Khat and Austin’s Whimsical Brisbane Wedding

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Khat & Austin

 Oh Brisbane, you do do colour so very very well. Colourful, spirited weddings like this make my heart sing because they’re so full of life, passion and soul! The whimsical, colourful details of Khat and Austin’s wedding day are enough to make me crave a burger (Pickles and mustard is my favourite if you’re buying).

Khat tells of how they met. “Austin says it was at a community blood drive and he noticed me giving blood while he was chasing another girl (some blonde girl) but we actually first talked at a party for a mutual friend. His friend was chatting to me so Austin came over and cut in.”

Photography today is by POP {photography} who has such a fresh, fun angle to her photography. She captured the happy nature of today’s wedding so beautifully!

Khat and Austin married in Brisbane’s LDS temple. Khat remarks, “Firstly, getting married for eternity in a place so significant to us was the most important thing. The moment Austin first saw me in my wedding dress (he had gone old school and refused to look at it before the wedding) is up there as special. There is no aisle in a Mormon temple, or music, so that part of the day was very simple and peaceful.”

The bridal party made an unexpected pit stop for lunch. Khat remembers “One of my favourite details at the wedding was the car we drove around in. My husband’s best friend has the biggest bomb of a car that I just love and he and some other friends dressed it up with ribbons and empty cans and a just married sign, it was the cutest thing ever. He drove us around all day. From the wedding, the bridal party all stopped at Grill’d for some food, I’m glad we could relax and spend time with our favourite people. It’s such a long day so having a chance to splurge and chill out really helped me not stress.”

For her wedding dress, Khat had a tea length gown made by  Carmel Wynck, a Brisbane ballet costume maker. Her bridesmaids wore sorbet coloured gowns from Asos.

Of their photographer, Khat says “The photographer, the amazing POP {photography} team are Adam and Julia Turner some friends of mine who are very cool and very talented. We love their style of photography and pretty much their whole life is a style guide for me. We like their style of being trendy without being annoying, romantic without being sickly.”

The floral arrangements on the day were created by Green and Bloom. Which added to the fun and colourful vibe of the day and complimented one of Khat’s very special accessories. She explains “I loved being able to wear gloves to my wedding. My mum wore gloves to hers 30 something years ago so I liked being able to follow that example.”

Topiaries at Beaumont held the reception for the couple, Khat telling, “Our reception venue was a place where Austin had worked as a teenager so he always pictured his wedding being there. It’s an old converted homestead so it felt very Australian and old world-y.”

“Everything at the wedding was made or bought. Anything hand-made or DIY came from Etsy as I have no talent myself. My mother altered the bridesmaids dresses so they wouldn’t be uncomfortably short. My mother and aunty did all the table dressings and centrepieces. They tied up and labelled the favours, and they put all the flowers into jars with the books I had brought in from my mother’s home. So there was DIY I just outsourced it.”

Kat loved “Being able to play the piano on my wedding day was special to me, I have played my whole life and I loved sharing that moment with my new husband.”

Of their first dance., Khat tells, “Our first dance was a struggle, neither of us is a good dancer so we picked a song we both love instead of a good dance number; The Shins, New Slang. I’m not sure any of our guests even realised we were dancing.”

Khat recalls some of the stories of the day. “My lovely new husband, planned our honeymoon to Rome all by himself which was very sweet. Unfortunately, he refused to spring for an extra couple of hundred dollars that would have allowed a reasonable departure time. As it was, we had to leave at 4 in the morning for our flight, after our wedding night, it was the worst. My favourite story from the day was the bouquet toss. My florist included a complimentary throw-away bouquet so I went ahead and threw it and the girl who caught it is a lesbian. I hope one day I will be able to go to her wedding!”

Congratulations on your marriage Khat and Austin! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to POP {photography} for sharing today’s images!

