Quince and Mulberry Studios

Let's dance; let's sit on a rooftop at 2am and talk about life. Photography for the dreamers, lovers and little faces...

I want to know your story – the real story. I want to capture; the laugh so hard you have tears, the hugs that warm your heart, and the stillness that sits within you.
I believe that connections and chemistry are what tie us together. I believe that by connecting with you and having that ‘click’ I can create work that beautifully represents you.

My coverage is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Whether it is a full day and night celebration or a short/coverage elopement, my focus is on understanding your vision and how you want to celebrate your love.

Engagement sessions are included in each package to ensure you are relaxed before the camera, and comfortable with my style, so that you can be confident we will work well together on your big day.

To me your wedding day is about you and the people that you have chosen to share your special day with.



Eileen & Phillip’s Elegant Sanctuary Cove Wedding

Eileen & PhillipAfter meeting in high school it was not until university that Eileen and Phillip finally realised they were meant to be. Today, we’re off to Sanctuary Cove for a beautiful wedding filled with classic romance. Beautiful blue bouquets, a breathtaking gown, and most of all- a couple who have found their way through […]

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Alex & Simon’s Romantic & Classic Country Wedding

Alex & SimonSet in the long, golden grass of the countryside, this epically romantic wedding celebration is beautiful in every detail! With sweeping scenery, arbours of roses and that knock-your-socks-off kind of love, Quince & Mulberry Studios captured it all.Having met online, Simon and Alex had their first date in Fortitude Valley. Simon says, ”I asked Alex […]

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Magic Moments – Circle of Light


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Lauren & Adam’s Elegant Brisbane Garden Wedding

Lauren & AdamThere really isn’t much more romantic than a garden wedding is there? The hidden city garden that Lauren and Adam found in the middle of Brisbane turned out to be just the most stunning of settings for a simple, honest garden wedding day. Choosing Quince & Mulberry Studios to photograph the day, the […]

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Snapshot Sunday – Chapel Under the Sky

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What Would They Know? Kate Taylor of Quince and Mulberry Studios

When images draw you into them, you know that there is something different about them. Kate from Quince and Mulberry Studios takes images that are almost tactile – you feel that you can reach in and touch the leaves or feel the breeze in the vineyard – and the emotions that are so natural and […]

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Clare & Wil’s Gorgeous Glasshouse Engagement Session

Clare & WilBallerinas, glasshouses, neon – what else could we even add to today’s gorgeous glasshouse engagement to love it more? That clear, white light, the industrial style materials and the green of the farmland somehow make a special kind of magic.Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios took her camera to the beautiful glasshouse at Samford Commons […]

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116557 relaxed queensland country engagement by quince mulberry studios

Alex and Simon’s Relaxed Queensland Country Engagement

Alex & SimonWhen I first saw the photos of today’s Queensland country engagement, I was struck by the utterly relaxed vibes. There were no fancy outfits. No props. Instead, there are bare feet, there are enormous grins, there are waterfalls and most of all, there is a simply beautiful love story.With Kate of Quince & Mulberry Studios behind […]

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Winter Honeymoon In New York

Image by Quince & Mulberry Studios“Quick, sweetie wake up… it’s snowing!!”  I screamed with delight, as I woke Dan filled with enchantment of a white Christmas in New York.It was six months after returning from our blissful honeymoon in Bali that we found ourselves on part II of our honeymoon, this time a winter honeymoon […]

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Inspired Memories – Tom

There is a simple elegance to Jane and Tom’s modern garden party wedding that we just adore. The couple met through mutual friends in year 12 and decided for their wedding day that they wanted an occasion that was simple and classic and we think they checked every box!Sometimes there is one defining moment that […]

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