paris because why not do it in the most romantic city in the world? Under the Eiffel Tower at night of course.
The night came around and we stopped off to see the Arc de Triomphe on the way to the Eiffel Tower. You could see the tower from the top and it was such an incredible experience. At one point I turned to Courtney to express my excitement and what else do I see but her standing there with a ring in a little purple box asking me to marry her! I could not believe what was happening! Needless to say I said yes and the trip was shaping up to be one we couldn’t imagine we could top. Little did Court know there was a surprise in my pocket.
Under the Eiffel Tower, we stood newly engaged but only one of us with a ring on. I knelt down and with the biggest grin on my face pulled out the ring I had had stowed away for this exact moment. She was ecstatic!! We laughed so hard because we couldn’t believe we had both brought rings and planned to propose on the exact same night.”

Photographer: Emma Nayler