Photographer: POP {photography} / Bride's Dress: Carmel Wynck (ballet costume maker) / Bride's Shoes: Style Tread / Groom's Attire: Pierre Cardin / Bridesmaid Dresses: Asos / Hairstylist: Brush & Blush / Makeup Artist: Gemma Elaine from Embellished Makeup Artist / Flowers: Green & Bloom / Ceremony Venue: hurch of Jesus Christ of LDS temple, Brisbane / Reception Venue: Topiaries at Beaumont / Wedding Cake: Cornelli Cakes
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Erin and Tyson’s Modern Church Street Enoteca Wedding

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Chic Melbourne Wedding

Erin & Tyson

Oh Melbourne, your weddings are always super cool without trying too hard! Erin and Tyson’s gorgeous day is the epitome of a Melbourne wedding. Classic, a little modern, a little elegant and a whole lot of style!

Erin explains how. “Tyson and I met in January 2009. Our first meeting was a totally random event and took place in Tyson’s appropriately named best friend, Burke’s backyard. We had our first date two days later and have pretty much been inseparable since.”

Photography today is by Jessica Tremp Of Brown Paper Parcel Photography who’s vintage style provides such a different take on traditional wedding photography.

Church Street Enoteca Wedding29

Church Street Enoteca Wedding06

The special stories went right down to the smallest member of the bridal party, Erin remembers. “Our wedding party was made up of close friends and family which included Tyson’s nephews Ethan and Blake as our page boys and my nieces Chloe and Ava as the flower girls. It was important for us to make the kids apart of the day. My niece Chloe had suffered a stroke earlier in the year and it was one of her goals to be my flower girl and to walk down the aisle unaided which she did on the day. This was a moment that my family and I will always remember.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding07

Erin chose a strapless Rachel Gilbert wedding dress while her bridesmaids wore sea green Thurley gowns.

Church Street Enoteca Wedding08

Church Street Enoteca Wedding28

Church Street Enoteca Wedding10

Church Street Enoteca Wedding14

Church St Enoteca provided the perfect backdrop for Erin and Tyson’s ceremony and reception, Erin tells, “We had a few specific thoughts when it came to looking for a wedding venue, firstly we wanted somewhere that had an art deco feel, the food had to be amazing and we both liked the idea of having the reception at a venue other than a reception centre. We had eaten at the Church St Enoteca a few times before getting engaged so we knew the food was fantastic, and we both liked the intimate feel and art deco features of the restaurant. We were also keen on the fact that we could hold the ceremony in the ‘gallery’ space at the restaurant, which meant guests didn’t need to go from the ceremony to a separate reception venue. The gallery space ended up providing the most amazing, warm atmosphere for the ceremony as the small space meant all our friends and family were huddled around us, sharing the moment with us.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding13

For the walk down the aisle, the couple found their musician on Youtube! Erin recalls, “We wanted something a bit different when it came to music for the wedding ceremony and though a ukulele player would be cool. Finding a ukulele player in Melbourne proved to be harder than you would think so it was a stroke of luck to find Rob on YouTube (Rob Clifford ) Tyson is a massive Pearl Jam fan so I walked down the aisle to ‘Rise’ by Eddie Vedder, expertly played by Rob and sung by his mate Josh. Rob and Josh also performed ‘Black Bird’ and ‘I Will’ by The Beatles during the ceremony.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding11

Church Street Enoteca Wedding15

Church Street Enoteca Wedding19

One funny story of the day was a little debacle with the ceremony. Erin tells the story.  “The priest who was performing the ceremony was scheduled to have a hernia operation the week before the wedding. Unfortunately at 8:20am on the morning of the wedding the priest left Tyson a voice message to say there had been complication and he would not be able to make it to the ceremony and they would send a replacement. Let’s just say the replacement priest was a little off his game on the day, calling Tyson Pierce and almost forgetting to exchange rings. Luckily this meant there was no time to focus on nerves and we both found the whole thing hilarious. It also gave the guest something to talk about. Thankfully the original priest ended up making a full recovery.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding20

Church Street Enoteca Wedding18

 Erin remarks “We both wanted the wedding to be low key, unique and to represent us. The most important thing for us on the day was being able to share the moment with our closest family and friends, enjoy good food, good drinks and most of all a good time.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding16

Church Street Enoteca Wedding17

Church Street Enoteca Wedding24

Palace Props  provided big LOVE letters for the couple’s backdrop. Erin notes, “I didn’t want to get bogged down with added props at the wedding as the venue looks so amazing as it is but while trawling through some wedding inspiration blogs I came across a photo of 4 large individual L O V E letters. After some more research I eventually tracked them down at Palace Props and ended up hiring them to use as a back drop for the ceremony. Rob from Palace Props had actually just made some new letters from marine grade ply wood, which fitted in perfectly with the venue.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding23

