Polkadot + Moonbeam

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A pocket-sized duo brings a romantic twist to your special day...

Polkadot + Moonbeam is a pocket-sized acoustic duo that brings a romantic twist to the ukulele, adding a swinging bass and two voices in sweet harmony.

Named after Frank Sinatra’s first hit song in 1940, the couple performs a repertoire of jazz and timeless classics, from luscious ballads to lively swing numbers and latin grooves. They will also tailor arrangements of your chosen wedding ceremony songs in their own unique style. Based in beautiful WA but nomads at heart, the couple welcomes interstate and overseas enquiries.

‘They were very professional, organised and understanding. They have a great songlist, and delivered our song request beautifully. Extremely grateful for their beautiful voices and kind support.’

‘You guys are awesome! And not only your music, but how you engage our guests.’

‘“WOW! Where did you FIND these guys? They’re amazing!” My grandfather was apparently overheard saying: “I wish all these people would stop talking so we could better hear the band!” Ha! A huge hit with young and old! Thank you for making our wedding so utterly magical.’


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