  Church Street Enoteca Wedding26

Church Street Enoteca Wedding25

Church Street Enoteca Wedding27

Church Street Enoteca Wedding35

Of their photographer, Erin says “I first heard about Jess’s when a work friend of mine, Linda (Linda and Luke’s Rustic Rainbow Wedding) showed me her wedding photos. Tyson and I had been lucky enough to be invited to Linda and Luke’s wedding and I loved the way Jess had captured the fun and unique atmosphere of the day. We were both blown away by the casual, vintage feel of Jess’s photos. Neither of us wanted unnatural, posed wedding photos that would make us feel uncomfortable on the day. Once we had met Jess we were sold as she made both Tyson and I feel relaxed and at ease.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding33

Church Street Enoteca Wedding32

Church Street Enoteca Wedding30     

Church Street Enoteca Wedding38

Church Street Enoteca Wedding37

Church Street Enoteca Wedding36

Church Street Enoteca Wedding42

As for DIY? “I designed all of the wedding stationary (save the dates, invites, rsvp’s, table number, menus etc) and had them printed at a local printer. Our Save The Date’s even included a coloured pencil for the guests to ‘pencil us in’. We also wanted guest favours that could double as place settings so we found small glass orbs and made them into terrariums. Tyson spent days leading up to the wedding date creating small succulent terrariums that had the guests name on the tag. We were rapt that all the guest, except three, had taken their custom made terrarium at the end of the night.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding57

Church Street Enoteca Wedding39

The best part about the day? Erin says “Finally something that I really loved about the day is was how easily everything flowed. Besides the hiccup with the priest in the morning we didn’t have any other issues. Leading up to the wedding day was quite a stressful time, which is something I\’m sure most brides and grooms experience but the actual day was fun and stress free. Hair and make-up during the day was relaxing and easy. Erin and Michael took photos in a laid back and calm way which meant we weren’t stressed out or self-conscious. The staff and overall service at the Church St Enoteca was brilliant and very accommodating, we didn’t get bothered at all during the night. All our guests commented on what a great time they had and this was great compliment to us both and everyone who was involved on the day. I can honestly say we both had a wonderful time, which was over much too soon.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding53

Church Street Enoteca Wedding51

Church Street Enoteca Wedding52

Church Street Enoteca Wedding41

Church Street Enoteca Wedding45

Flowers of Canterbury created floral arrangements for the wedding. Erin explains “One detail that got left to the last minute was flowers and we didn’t organise them till the week of the wedding. Cobi at Flowers of Canterbury created some lovely, casual posies’ and button holes for the wedding party which really suited the laid back feel of the day. We also wanted some colourful arrangements for the tables, which Cobi arranged into large glass jars.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding43

Church Street Enoteca Wedding55

Erin loved, “The guests who traveled and played a role in the wedding also helped make the day memorable. Tyson had relatives fly all the way from England to attend the wedding. We also had a few friends travel interstate and my 90 year old nanna also came for the ceremony. My god father Con was fantastic on the night in the role of MC, having someone who knows us both so well was great and made the reception feel a little less formal.”

Church Street Enoteca Wedding46

Church Street Enoteca Wedding47

Church Street Enoteca Wedding50

Church Street Enoteca Wedding49

For their first dance, Erin tells “Anyone who knows me knows that I refuse to dance. Tyson on the other hand doesn’t mind dancing, and convinced me that as he had ‘done the deb’ in high school so I would be fine if I just followed his lead. On the night we danced (I shuffled) to our favourite song ‘A Million Years’ by Alexander Ebert, which isn’t a song that most people know and added to the intimate feel.”

Congratulations Erin and Tyson! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us! Thank you also to Jessica Tremp Of Brown Paper Parcel Photography for sharing your wedding day with us!

Photographer: Jessica Tremp of Brown Paper Parcel Photography / Bride's Dress: Rachel Gilbert / Groomsmen Attire: TopMan / Bridesmaid Dresses: Thurley / Hair & Makeup Artist: Cindy Balmer / Flowers & Decor: Flowers of Canterbury / Venue: Church Street, Enoteca / LOVE Letters: Palace Props / Ceremony Musicians: Rob Clifford

Gemma and Scott’s Canberra Garden Wedding

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Gemma & Scott

Nothing beats an at home wedding and today’s bride is the sixth generation, on the farm just outside of Yass. How special is that? Gemma and Scott’s wedding is the epitome of a garden wedding- filled with sunshine, romance and the beautiful backdrop of Mother Nature.

The couple have known each other for a long time! Gemma tells, “Scottie and I are high school sweet hearts. We first met at the end of year 10 (year 2000), at Scottie’s friend’s house, when some friends and I dropped around briefly one afternoon. About a year later, in 2001, we were at a mutual friend’s birthday party. It was later that night that we shared our first kiss. We have been together ever since.”

Photographs today are by Beata English Photography who has a beautiful softness and romance to her photographs.

The bride and her bridesmaids all wore Melissa Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Love Heart shoes in various colours.

Gemma wore a gown custom made by an Etsy seller. She remarks,  “My dress is a 1940’s inspired dress made from vintage French lace. I love it! It honestly made me feel like a princess on the day. I wore a mantilla veil for the ceremony which matched my dress perfectly. After the ceremony, I changed headpieces, to a small vintage birdcage veil.”

Gemma and Scott chose Gemma’s parents farm in Yass for the ceremony. Gemma being the sixth generation of her family to have lived there! Gemma walked down the aisle to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” played on a classical guitar.

Gemma describes the day as, “Extremely overwhelming but wonderful at the same time; we wouldn’t change a thing. We were both really nervous during the ceremony but when we looked around and saw lots of familiar faces looking back at us, it felt very special.”

Gemma and her mum arranged the bridal party flowers together. Gemma recalls, ” We used succulents in the bouquets and button holes. Mum and I picked the flowers and succulents for the bouquets etc from the garden the day before the wedding. We both really enjoyed doing this and it saved us lots of money by doing it ourselves.”

Of their photographer, Gemma says, “Beata was there all day. She has a great talent for capturing detail and telling a story with her shots. Beata is such a great person and really fit in with the whole wedding. Beata is beautiful inside and out.”

Guests headed back to The Lobby Restaurant in Canberra for the reception- and cake! Gemma remembers “Mum made the wedding cake, which was a rich chocolate mudcake with white chocolate fencing wrapped with ribbon and topped with icing flowers. It looked beautiful and tasted delicious.”

Guests received a potted succulent as a wedding favor. Gemma explains “have always loved succulents so with the help of my mum and her garden club, we gave succulents as gifts to our guests. We wrapped the small pot plants with recycled brown paper and then tied with green twine.”

The first dance was as casual and fun as the rest of the wedding, Gemma recalls. “We danced to ‘Loving You Is Sweet Than Ever’ by the Four Tops. Scottie and I can’t dance so it wasn’t too serious! We had fun though! We got our bridal party and other guests to come join us 1 minute into the song.”

Congratulations Gemma and Scott! Thank you for sharing your story with us! Thank you Beata English Photography for today’s gorgeous imagery!

Photographer: Beata English Photography / Bride's Dress: Custom By An Etsy Seller / Bride's Shoes: Melissa Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Love Heart / Bride's Jewellery: Brides Mother / Groom & Groomsmen's Attire: Black Tie By Xavier / Bridesmaid Dresses: Etsy / Bridesmaid Shoes: Melissa Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Love Heart / Hairstylist: A family friend / Makeup Artist: May (Bridesmaid) / Bride Party Flowers: Bride & her mother / Reception Flowers: Poetry in Flowers, Canberra / Invitations & Stationery: Maud (Bridesmaid) / Ceremony Venue: Family Farm, Yass / Ceremony Officiant: Judy Aulich / Reception Venue: The Lobby Restaurant / Wedding Cake: Brides Mother

Monika and John’s Sydney Black Tie Wedding Film

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The gorgeous wedding of Monika and John was such a beauty to share this morning so I’m thrilled to bring you their wedding film captured by No Limit Pictures. It captures the elegant grace of the beautiful wedding day.